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Ecliptyka - A tale of decadence 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-1-13


1. The age of decadence
2. We are the same
3. Splendid cradle
4. Fight back
5. Dead eyes
6. Echoes from war
7. Hate
8. Why should they pay?
9. Look at yourself
10. I've had everything
11. Unnatural evolution
12. Eyes closed
13. Berco esplendido (bonus track)

Believe it or not, Brazilian band Ecliptyka was formed way back in 1999, but after going through several line-up changes, they didn't release this full-length debut 'A tale of decadence' until 2011. The band's style is hard to nail down, as they seem to pull in aspects of gothic metal, power metal, and even melodic death metal. Surprisingly however, the CD's not a mess, and instead has a nice flow, with a great balance of tempo (there's slow parts, extra-heavy parts, and everything in between), and the songrwiting has the feel of a band that's been around since 1999 and has obviously had the time to fine-tune their skills.

Vocally, the band is mainly fronted by female vocalist Helena Martins, who does a good job, and there are also both clean and extreme male vocals. Just like the musical side of the CD, the variety of vocals is incorporated well and everything seems to fit. Because of the diversity both musically and vocally, the CD remains interesting throughout and is never boring. There are plenty of extra-catchy moments and enough highlights to keep the quality at a fairly high level. My favorite songs are the melodic and memorable track 3 "Splendid cradle", the smooth track 10 "I've had everything", and the soft yet nice track 11 "Unnatural evolution". The one bonus track "Berco esplendido" is the Portuguese version of track 3, and since that's one of my favorite songs on the CD, I like the addition of the bonus track.

Comparisons for Ecliptyka are tough because of the variety (both musically and vocally), but there are some songs that remind me of Pythia. The band kinda has their own thing going though, and for those looking for a somewhat unique CD, 'A tale of decadence' could do the trick, for sure.




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