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Fading Starlight - Timeless fate 3.5/5 (hard to find but very good 2nd CD of female fronted power metal somewhere between Magica and Forgotten Tales) - CLINT
Fading Starlight - Lost 2.5/5 - CLINT
Fairy Mirror - Eternal fortress 3/5 (Japanese power metal debut with high-pitched female vocals and is similar to Saeko, who was actually a member of the band once) - CLINT
Fairyland - Score to a new beginning 4/5 (fantastic 3rd CD of symphonic power metal with some amazing keyboard passages; features the vocalist of Pathosray) - CLINT
Fairyland - Score to a new beginning 4/5 Fairyland Review - SEAN
Fairyland - The fall of an empire 3/5 (2nd CD of symphonic power metal quite similar to Dark Moor's 'Beyond the sea'; gone is the female vocalist from their debut) - CLINT
Fairyland - Of wars in osyrhia 4/5 (awesome symphonic power metal debut with the female vocalist from early Dark Moor) - CLINT
Faith - Blessed? 3.5/5 (solid 2nd-tier classic doom metal from Sweden with occasional experimentation and folk elements; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Faith - Sorg 3.5/5 - KIT
Faith - Salvation lies within 3.5/5 (quality Swedish epic doom metal debut with clean vocals and a few unusual twists and turns) - KIT
Faith and Fire - Accelerator 3/5 - MICHAEL
Faith or Fear - Titanium 3.5/5 Faith or Fear Review - MICHAEL
Faith or Fear - Punishment area 4/5 - MICHAEL
Faithful Breath - Skol 3/5 - MICHAEL
Faithful Breath - Gold 'n glory 4/5 - MICHAEL
Faithful Breath - Hard breath 3/5 - MICHAEL
Faithful Breath - Rock lions (hopefully coming soon)
Faithful Breath - Back on my hill (hopefully coming soon)
Faithful Breath - Fading beauty 3/5 - MICHAEL
Falchion - Chronicles of the dead 3.5/5 (2nd CD of folky death metal from Finland; a bit deathier than the debut, but still good) - KIT
Falchion - Legacy of heathens 4/5 Falchion Review - KIT
Falconer - Armod 3/5 (consistent 5th CD from this long-running folk/heavy/power metal band, but it's nothing amazing; their first CD that's entirely sung in Swedish) - CLINT
Falconer - Among beggars and thieves 3.5/5 (another strong CD from this very active Swedish power metal band) - CLINT
Falconer - Among beggars and thieves 4/5 Falconer Review - CREAG
Falconer - Northwind 3.5/5 (a nice return to the sound of their first few CDs that made them popular, but I'm far from being amazed) - CLINT
Falconer - Northwind 4/5 Falconer Review - CREAG
Falconer - Grime vs. grandeur 2.5/5 (4th CD from a band that doesn't quite click with me anymore, but may appeal to major Jag Panzer fans) - CLINT
Falconer - Grime vs. grandeur 3.5/5 Falconer Review - CRAIG
Falconer - Grime vs. grandeur 3/5 Falconer Review - DAVID
Falconer - The sceptre of deception 2.5/5 (3rd CD that continues with a slight direction downward from their refreshing debut) - CLINT
Falconer - Chapters from a vale forlorn 3/5 (though not at the level of the debut, this 2nd CD is a good follow-up) - CLINT
Falconer - Chapters from a vale forlorn 4/5 Falconer Review - CRAIG
Falconer - s/t 4/5 (excellent and somewhat classic debut of folky power metal) - CLINT
Falkenbach - Tiurida (hopefully coming soon)
Falkenbach - Heralding the fireblade 3/5 (perfect medieval melding of epic viking chants and black metal riffage; their 4th CD) - MICHAEL
Falkenbach - Ok nefina tysvar ty 3/5 - MICHAEL
Falkenbach - Magni blandinn ok megintiri 3/5 - MICHAEL
Falkenback - En their medh riki fara 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Falkirk - Gates of dawn 3.5/5 Falkirk Review - CLINT
Falkirk - Magnus imperium 3/5 - CLINT
Falkirk - The day will come 2/5 - CLINT
Fallacy (The) - Love division 4/5 Fallacy Review - CLINT
Fallacy (The) - Beyond the mist 3.5/5 (catchy 2nd CD of gothic metal from Chile, with both female and clean male vocals; probably most comparable to Lacuna Coil) - CLINT
Fallacy (The) - Falling roses 3/5 - CLINT
Fallen Angel - Crawling out of hell 3.5/5 Fallen Angel Review - KIT
Fallen Angels (Ger) - Edge of days 3.5/5 (nice classy power metal debut with very well written and memorable songs) - CLINT
Fallen Angels (U.S.) - Engines of oppression 3.5/5 (2nd CD thatís well done rethrash and a big improvement from the debut; Vindicator fans should love this) - KIT
Fallen Angels (U.S.) - Rise from ashes 2.5/5 (average 80s-styled thrash debut tending toward the more evil/extreme side, a la Sacrifice and Demolition Hammer) - KIT
Fallout - Bone as dust shall be 3/5 (debut that's retrothrash mixed with traditional metal from Belgium; a good start with some cool riffs) - KIT
False Witness - Crestfallen king 2.5/5 (mixed-bag compilation of demos with solid 80s U.S. metal and grungy throwaway cuts sitting side by side) - KIT
Fantasy Opus - Beyond eternity 3.5/5 (obscure but recommended power metal debut in the style of Helloween; has a lot of melody and some great choruses) - CLINT
Fastkill - Bestial thrashing bulldozer 3.5/5 (3rd CD of hyper-fast Japanese thrash with screeching vocals; for fans of Explosicum, Living Death, Razor, Sacrifice, etc.) - MICHAEL
Fastkill - Nuclear thrashing attack 3.5/5 (hyperfast thrash from Japan in the vein of Living Death, Gammacide, Vio-lence and Rigor Mortis; their 2nd CD) - MICHAEL
Fastkill - Infernal thrashing holocaust 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Fatal Force - Unholy rites 3/5 (Michael Vescera recaptures his main Obsession with some modern elements and heavy anthems like Vicious Rumors; their 2nd CD) - MICHAEL
Fatal Force - s/t (hopefully coming soon)
Fatal Violence - Ashes tell no tales 3.5/5 (Stormspell Records compilation from Illinois speed merchants, in the style of Nasty Savage, Helstar and Toxik) - MICHAEL
Fatality (Can) - Beers from the grave 3/5 Fatality Review - CREAG
Fatality (U.K.) - Isolate the world (hopefully coming soon)
Fatality (U.K.) - Metal as hell: Chapter 1 3/5 (decent thrash debut similar to early Metallica and Anthrax, with hints of Dungeon and some hard rock elements) - MICHAEL
Fates Prophecy - 24th Century 3.5/5 Fates Prophecy Review - KIT
Fates Prophecy - Eyes of truth 3.5/5 (2nd CD of first-rate Maiden worship from Brazil) - KIT
Fates Prophecy - Into the mind 3/5 - KIT
Fates Warning - Darkness in a different light 3.5/5 (while there's much to respect here and it's a solid progressive CD in the lighter range, it's still a far cry from the band's glory days) - CRAIG
Fates Warning - X (hopefully coming soon)
Fates Warning - Disconnected 1/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - A pleasant shade of gray 1.5/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - Inside out 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - Parallels 3.5/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - Perfect symmetry 3.5/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - No exit 4/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - Awaken the guardian 5/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - The spectre within 5/5 - CRAIG
Fates Warning - Night on brocken 4.5/5 - CRAIG
Fatima Hill - The snow tower (hopefully coming soon)
Fatima Hill - Aion 2/5 - KIT
Fatima Hill - Valhalla 2/5 - KIT
Feanor - Hellas (hopefully coming soon)
Feanor - Invencible 3.5/5 Feanor Review - KIT
Fear of God - Toxic voodoo 2/5 - MICHAEL
Fear of God - Within the veil 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Fearlight - Our legacy 3/5 (solid Russian-language folk metal debut with dominant female vocals, but some clean/rough male vocals too; recommended to Alkonost fans) - CLINT
Feinstein - Third wish 3/5 Feinstein Review - MICHAEL
Fekete Sereg - Osi dal, osi szo (hopefully coming soon)
Fekete Sereg - Gyujts sotetseget (hopefully coming soon)
Fekete Sereg - Vegvari ortuzek (hopefully coming soon)
Fekete Sereg - Hallott videk, mit jartarn 2.5/5 (unique epic/doom metal from Hungary; lack of variation, long playing time, and gruff tuneless vocals are a dealbreaker) - KIT
Fekete Sereg - Elso hadjarat (hopefully coming soon)
Felony - First works 4.5/5 Felony Review - CLINT
Fenrir - Echoes of the wolf 3.5/5 (very good female fronted folk/power metal debut recommended to fans of Almora, Dystera, Kalevala, Bel o Kan and Asynja) - CLINT
Ferngully - Slave (hopefully coming soon)
Ferngully - Tunnel visions 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Fferyllt - Dance of druids 3.5/5 (enjoyable folk metal debut from Russia with "beauty and the beast" vocals; for fans of Fearlight, Cruachan, Tverd and Alkonost) - CLINT
F5 - The reckoning 3.5/5 (2nd CD of classic L.A. metal similar to Armored Saint, Megadeth and Lizzy Borden, but commercial like Disturbed and Offspring) - MICHAEL
F5 - A drug for all seasons 3/5 - MICHAEL
Fiakra - Invasion 3/5 (crunchy U.S. true metal debut from New Jersey with some cool songs, a sprinkling of keys, and super-muddy production) - KIT
Fiarro - s/t 2.5/5 - KIT
Fictional Prison - Dreamkiller 3/5 - KIT
Fifth Angel - Time will tell 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Fifth Angel - s/t 3.5/5 - CRAIG
Fight - A small deadly space 1.5/5 - CRAIG
Fight - War of words 3/5 - CRAIG
Final Answer - Visual maze 3.5/5 Final Answer Review - KIT
Final Axe - The axe of the apostles 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Final Axe - Beyond hell's gate 3/5 - MICHAEL
Final Breath - Let me be your tank 3/5 (riffalicious German thrash that would have ruled if the vocals were decent; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Final Breath - Mind explosion (hopefully coming soon)
Final Breath - Flash burnt crucifixis (hopefully coming soon)
Final Chapter - The wizard queen 4.5/5 Final Chapter Review - CLINT
Final Cry - Neptune's relief (hopefully coming soon)
Final Cry - Wolves among sheep (hopefully coming soon)
Final Cry - Spellcast 2/5 - KIT
Final Cry - Wavecrest (hopefully coming soon)
Final Stage - Game over (hopefully coming soon)
Final Stage - Through the mirror 4/5 (honest and endearing traditional metal debut from Canada with a smoking Titanic cover) - KIT
Finist - Awakening 3/5 (2nd CD of infectious fist-pumping power metal; the Aryan proto-Nazi lyrics may be a set back, but there's a cool Gamma Ray cover) - MICHAEL
Finist - Crosses shall burn 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Finntroll - Nifelvind 3.5/5 Finntroll Review - CREAG
Finntroll - Ur jordens djup 3/5 Finntroll Review - CREAG
Finntroll - Nattfodd 3.5/5 (another strong CD of symphonic humppa metal, but not quite their best) - CREAG
Finntroll - Visor om slutet 3/5 (interesting, but hardly essential, acoustic experiment) - CREAG
Finntroll - Jaktens tid 4/5 (Finntroll at their best; fresh, uplifting and above all ridiculous) - CREAG
Finntroll - Midnattens widunder 3/5 - MICHAEL
Fire of Revenge - Burning madness 3.5/5 Fire of Revenge Review - CLINT
Firebrand Super Rock - s/t 3.5/5 (debut thatís Scottish no-frills metal/hard rock/doom mix with female vocals; like Christian Mistress crossed with Grand Magus) - KIT
Firecracker - Born of fire 3/5 (good melodic/progressive/neo-classical/power metal debut with members of Vindictiv and Tommy Karevik of Seventh Wonder on vocals) - CLINT
Fireforce - March on 4/5 (awesome debut by former members of Double Diamond who embody the rage of Cage, Ravage, Gamma Ray and Primal Fear) - MICHAEL
Fireland - God n' evil 4/5 (high-octane European-styled melodic power metal debut from Chile a la Helloween, faster Hammerfall, ValSans, etc.) - KIT
Fires of Babylon - s/t 2.5/5 Fires of Babylon Review - JOHN
Firestorm - Web of deceit 4/5 (terrific Italian progressive power metal debut like Wonderland, Concept, Helreid, Labyrinth, Night Cloud and Vision Divine; love it!) - CLINT
Firewind - Few against many 3/5 (solid CD of heavy/power metal, but itís not catchy enough for how basic it is, and there arenít any spectacular highlights) - CLINT
Firewind - Days of defiance 3.5/5 (I like their previous few CDs more, but this is a great 6th CD from this heavy/power metal band that's fairly consistent) - CLINT
Firewind - Days of defiance 3.5/5 Firewind Review - CREAG
Firewind - The premonition 4/5 (fantastic 5th CD that's consistent, catchy and highly recommended to fans of the band) - CLINT
Firewind - The premonition 3.5/5 Firewind Review - CREAG
Firewind - Allegiance 4/5 (superb 4th CD that flows much better than 'Forged by fire'; Apollo of Majestic, Evil Masquerade, Meduza and Time Requiem on vocals!) - CLINT
Firewind - Allegiance 3/5 Firewind Review - CREAG
Firewind - Forged by fire 3/5 (3rd CD with a new singer and a strong Dream Evil flare; I still prefer their previous CD 'Burning earth' despite its unusual production) - CLINT
Firewind - Forged by fire 3/5 Firewind Review - DAVID
Firewind - Burning earth 4.5/5 (shocking 2nd CD with extremely catchy riffs, awesome!) - CLINT
Firewind - Between heaven and hell 3.5/5 - CLINT
Firewolfe - s/t 4/5 (classy melodic U.S. heavy metal debut in the vein of Leatherwolf, Dio, heavier Dokken, Angels of Babylon, etc., with some killer songs) - KIT
First Aid - Infection 3/5 (2nd CD of erratic Teutonic thrash with hints of Living Death meets early Assassin and Violent Force) - MICHAEL
First Aid - Prisoner of hell 3/5 - MICHAEL
Fisc - Handle with care (hopefully coming soon)
Fisc - Too hot for love (hopefully coming soon)
Fisc - Break out 2.5/5 - KIT
Fisc - Tracker (hopefully coming soon)
Fischel's Beast - Commencement 4/5 Fischel's Beast Review - KIT
Fist - Storm 3/5 - MICHAEL
Fist - Back with a vengeance 3/5 - MICHAEL
Fist - Turn the hell on 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Fiurach - Chaospawner 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
5 Elements - Ashes and snow 4/5 (fantastic 2nd CD of female fronted Russian-language heavy/power metal; a mix of Miriada, D.I.V.A. and Kaira - 3 very different bands) - CLINT
5 Elements - Phoenix 3.5/5 (promising Russian-language melodic/power metal debut that's musically similar to Stratovarius, but the band is female fronted) - CLINT
F.K.U. - 4: Rise of the mosh mongers 3/5 (4th CD thatís their debut for Napalm Records; a step back, but still humorous and similar to Gama Bomb, S.O.D. and Midas Touch) - MICHAEL
F.K.U. - Where moshers dwell 3.5/5 (Swedish horror and humour for fans of older Overkill, Exodus, S.O.D., and the true Freddy Kreuger - Robert England) - MICHAEL
F.K.U. - Sometimes they come back... to mosh 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
F.K.U. - Metal moshing mad 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Flaming Anger - Biosphere II 3/5 - KIT
Flashback of Anger - Splinters of life 4/5 (terrific progressive power metal debut highly recommended to fans of Vision Divine, DGM, Secret Sphere, Elegacy and Labyrinth) - CLINT
Flatbacker - ESA 3/5 - MICHAEL
Flatbacker - Accident 3/5 - MICHAEL
Flotsam and Jetsam - The cold 3.5/5 Flotsam and Jetsam Review - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - Dreams of death 4/5 Flotsam and Jetsam Review - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - My god 1.5/5 - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - Unnatural selection 1.5/5 - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - High 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - Drift 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - Cuatro 3/5 - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - When the storm comes down 3/5 - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - No place for disgrace 4/5 - CRAIG
Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the deceiver 4/5 - CRAIG
Flowing Tears - Thy kingdom gone 4/5 (dark, heavy, guitar-driven melodic gothic metal with deep, sultry female vocals and some aggressive death vocals; their 4th CD) - CHRIS
Flowing Tears - Razorbliss 3.5/5 (3rd CD of heavy, emotional, upbeat gothic metal with excellent deep, sultry female vocals, but overall weaker songwriting than ĎSerpentineí) - CHRIS
Flowing Tears - Serpentine 4/5 (2nd CD of heavy, emotional gothic metal with excellent deep, sultry female vocals, but much more upbeat and rocking than their debut) - CHRIS
Flowing Tears - Jade 3/5 (debut of heavy, accessible, emotional but rather melancholy gothic metal with excellent deep, sultry female vocals) - CHRIS
Fog of War - s/t 3.5/5 (high-octane U.S. thrash debut with crossover tendencies; a cut above in a crowded field) - KIT
Fogalord - A legend to believe in 4/5 Fogalord Review - SEAN
Folk Stone - Sgangogatt (hopefully coming soon)
Folk Stone - Il confine (hopefully coming soon)
Folk Stone - Damnati ad metalla 3.5/5 Folk Stone Review - CREAG
Folk Stone - s/t 3/5 Folk Stone Review - CREAG
Folkearth - Valhalla ascendant (hopefully coming soon)
Folkearth - Minstrels by the river (hopefully coming soon)
Folkearth - Sons of the north 3.5/5 (the revival continues; concise 9th(!) CD again in the folk/black metal style that is well performed, written and produced) - CREAG
Folkearth - Viking's anthem 3.5/5 Folkearth Review - CREAG
Folkearth - Rulers of the sea 3.5/5 (massive improvement over previous disasters with better writing, vocals and production; some amazing guitar solos too) - CREAG
Folkearth - Fatherland 2.5/5 Folkearth Review - CREAG
Folkearth - Songs of yore 3/5 (minimalist acoustic mix of old and new; the best of their 3 2008 CDs, but that's not saying a great deal) - CREAG
Folkearth - Father of victory 2/5 (dramatic loss of form further hampered by an awful production and vocals) - CREAG
Folkearth - Drakkars in the mist 3.5/5 Folkearth Review - CREAG
Folkearth - By the sword of my father 4/5 Folkearth Review - CREAG
Folkearth - A nordic poem 2.5/5 (endearingly humble but dreadfully amateurish debut with shaky performances and dismal production values) - CREAG
Folkodia - Battles and myths (hopefully coming soon)
Folkodia - Forgotten lore (hopefully coming soon)
Folkodia - Battlecry 3/5 Folkodia Review - CREAG
Folkodia - In a time of legends 3/5 (2nd CD in the same style as the debut, but less varied and with weaker songwriting and vocals) - CREAG
Folkodia - Odes from the past 3.5/5 Folkodia Review - CREAG
Fool's Game - Reality divine 4/5 Fool's Game Review - CRAIG
For Selena and Sin - Primrose path 3.5/5 (2nd CD of heavy, crunchy and very catchy melodic metal with terrifically strong and expressive female vocals) - CHRIS
For Selena and Sin - Overdosed on you 3/5 (debut similar to 'Primrose path', but more dramatic, atmospheric and psychedelic, though less catchy and engaging) - CHRIS
Forbidden - Omega wave (hopefully coming soon)
Forbidden - Green 1/5 - CRAIG
Forbidden - Distortion 1.5/5 - CRAIG
Forbidden - Twisted into form 3.5/5 - CRAIG
Forbidden - Forbidden evil 4/5 - CRAIG
Force Majeure - Saints of sulphur (hopefully coming soon)
Force Majeure - Frozen chambers 4/5 (killer power metal debut like Helloween, Emerald Sun, Heavenly and Sweden's Insania, but with vocals similar to The Prowlers) - CLINT
Force of Evil - Black empire 3/5 (pounding evil 2nd CD from Mercyful Fate 6-string alumni; more cohesive than the debut) - KIT
Force of Evil - s/t 3/5 (a less exciting version of old Mercyful Fate, but the Shermann/Denner guitar team remains magical) - KIT
Force 3 - Warrior of light 3/5 - MICHAEL
Forced Entry - As above, so below 3/5 - MICHAEL
Forced Entry - Uncertain future 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Forcentury - Revelant 4/5 (outstanding 2nd CD of melodic power metal with a progressive edge in spots; continues where the debut left off and is highly recommended) - CLINT
Forcentury - Vanguard 4/5 (memorable melodic power metal debut with some impressive keyboard segments and a progressive edge in spots) - CLINT
Forefather - Last of the line (hopefully coming soon)
Forefather - Steadfast 4/5 (outstanding U.K. pagan/viking metal with black metal overtones, but lots of killer traditional/true metal elements; their 5th CD) - KIT
Forefather - Ours is the kingdom (hopefully coming soon)
Forefather - Engla tocyme (hopefully coming soon)
Forefather - The fighting man (hopefully coming soon)
Forefather - Deep into time (hopefully coming soon)
Forever Slave - Tales for bad girls 3.5/5 (another "beauty and the beast" symphonic/gothic metal band kills the "beast" and heads in a commercial direction; great though) - CLINT
Forever Slave - Alice's inferno 4/5 Forever Slave Review - CLINT
Forevers Edge - Chaotic silence 4/5 (extra-strong progressive power metal debut with vocalist Clay Barton of Suspyre; like a blend of Evergrey, Adagio and Symphony X) - CLINT
Forgin' Fate - Antares 3.5/5 Forgin' Fate Review - CLINT
Forgotten Realm - Power and glory 3.5/5 (heavy/power metal debut with a strong neo-classical presence; quite good for the style, and it reminds me of Kenziner) - CLINT
Forgotten Tales - We shall see the light 3.5/5 (great 3rd CD from this Canadian female fronted power metal band, and it's very similar to their first 2 CDs) - CLINT
Forgotten Tales - All the sinners 3.5/5 (2nd CD of female fronted power metal with awesome guitar work and keyboards that remind me of the Italian style) - CLINT
Forgotten Tales - The promise 4/5 (fantastic Canadian power metal debut; the pleasing female singer and smooth flow really hooked me in) - CLINT
Formicide - s/t 3/5 (good compilation from this U.S. thrash band) - MICHAEL
Forsaken - After the fall 3.5/5 (powerful bulldozer doom from Malta for devotees of Memory Garden/Grand Magus; 4th CD, but a tiny step down from its predecessor) - KIT
Forsaken - Dominaeon 4/5 - KIT
Forsaken - Anima mundi 3/5 - KIT
Forsaken - Evermore (hopefully coming soon)
Fortaleza - Fortaleza oculta 3.5/5 (4th CD of Spanish-language female fronted gothic/power metal, but with a new singer; great, but I like their first 2 folk-driven CDs the most) - CLINT
Fortaleza - El ojo de la tormenta 4/5 (there are some production flaws, but this is an awesome 3rd CD of Spanish-language female fronted symphonic/gothic/power metal) - CLINT
Fortaleza - Una luz entre las sombras 4/5 Fortaleza Review - CLINT
Fortaleza - La Fortaleza de la soledad 4/5 - CLINT
Forte - Unholy war (hopefully coming soon)
Forte - Rise above 3/5 - MICHAEL
Forte - Destructive 3/5 - MICHAEL
Forte - Division 3/5 - MICHAEL
Forte - Stranger than fiction 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
4Arm - Submission for liberty 3/5 (3rd CD of angry modernish Australian thrash with groove; imagine Hellfighter colliding with Slayer and Grip Inc. in a dark alley) - KIT
4Arm - The empires of death (hopefully coming soon)
4Arm - 13 scars (hopefully coming soon)
4-Order - The journal 2.5/5 (symphonic/gothic/progressive metal debut with clean male vocals and female soprano vocals; maybe for fans of Therion's 'Gothic kabbalah') - CLINT
4th Dimension - The white path to rebirth 4.5/5 4th Dimension Review - CLINT
Fozzy - Sin and bones 3/5 (5th CD thatís more modern, slick and radio-friendly than past efforts; the epic ďStorm the beachesĒ rules, however) - KIT
Fozzy - Chasing the grail 3.5/5 (unapologetically diverse/modernish metal from former novelty act, but the mostly strong writing shines through; their 4th CD) - KIT
Fozzy - All that remains 1.5/5 (the transition from fun 80s metal cover band to tepid would-be modern rockers is complete) - KIT
Fozzy - Happenstance 3/5 - KIT
Fozzy - s/t 2.5/5 - KIT
Fracture - Dominate and overload 4/5 Fracture Review - CLINT
Fraise - A new beginning 4/5 Fraise Review - CLINT
Fraise - Hellicornia 3/5 - CLINT
Frank, Herman - Right in the guts 4.5/5 (masterful 2nd CD of German power metal from the Paragon/U.D.O. school with Rick Altzi's best vocal performance ever) - KIT
Frank, Herman - Loyal to none 4.5/5 Frank, Herman Review - KIT
Frankenshred - Cauldron of evil 3.5/5 Frankenshred Review - KIT
Frankenshred - Dr. Frankenshred (hopefully coming soon)
Frankenshred - Evil shred (hopefully coming soon)
Frankenshred - s/t (hopefully coming soon)
Freak of Nature - Outcasts 3/5 - KIT
Freak of Nature - Gathering of freaks (hopefully coming soon)
Freak of Nature - s/t 3.5/5 - KIT
Free Fall (Magnus Karlsson's) - s/t 3.5/5 (melodic metal debut from ex-Midnight Sun/Primal Fear bassist; plays all instruments and has many special guest vocalists) - MICHAEL
Free Spirit - Pale sister of light 3.5/5 Free Spirit Review - MICHAEL
Freedom Call - Land of the crimson dawn 3.5/5 (popular power metal band gives us another fun CD, and while there are a few songs I donít like, itís still enjoyable) - CLINT
Freedom Call - Legend of the Shadowking 4/5 (another extra-happy and ultra-fun CD from this fairly popular fantasy-oriented power metal band) - CLINT
Freedom Call - Dimensions 4/5 (another fun CD from one of the happiest power metal bands around) - CLINT
Freedom Call - Dimensions 3.5/5 Freedom Call Review - SEAN
Freedom Call - The circle of life 4.5/5 (one of the more enjoyable melodic power metal bands shock me with their best CD to date!) - CLINT
Freedom Call - The circle of life 4/5 Freedom Call Review - DAVID
Freedom Call - Eternity 3/5 - CLINT
Freedom Call - Crystal empire 3.5/5 - CLINT
Freedom Call - Stairway to fairyland 3.5/5 - CLINT
Freedoms Reign - s/t 4.5/5 Freedoms Reign Review - SEAN
Frequency - Compassion denied 3/5 (predictable but catchy 2nd CD of Swedish power metal with heavy guitar work, similar to Nocturnal Rites; better than the debut) - CLINT
Frequency - When dream and fate collide 2.5/5 (decent power metal debut that fans of Nocturnal Rites might want to check out) - CLINT
Freternia - A nightmare story 4/5 (catchy 2nd CD of Scandinavian power metal comparable to Ironware and Zonata) - CLINT
Freternia - Warchants and fairytales 3/5 - CLINT
Frontears - Commiter/Victim (hopefully coming soon)
Frontears - Push pull power 3.5/5 - KIT
Frontears - Dreamhealer (hopefully coming soon)
Frost - Out in the cold 2.5/5 (another Jack Frost solo project with a wide range of vocalists carefully selected for some classic covers and a few originals) - MICHAEL
Frost - Raise your fist to metal 2/5 - MICHAEL
Frost Bite - Carousel 3/5 - MICHAEL
Frost Bite - Secret admirer 3/5 - MICHAEL
Frost Bite - Icy hell 3/5 - MICHAEL
Frozen by Fire - Let the madness begin 3.5/5 Frozen by Fire Review - CRAIG
Frozen Cross - Frozen heaven 3.5/5 Frozen Cross Review - CLINT
Frozen Tears - Slaves 3.5/5 (5th CD of solid and catchy traditional metal from Italy; singer gets a great deal of undeserved flak, and does fine) - KIT
Frozen Tears - Nights of violence 3.5/5 (improved 4th CD of Italian Judas Priest worship; featuring better songs and more controlled vocals) - KIT
Frozen Tears - Metal hurricane 2.5/5 (stout midtempo Priestish metal with a singer who apes Halford, with mixed results) - KIT
Frozen Tears - Way of temptation (hopefully coming soon)
Frozen Tears - Mysterious time (hopefully coming soon)
Fueled by Fire - Plunging into darkness 3/5 (2nd CD thatís less fun /melodic than the debut, and I miss the old singer, but this is ripping, hammer-down thrash) - KIT
Fueled by Fire - Spread the fire 4/5 Fueled by Fire Review - KIT
Full Strike - We will rise 3.5/5 (very good debut that easily competes with Hammerfall) - CLINT
Fullforce - Next level 3.5/5 (2nd CD from this melodic metal band with Mike Andersson of Cloudscape/Planet Alliance on vocals; great stuff, but I like the debut just a bit more) - CLINT
Fullforce - One 4/5 Fullforce Review - CLINT
Fullmoon - Face 2.5/5 (decent female fronted Japanese-language power metal debut with nifty guitar work; similar to Alhambra, Fairy Mirror, Minstrelix and Area51) - CLINT
Future is Tomorrow - Fit to die (part 1) 3.5/5 Future is Tomorrow Review - CLINT
Futures End - Memoirs of a broken man 3.5/5 (technical thrashy progressive power metal debut on Nightmare Records; extremely well done for the busy style) - KIT

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