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Eclipse Prophecy - Days of judgement 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-1-13


1. Animus ara
2. Under shadow's veil
3. Through the storm
4. Circle of torments
5. A dying world
6. Labyrinth of sanity
7. Days of judgement
8. Legions of the cross
9. Inferno
10. The shattered mirror

Eclipse Prophecy is a Canadian power metal band that was created many years ago, but they've just recently released their full-length debut 'Days of judgement'. Although the CD doesn't contain a lot of originality, it thankfully has a ton of speed and those who like fast-paced power metal will be more than satisfied with the tempo. The guitar work, while quite typical, is totally awesome and there are plenty of catchy riffs and some excellent guitar solos. There are some keys, and while I usually like keys with my power metal and they do fit in well at times, they also feel out of place on occasion, and it's possible that the band would have been better off without them.

Vocally, the band is fronted by David McGregor, who has a typical power metal styled voice and even reaches for some high-pitched screams a handful of times throughout the CD. Personally, I think he's just okay though (I know other power metal fans will like his vocals however), and I really feel that the most positive aspects of the CD are the guitar work and speedy pace, with the keys (in addition to the vocals) being average. Regardless, power metal fans who aren't too picky could easily dig this, and it could interest fans of many bands anywhere in the range of Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call, Dragonforce, Primal Fear, Blind Guardian, Cage, Iced Earth, and surely many others.




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