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5/5 = Masterpiece
4/5 = Excellent
3/5 = Above Average
2/5 = Average
1/5 = Below Average

What exactly is "Average"?

2/5 "Average" CDs are okay, decent, nothing special, and might not even be recommended to major fans of that particular band or style.
Since we mostly rate CDs that we buy (and are obviously within our style tastes), most of our CDs will be better than "okay", "decent" or "nothing special". This means that the median-point is actually more like 3/5 "Above Average" or maybe even 3.5/5.

It's important to understand that all ratings, comments and full reviews are simply opinions, even though they're from 10 reviewers who have been into metal (mostly power metal) for many years. Therefore, it's highly recommended to get into each reviewers' specific tastes and reading our PLAYLISTS page and PROFILES page would definitely be a great way to start.

Also, know that the entire site is intended to be listed as discography-complete (as far as full-length CDs, though occasionally you will see compilations or EPs), with the latest CD from each band listed on top. This is why you will see some CDs listed as "hopefully coming soon".
It's also our intention to have one reviewer rate an entire band's discography, although other reviewers can provide a 2nd opinion, but only if it's a full review. Basically, the only time a CD will be listed twice is if one of the listings is as a full review.

Finally, MP3s/samples are not one of the things we provide (for a variety of reasons), but almost all bands now offer MP3s/samples on their home-page and/or their Myspace-page. It's recommended to visit our LINKS page so that you can quickly navigate to one of the various "Recommended Website For Band Information" links provided, to therefore get to a band's home-page and/or Myspace-page.

So discover new bands, learn of new releases from bands you already know, and get a general idea of the quality of the thousands of CDs listed here at Metal CD Ratings - then head off to hear for yourself!

Enjoy the site!!

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