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Edguy - Tinnitus sanctus 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-5-08


1. Ministry of saints
2. Sex fire religion
3. The pride of creation
4. Nine lives
5. Wake up dreaming black
6. Dragonfly
7. Thorn without a rose
8. 9-2-9
9. Speedhoven
10. Dead or rock
11. Aren't you a little pervert too

The 2nd half of 2008 has certainly picked up in terms of popular metal releases, and this trend continues with those talented jokesters from Germany, Edguy, releasing their 8th full-length CD entitled ‘Tinnitus sanctus’.

It was almost 22 months ago when Edguy released the now infamous ‘Rocket ride’ CD, a release which literally divided the metal nation. While half loved the wacky hard rock-orientated new feel of the CD, the other half did not, condemning the CD and wishing Edguy would go back to their ‘Vain glory opera’ days. Just for the record I am one of those who thought ‘Rocket ride’ was superb and very entertaining.

With Edguy’s vocalist Tobias Sammet busy putting together his 3rd release under the Avantasia banner, ‘The scarecrow’ (released in January 2008) also proved to be similar in lines with the ‘Rocket ride’ CD, but still typically European power metal and received plenty of praise. Now after 10 months from ‘The scarecrow’, Tobias Sammet and co. are back with ‘Tinnitus sanctus’. Now, for that half who condemned 'Rocket ride', this new CD is not a "Rocket ride II", but it is a nice blend of Edguy’s last 3 releases: ‘Rocket ride’, ‘Hellfire club’ and ‘Mandrake’.

Unfortunately, for those ‘Vain glory opera’ and ‘Theatre of salvation’ Edguy fans, it seems that those speedy, epic and bombastic tracks from those above-mentioned releases have disappeared from Edguy’s recent discography. Obviously there have been a few thrown in here and there, but they have become rather few and far between.

‘Tinnitus sanctus’ is a natural progression from ‘Rocket ride’, although the tracks, this time, are not hard rock structured. All the tracks on the CD are of a mid-paced level, basically the same speeds of past songs such as “King of fools”, “Catch of the century”, “Fucking with fire”, “The piper never dies”, “All the clowns” and so on. As always, Tobias Sammet’s songwriting is catchy, refreshing and innovating as he and the rest of the band deliver another typical Edguy winning release, along with their traditional humorous nature; afterall they are the jesters of the power metal court.

‘Tinnitus sanctus’ is a lot more serious than ‘Rocket ride’, with Tobias’ vocals again filled with emotion and charisma, much like you would hear on any Edguy CD; but the band still has a relaxed feel. The tracks are all energetic, dramatic and quite different from one another. Leading the charge is “Ministry of saints”, which is a hard and heavy track with a driving force and easily one of the best tracks on the CD. With a kick-ass solo to boot, this is one of Edguy’s greatest tracks (in my opinion) since “Tears of a mandrake”.

“Sex fire religion” is a slower track, which gives off a dark and saucy appeal mainly due to the lyrics of the song. With an operatic and powerful chorus this song will also win over fans. “Nine lives” is another solid, yet typical Edguy track containing some humorous lyrics that only Tobias Sammet could think up.

“Dragonfly” is a great track, 2nd in line to only “Ministry of saints” in kick-ass appeal. With a galloping driving feel to the riffs, Edguy lets loose with a majestic and bombastic chorus that you’d love to hear over and over again. “Thorn without a rose” is the token ballad of the CD, and a good one too, something Tobias Sammet has been very good at constructing over the years (“Save me”, “Land of the miracle”, “Wash away the poison” a few good examples). The track is emotionally warm and quite heartfelt.

Other tracks worth mentioning include “9-2-9” and the CD closer, the hard rockin’ “Dead or rock”. There is a bonus track called “Aren’t you a little pervert too”, which is basically one of Edguy’s more lyrically silly tracks, much like “Trinidad”. Although it is a tad funny, the song as a whole really should have been left off the CD for possibly another bonus track of better quality. Also worth noting that in the digipak edition of ‘Tinnitus sanctus’, the bonus disk contains a 10-track live CD, recorded in L.A. during Edguy’s ‘Rocket ride’ world tour.

Overall, I would have to say that the metal world will be quite satisfied with yet another entertaining and solid effort from Edguy. Despite a few weak tracks in the CD, and the bonus track being quite unnecessary, I feel that ‘Tinnitus sanctus’ is a must-have for all Edguy fans, especially if you get the digipak version that contains those live tracks. It may not be their best release in their discography, but it is far from their worst.




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