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Evil's Desire - Initium 3/5

Reviewed: 3-1-11


1. Intro
2. Red death
3. Mountain of fate
4. True lies
5. Ignorance
6. Destructive union
7. Ego
8. Nemesis
9. Perfection
10. The outcast
11. Acceptance

Out of The Netherlands, Evil's Desire brings us their self-released full-length debut 'Initium'. The band's style is symphonic/gothic metal and they're female fronted, by Daphne Gobius du Sart, whose voice is mostly in the soprano range. For those who are familiar with my tastes, you know that this is well within what I listen to on a regular basis, so the question is - does this band stand out amongst the many other similar bands?

While I'll quickly get right to the point by saying that this CD will not blow you away, I will also immediately say that it's far from bad and I consider it to be good. The tempo ranges from slow to mid-paced, but there are a few fast parts. This is not an extremely upbeat and exciting CD however (for the most part), and instead is more of a pleasant and dramatic listen. There are some clean male vocals (from Eric Mol, who is also the guitarist) to add some variety to the vocal department, but Daphne greatly dominates and I think she does a nice job.

Even though the songs are all consistent as far as quality and style, direct overall band comparisons are tough, but there are some slower moments that remind me of recent Tristania (though I don't consider this CD to be boring like some of Tristania's stuff) and for some reason I'm slightly recalling Tiarra. I wish the production was a bit better (it's simply okay), but in the end, it's a good start for the band and I like it. That said, amongst the many other similar bands, this won't be a CD that will shock the female fronted symphonic/gothic metal world.




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