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Emerald Mind - Tales of Soveena 4/5

Reviewed: 4-1-10


1. The ripper
2. The flying dutchman
3. Winter
4. Gothmog
5. This dying world
6. Sweet poison
7. Breathless kiss
8. Revenge of Princess Olga
9. Lyric of my soul

Emerald Mind is a new Russian band, but their full-length debut 'Tales of Soveena' is not a Russian-language CD. Its style is female fronted symphonic power metal immediately bringing to mind the group that contains Arya, Nightwish, Legenda Aurea, Amberian Dawn, Visions of Atlantis, Dreamer, Imperia, Operatika, Coronatus, Adrana, Pythia, Sphinx, Overdream, Luna Aeterna, Rosa Ignea, Wildpath and so on.

Vocalist Svetlana Vysotskaya is of the operatic/soprano variety and she's quite amazing. Actually, she's one of the better vocalists of her kind, offering up plenty of moments that really stick with me. So she's easily competitive with the many other similar vocalists, and luckily the music is strong too, as it's upbeat and catchy, with enough guitar solos to highlight some of the songs. Every song is at least great and about half of them are truly spectacular.

This one is simple folks. If you're a major fan of female fronted symphonic power metal (with operatic vocals) and some or all of the bands listed as comparisons, you've got to grab this as soon as possible. Awesome!




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