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Naamah - Resensement 3.5/5 (3rd CD of heavy, crunchy, sometimes quirky but still catchy progressive metal with excellent female vocals) - CHRIS
Naamah - Ultima 3/5 (2nd CD of heavy, crunchy sometimes quirky but still catchy progressive metal with excellent female vocals, but edgy production) - CHRIS
Naamah - s/t (hopefully coming soon)
Nachtgeschrei - Ardeo 3/5 (another offering of decent but unspectacular folk metal/rock; their 3rd CD, and it’s the final CD with their original singer) - CREAG
Nachtgeschrei - Am rande der welt 3/5 Nachtgeschrei Review - CREAG
Nachtgeschrei - Hoffnungsschimmer (hopefully coming soon)
Nameless Crime - Modus operandi 1/5 (a once-decent thrash/power metal band has sadly morphed into vile alternative rock trash with this 3rd CD; avoid at all costs) - CREAG
Nameless Crime - Law and persecution 2.5/5 Nameless Crime Review - CREAG
Nameless Crime - s/t 3/5 (Italian power/thrash combo with a healthy crunch, a melodic touch, and a dash of groove) - KIT
Nanowar - Other bands play, Nanowar gay! 4/5 Nanowar Review - MICHAEL
Nanowar - Triumph of true metal of steel 4/5 - MICHAEL
Nanowar - True metal of the world 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nanowar of Steel - Into gay pride ride 4.5/5 Nanowar of Steel Review - MICHAEL
Napalm - Zero to black 3/5 (meaty, convincing U.S. thrash from 1990; beware of the occasional slap bass and Suicidal/Aversion crossover sounds though) - KIT
Napalm - Cruel tranquility (hopefully coming soon)
Narita - Life 1/5 (devestatingly disappointing 3rd CD with bland, slow, lifeless songs from this once great band) - JOHN
Narita - Changes 4/5 (brilliantly polished 2nd CD brought down by horrible rapping in one song) - JOHN
Narita - s/t 4/5 (unknown classic harmony guitar filled power metal debut from the 90s) - JOHN
Narnia - Course of a generation (hopefully coming soon)
Narnia - Enter the gate (hopefully coming soon)
Narnia - The great fall 2/5 (4th CD from neo-classical Christian metallers adds a more epic, progressive twist) - KIT
Narnia - Desert land 2.5/5 - KIT
Narnia - Long live the king (hopefully coming soon)
Narnia - Awakening 2.5/5 - KIT
Narval - s/t 3/5 Narval Review - TOM
Narwhal Tusk - In despair 4.5/5 Narwhal Tusk Review - CHRIS
Nasty Savage - Psycho psycho 2.5/5 (decent comeback effort from Florida's merchants of twisted, psychotic technical thrash-tinged metal) - MICHAEL
Nasty Savage - Penetration point 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nasty Savage - Indulgence 4/5 - MICHAEL
Nasty Savage - s/t 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nasty Tendency - Hello suckers! 3.5/5 (Italian traditional metallers switch to a male singer and amp up Motley Crue elements; kinda like a male fronted Sister Sin) - KIT
Nasty Tendency - Wild and nasty 3.5/5 Nasty Tendency Review - KIT
Nathania - The weight of obligation 3.5/5 (2nd CD of European-style prog/power from Thailand with a Swedish singer; reminds me of Prototype in the thrashier spots) - KIT
Nathania - Liberty bell rang (hopefully coming soon)
Nation Beyond - The aftermath odyssey 3.5/5 Nation Beyond Review - CLINT
National Suicide - The old family is still alive 3.5/5 (enjoyable, somewhat unique Italian retro-thrash debut with a pervasive early Overkill influence) - KIT
Natisk - Wolf's tears 3.5/5 (4th CD of good traditional Russian heavy metal from this very dependable band) - KIT
Natisk - Second breath 3.5/5 (3rd CD of very good Russian power metal from the Aria/Kipelov school; at its best, rivals the masters) - KIT
Natisk - Fire in the sky 3.5/5 - KIT
Natisk - Lonely hero (hopefully coming soon)
Natur - Head of death 4/5 Natur Review - CREAG
Natural Spirit - The price of freedom 3.5/5 (3rd CD of Russian folk metal with mostly female vocals, but male vocals too; like a blend of Alkonost and Kalevala) - CLINT
Natural Spirit - Sita rosa 3.5/5 Natural Spirit Review - CLINT
Natural Spirit - Ruskolun 3/5 - CLINT
Necrodeath - Idiosyncrasy 3/5 (another diverse thrash epoch from these Italian masters of insanity, speed, and the macabre) - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Old skull 3.5/5 (great collection of thrash hits sure to satisfy any new or old-school fan of the true Italian underground sound) - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Phylogenesis 3.5/5 (intense and brutal deathrash comeback harking back to the early days; for fans of Bulldozer and Mondocane) - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Draculea 3/5 - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - 100% hell 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Ton(e)s of hate 3/5 - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Black as pitch 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Mater of all evil 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Fragments of insanity 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Necrodeath - Into the macabre 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Necronomicon - Invictus (hopefully coming soon)
Necronomicon - Revenge of the beast 3/5 (6th CD from veteran German thrashers worshiping Destruction and Sodom; many songs are just okay though) - KIT
Necronomicon - Construction of evil 3/5 (crushing old-school Teutonic thrash from long-running German speed merchants; vocals reminiscent of Schmier) - KIT
Necronomicon - Screams (hopefully coming soon)
Necronomicon - Escalation 3/5 - KIT
Necronomicon - Apocalyptic nightmare 3/5 - MICHAEL
Necronomicon - s/t 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Necropolis - Contemplating slaughter 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nefelim - Gate of creation 3.5/5 (great debut of neo-classical power metal from Russia with a male vocalist who enters the operatic range; sung in Russian) - CLINT
Nefilim (The) - Zoon 4.5/5 - CLINT
Negligence - Coordinates of confusion (hopefully coming soon)
Negligence - Options of a trapped mind 4/5 (pounding old-school Bay Area thrash debut hailing from Slovenia; good stuff) - KIT
Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan spectre 4/5 (2nd CD of hyper-intense thrash with alarming speed, for fans of Minotaur, Violent Force and Goatwhore) - MICHAEL
Nekromantheon - Divinity of death 3/5 (over the top Greek retro-mayhem debut for fans of Necronomicon, Exumer, Sacrifice and Merciless Death) - MICHAEL
Nemesea - The quiet resistance 4/5 (female fronted gothic metal band’s 3rd CD, with industrial elements and a commercial/poppy feel this time; surprisingly, I love it) - CLINT
Nemesea - In control 3/5 (2nd CD that moves away from the deep gothic/symphonic metal style of their debut and into a more generic direction; good though) - CLINT
Nemesea - Mana 4/5 Nemesea Review - CLINT
Nemesis (Cze) - Goddess of revenge 1.5/5 (debut that sounds extremely close to the Projecto CDs, but it's not as strong; has since changed their name to Symphonity) - CLINT
Nemesis (Ger) - s/t 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Neon Cross - Torn 3/5 - MICHAEL
Neon Cross - s/t 3/5 - MICHAEL
Neonfly - Outshine the sun 3.5/5 (slick power metal debut similar to Supreme Majesty, Sturm und Drang, Crown of Glory, Moonville, Enbound, Stormcrow, etc.) - CLINT
Nergard - Memorial for a wish 3.5/5 (really nice melodic metal opera with a variety of female/male vocalists; reminds me of Aina, but also Avantasia in spots) - CLINT
Never Night - s/t 3.5/5 (aggressive Italian act deliver with a solid debut similar to Meliah Rage, Bitter End, Iced Earth and Brainstorm) - MICHAEL
Neverland (Bra) - Megalomania 2.5/5 (power metal debut that has its moments of greatness, but overall fails to compete with the best Brazilian power metal bands) - CLINT
Neverland (Che) - Schizophrenia 3.5/5 (great melodic power metal debut with an ever-so-slight progressive edge; sounds like a blend of Masterplan and Audiovision) - CLINT
Neverland (Tur) - Ophidia 3.5/5 (well done 2nd CD of power metal with progressive and symphonic elements, and it's better than their CD) - CLINT
Neverland (Tur) - Reversing time 3/5 Neverland Review - CLINT
Nevermore - The obsidian conspiracy 3/5 (good effort from this popular power/thrash metal band, but it's definitely not one of their best in my mind) - CLINT
Nevermore - The obsidian conspiracy 3/5 Nevermore Review - CREAG
Nevermore - This godless endeavor 3.5/5 (surprisingly very good CD from one of the heavier bands; a definite improvement over their previous 'Enemies of reality') - CLINT
Nevermore - Enemies of reality 2.5/5 (intense 5th CD that doesn't have the great songwriting that's with their previous CDs) - CLINT
Nevermore - Dead heart in a dead world 4/5 - CLINT
Nevermore - Dreaming neon black 4/5 - CLINT
Nevermore - The politics of ecstasy 3.5/5 - CLINT
Nevermore - s/t 2/5 - CLINT
Nevid' - Agarta 3/5 (Russian-language band’s 4th CD is thankfully unlike the black metal oriented ‘Amber heart of arctida’, returning to “beauty and the beast” folk metal) - CLINT
Nevid' - Amber heart of arctida 1/5 (their first 2 CDs are Russian-language folk metal with "beauty and the beast" vocals, but this 3rd CD is mostly horrid black metal) - CLINT
Nevid' - Yarga 2.5/5 - CLINT
Nevid' - Call new giperborei 3/5 - CLINT
New Black (The) - III: Cut loose 3/5 (3rd CD that’s a mix of modern metal, modern hard rock and ‘Black’-album Metallica; sometimes really cool, sometimes frustrating) - KIT
New Black (The) - II: Better in black 3/5 (2nd CD that's a German cocktail of traditional metal and U.S. modern rock; works well for me, but your mileage may vary) - KIT
New Black (The) - s/t (hopefully coming soon)
New Eden - Solving for X (hopefully coming soon)
New Eden - Stagnant progression 2/5 - KIT
New Eden - Obscure master plan 3/5 - KIT
New Eden - Through the make believe 3/5 (excellent California technical power metal debut a la Helstar) - KIT
New Testament - Apocalypse 3/5 (3rd and final CD of dramatic Russian doom with leaden Obituary-styled riffs, mournful vocals and occasional speed bursts) - KIT
New Testament - Exorsist (hopefully coming soon)
New Testament - Halleluyah (hopefully coming soon)
Newsted - Heavy metal music 4/5 (ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted makes a brilliant return to the limelight with this excellent debut, and he has both bass and vocal duties) - SEAN
Nifelheim - Envoy of Lucifer 3/5 (4th CD from this blackened thrash band from Sweden) - MICHAEL
Nifelheim - Servants of darkness 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nifelheim - Devil's force 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nifelheim - s/t 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Night Cloud - Defeated by the innocents 4/5 (fantastic Italian progressive metal debut with some power; like the lighter side of Labyrinth, Concept and Vision Divine) - CLINT
Night in Gales - Five scars (hopefully coming soon)
Night in Gales - Necrodynamic 3/5 - KIT
Night in Gales - Nailwork 2.5/5 - KIT
Night in Gales - Thunderbeast 3.5/5 - KIT
Night in Gales - Towards the twilight 3.5/5 - KIT
Night Mistress - The back of beyond 3.5/5 (sturdy melancholic power metal debut from Poland that is similar to Urban Breed-era Tad Morose) - KIT
Nightmare (Col) - About to explode 4/5 (awesome traditional metal comparable to Riot, Raven, Overdrive and The Rods; their 2nd CD) - MICHAEL
Nightmare (Col) - High speed venom (hopefully coming soon)
Nightmare (Fra) - The burden of God 3.5/5 (pounding dark metal with soaring anthemic/melodic choruses; in line with their recent CDs or recent Rage) - KIT
Nightmare (Fra) - Insurrection 3.5/5 (prolific French vets offer another hard-hitting, high-quality outing a la Mystic Prophecy; their 7th CD) - KIT
Nightmare (Fra) - Genetic disorder 3.5/5 (quality dark power metal with thrash elements from this consistently strong and dependable French act; their 6th CD) - KIT
Nightmare (Fra) - The dominion gate 3/5 Nightmare Review - KIT
Nightmare (Fra) - Silent room 3.5/5 - KIT
Nightmare (Fra) - Cosmovision 4.5/5 - KIT
Nightmare (Fra) - Power of the universe (hopefully coming soon)
Nightmare (Fra) - Waiting for the twilight (hopefully coming soon)
Nightqueen - For queen and metal 3/5 Nightqueen Review - SEAN
Nightscape - Symphony of the night 4/5 Nightscape Review - CLINT
Nightwish - Imaginaerum 3/5 Nightwish Review - CLINT
Nightwish - Dark passion play 4/5 Nightwish Review - CLINT
Nightwish - Once 5/5 Nightwish Review - CLINT
Nightwish - Once 3/5 Nightwish Review - JOHN
Nightwish - Century child 5/5 - CLINT
Nightwish - Wishmaster 5/5 - CLINT
Nightwish - Oceanborn 5/5 (probably my favorite CD from the 90s!) - CLINT
Nightwish - Angels fall first 4/5 - CLINT
Ninth Circle - The power of one 3.5/5 (straightforward classy melodic power metal by California 3-piece a bit like Eden's Curse mixed with Iron Maiden; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Ninth Circle - s/t (hopefully coming soon)
Niobeth - Silvery moonbeams 4/5 Niobeth Review - CLINT
Niobeth - The shining harmony of universe 3/5 Niobeth Review - CLINT
Nitefall - Red moon rising 3.5/5 Nitefall Review - KIT
Nivaira - Desert child 4/5 Nivaira Review - CLINT
Nivaira - The city 3.5/5 Nivaira Review - CLINT
No Gravity - Worlds in collision 3.5/5 (Italian progressive power metal debut with members of Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Astra and others; strong start, for sure) - CLINT
No Mercy - Widespread bloodshed love runs red 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
No Remorse - Sons of rock 3/5 (dumb but fun hard-rockin' Italian metal debut in the vein of Saxon, Gun Barrel, Unrest, Vanize, Crying Steel, etc.) - KIT
No Remorse No Retreat - Warbringer (hopefully coming soon)
No Remorse No Retreat - To glory we ride 2/5 (simplistic Brit-styled biker metal debut a la Motorhead or Rogue Male; ruined by boring repetitive riffs and vocals) - KIT
Noble Savage - Killing for glory 4/5 Noble Savage Review - CREAG
Nocturnal Breed - Fields of rot 3.5/5 (a harrowing deathrash blow of wicked riffs and vicious vocals, a la Sodom, Whiplash and Bulldozer; their 4th CD) - MICHAEL
Nocturnal Breed - No retreat... no surrender (hopefully coming soon)
Nocturnal Breed - The tools of the trade (hopefully coming soon)
Nocturnal Breed - Aggressor 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nocturnal Fear - Excessive cruelty 3/5 (skullcrushers return with more vitriolic warfare-laden Sodom and Whiplash worship with hints of At War and Pestilence) - MICHAEL
Nocturnal Fear - Metal of honor 3.5/5 (Moribund Record's warmongering thrash act similar to Sodom, Whiplash and Exodus; their 4th CD) - MICHAEL
Nocturnal Fear - Code of violence 3/5 (Sodom's erudite warcult worshippers return with thrashin' rage; for fans of At War, Venom, Havok and Nuclear Assault) - MICHAEL
Nocturnal Fear - Fog of war 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nocturnal Fear - Sterilize and exterminate 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nocturnal Rites - The 8th sin 3/5 (fairly catchy CD from Swedish power metal masters, but I'm not too thrilled about the commercial sound they've got this time) - CLINT
Nocturnal Rites - The 8th sin 2/5 Nocturnal Rites Review - CREAG
Nocturnal Rites - Grand illusion 4.5/5 (magnificent CD from this long-running power metal band that has really settled into their post-'The sacred talisman' sound) - CLINT
Nocturnal Rites - New world messiah 3.5/5 (catchy CD that continues with their new-found sound, right where their previous CD 'Shadowland' left off) - CLINT
Nocturnal Rites - Shadowland 4/5 - CLINT
Nocturnal Rites - Afterlife 3/5 - CLINT
Nocturnal Rites - The sacred talisman 3/5 - CLINT
Nocturnal Rites - Tales of mystery and imagination 3.5/5 - CLINT
Nocturnal Rites - In a time of blood and fire 3.5/5 - CLINT
Nocturnus - Ethereal tomb 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nocturnus - Thresholds 4/5 - MICHAEL
Nocturnus - The key 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nomad Son - The eternal return 3/5 (2nd CD of Candlemass style doom from Malta, let down by bad vocals and meandering writing) - KIT
Nomad Son - First light 3/5 (Maltan classic doom metal debut spiced with cool organ touches; a bit too primitive/70s-inspired in spots) - KIT
Nomans Land - Farnord (hopefully coming soon)
Nomans Land - Raven flight 3/5 (punishing folky viking metal from Russia with rough vocals, a la Mithotyn; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Nomans Land - Hammerfrost (hopefully coming soon)
Nomans Land - The last son of the fjord (hopefully coming soon)
Norace - Tears of nature 3/5 (decent Brazilian thrash debut for fans of Bywar, Exodus and Incubus) - MICHAEL
Nordheim (Bra) - River of death 4/5 - KIT
Nordheim (Can) - Lost in the north 3.5/5 (awesome viking/power metal debut for fans of Lunarium, Crimson Shadows, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, etc.) - MICHAEL
Norther - Circle regenerated (hopefully coming soon)
Norther - N 3/5 (Finnish melodic death metallers finally distance themselves from Children of Bodom, with pretty good results) - KIT
Norther - Til death unites us 2.5/5 (recycled Finnish melodeath that borrows heavily from Children of Bodom and recent Soilwork; maybe I'm just burnt on the genre) - KIT
Norther - Death unlimited 3/5 - KIT
Norther - Mirror of madness 3/5 - KIT
Norther - Dreams of endless war 4/5 - KIT
Northern Kings - Rethroned 2.5/5 Northern Kings Review - JOHN
Northern Kings - Reborn 3.5/5 Northern Kings Review - JOHN
Northern Lights - Return to Logan’s end 3.5/5 (obscure neo-classical/melodic power metal debut from Turkey; some songs are just okay, but there are a bunch of highlights) - CLINT
Northwind (Spa) - El retorno del rey 3.5/5 (solid 2nd CD from Spanish epic power metal heavyweights) - KIT
Northwind (Spa) - Viento del norte 4/5 - KIT
Northwind (Fra) - Seasons 3/5 (very pleasing debut in the melodic metal style, comparable to Stratovarius's 'Elements pt. 1 & 2' CDs) - CLINT
Nostra Morte - Sin retorno 4.5/5 Nostra Morte Review - CHRIS
Nostra Morte - Un cuento antes de morir 4/5 Nostra Morte Review - CHRIS
Nostradameus - Illusion's parade 3.5/5 (power metal band's 6th CD that's overall quite strong and better than their previous few CDs) - CLINT
Nostradameus - Illusion's parade 4/5 Nostradameus Review - SEAN
Nostradameus - Pathway 3/5 (my hopes weren't too high for this power metal band's 5th CD, but while nothing spectacular, this has grown on me and is a CD I enjoy) - CLINT
Nostradameus - Pathway 3/5 Nostradameus Review - SEAN
Nostradameus - Hellbound 2.5/5 (4th CD that takes a slightly heavier/crunchier approach when compared to their previous CDs) - CLINT
Nostradameus - Hellbound 2.5/5 Nostradameus Review - CRAIG
Nostradameus - The third prophecy 3/5 (very good 3rd CD, but I prefer their fast-paced 'The prophet of evil') - CLINT
Nostradameus - The prophet of evil 3.5/5 - CLINT
Nostradameus - Words of Nostradameus 3/5 - CLINT
Not Fragile - Shout to the master 4/5 Not Fragile Review - KIT
Not Fragile - Who dares wins 4/5 Not Fragile Review - KIT
Not Fragile - Scratch the surface 4/5 Not Fragile Review - KIT
Not Fragile - Time to wonder 4/5 Not Fragile Review - KIT
Not Fragile - Yesterday's heroes 3/5 - KIT
Not Fragile - 21st century ballroom 3.5/5 - KIT
Not Fragile - The return 2/5 - KIT
Not Fragile - Lost in a dream 4.5/5 - KIT
Not Fragile - Hard to be alive 4.5/5 - KIT
Nota Profana - The devil’s playground 3/5 (2nd CD of fast epic bombastic symphonic/choral “beauty and the beast” metal like Haggard; more cohesive than their debut) - CHRIS
Nota Profana - Violent whispers 3/5 (fast epic bombastic symphonic/choral metal debut with pleasant soprano lead vocals and occasional black vocals; like Haggard) - CHRIS
Nova Orbis - Imago 3.5/5 (enjoyable melodic power metal debut with symphonic and progressive touches; contains mostly female vocals, but clean male vocals too) - CLINT
Nuclear Aggressor - Condemned to rot 3/5 (debut that’s total Sodom worship with some catchy songs; for fans of bands like Minotaur, Necronomicon, etc.) - MICHAEL
Nuclear Assault - Third world genocide 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nuclear Assault - Something wicked 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nuclear Assault - Out of order 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nuclear Assault - Handle with care 3/5 - MICHAEL
Nuclear Assault - Survive 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nuclear Assault - Game over 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the light 3/5 Nuclear Blast Allstars Review - JOHN
Nuclear Simphony - Lost in wonderland 4/5 - MICHAEL

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