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Rabies - Drop in infinity 3.5/5 Rabies Review - CHRIS
Racer X - Getting heavier 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Racer X - Superheroes (hopefully coming soon)
Racer X - Technical difficulties 3/5 - MICHAEL
Racer X - Second heat 4/5 - MICHAEL
Racer X - Street lethal 4/5 - MICHAEL
Radakka - Requiem for the innocent 2/5 - KIT
Radakka - Malice and tranquility 3/5 - KIT
Radius - The lost world 3.5/5 (debut of fast, festive, catchy, lightly crunchy but very bombastic Russian symphonic power metal with excellent soprano and clean male vocals) - CHRIS
Rage - 21 2.5/5 (another solid, but increasingly unspectacular effort from the tiresome Smolski era) - JOHN
Rage - Strings to a web 3.5/5 Rage Review - JOHN
Rage - Carved in stone 3.5/5 Rage Review - JOHN
Rage - Speak of the dead 3/5 Rage Review - JOHN
Rage - Soundchaser 4/5 - JOHN
Rage - Unity 4.5/5 - JOHN
Rage - Welcome to the other side 3.5/5 - JOHN
Rage - Ghosts 4/5 - JOHN
Rage - XIII 3.5/5 - JOHN
Rage - End of all days 4/5 - JOHN
Rage - Lingua mortis 3/5 - JOHN
Rage - Black in mind 4.5/5 - JOHN
Rage - 10 years in Rage 5/5 - JOHN
Rage - The missing link 5/5 - JOHN
Rage - Trapped! 4.5/5 - JOHN
Rage - Reflections of a shadow 3.5/5 - JOHN
Rage - Secrets in a weird world 4/5 - JOHN
Rage - Perfect man 4/5 - JOHN
Rage - Execution guaranteed 2.5/5 - JOHN
Rage - Reign of fear 3.5/5 - JOHN
Rage of Angels - s/t 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Ragenheart - s/t 3.5/5 (quality melodic metal debut from Greece on Metal on Metal Records; like Conception or Kamelot, but with long songs) - KIT
Raging Storm - s/t 3/5 - KIT
Railway - Persecution mania 3/5 - MICHAEL
Railway - Welcome tonite 3/5 - MICHAEL
Railway - To be continued 3/5 - MICHAEL
Railway - Climax 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Railway - II 3/5 - MICHAEL
Railway - s/t 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Rain - XXX (hopefully coming soon)
Rain - Dad is dead 3.5/5 (power Italian act show promise with love for the 80s sound and especially The Cult and D.A.D.; their 5th CD) - MICHAEL
Rain - Headshaker (hopefully coming soon)
Rain - Bigditch 4070 (hopefully coming soon)
Rain - Red revolution (hopefully coming soon)
Rain - Ten years after (hopefully coming soon)
Rain Fell Within - Refuge 3.5/5 (improved 2nd CD of deep/dark gothic metal with beautiful female opera vocals) - CLINT
Rain Fell Within - Believe 2.5/5 - CLINT
Raintime - Psychromatic (hopefully coming soon)
Raintime - Flies & lies (hopefully coming soon)
Raintime - Tales from sadness 3/5 (well done debut fusing elements of power, death and prog; like a less technical Into Eternity with better vocals) - KIT
Raise Hell - City of the damned 3/5 (open your mind to the reapers calling as Stockholm's rising thrash outfit lead you to the gallows; they're not dead yet!) - MICHAEL
Raise Hell - Wicked is my game 3/5 - MICHAEL
Raise Hell - Not dead yet 3/5 - MICHAEL
Raise Hell - Holy target 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Raising Cain - Planet doom (hopefully coming soon)
Raising Cain - Crusade 96 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Raising Fear - Eternal creed (hopefully coming soon)
Raising Fear - Avalon (hopefully coming soon)
Raising Fear - Mythos 3.5/5 (surprising, guitar-fueled, keyless Italian power/true metal debut with Grave Digger-style vocals and arrangements) - KIT
RAM - Death 4/5 RAM Review - KIT
RAM - Lightbringer 4/5 (Swedish old-school traditional metallers offer a dark, refreshing take on the genre with this 2nd CD; "Suomussalmi" may be song of the year) - KIT
RAM - Forced entry 3.5/5 RAM Review - KIT
Ramming Speed - Doomed to destroy, destined to die 2.5/5 (disappointing 2nd CD of retrothrash in the vein of Battlecross, Skeletonwitch and Rumplestiltskin Grinder) - MICHAEL
Ramming Speed - Brainwreck 2.5/5 (average speedcore debut for fans of Municipal Waste, Impulse Manslaughter, Life Sentence and Gama Bomb) - MICHAEL
Ram-Page - Blooming rust 1/5 (2nd CD of blackened thrash thatís shorter than an EP, with a horrible production, weak songs, and unappealing modern elements) - MICHAEL
Ram-Page - The keeper of time (hopefully coming soon)
Rampart - War behest 3.5/5 (sophomore outing with better songwriting and improved production; reminds me a lot of White Skullís awesome ĎUnder this flagí) - MICHAEL
Rampart - Voice of the wilderness 3.5/5 (Bulgarian female fronted metal debut similar to Crystal Viper, Nasty Tendency, Sentinel Beast and Dawn of Destiny) - MICHAEL
Randomorder - The forbidden knowledge 3.5/5 (very good debut of Aussie old-school thrash with explosive riffs and fast songs; for fans of 80s/modern thrash metal) - SEAN
Raped Ape - Land of broken promises 3/5 (Divebomb Recordsí 2-disc compilation from this thrash/crossover act; not as good as other compilations from the label) - MICHAEL
Rapid Fire (Ita) - Scream! 3/5 (catchy, sing-a-long melodic power metal with a straightforward, fun songwriting style) - KIT
Rapid Fire (U.S.) - Settle the score 4/5 (well done, no-frills U.S. metal in the style of Vicious Rumors and Metal Church; on Stormspell Records) - KIT
Rarog - Sons of the falcon 3/5 (3rd CD thatís a return to the epic, enthusiastic, symphonic pagan metal of their debut; has death, clean and female vocals) - CHRIS
Rarog - Ascend to the sun 2.5/5 (bright, hard, fast and furious but festive folk metal with anthemic female vocals, death vocals and clean vocals; their 2nd CD) - CHRIS
Rarog - Az, the god I know! 3.5/5 (debut of epic enthusiastic symphonic pagan metal with black metal touches; contains death, clean and female vocals) - CHRIS
Rattlehead - Tales from the gutter 3/5 (3rd CD of mostly good classic thrash with gruff vocals; let down in spots by groovy Biohazard tough-guy parts) - KIT
Rattlehead - Step inside for the slaughter (hopefully coming soon)
Rattlehead - Responsible moshing...? (hopefully coming soon)
Ravage (MA, U.S.) - The end of tomorrow 4/5 Ravage Review - KIT
Ravage (MA, U.S.) - Spectral rider 3/5 Ravage Review - KIT
Ravage (IL, U.S.) - Wrecking ball 3/5 (one and only CD of heavy metal from the mid-80s) - MICHAEL
Raven - Walk through fire 4/5 (superb return to form from originators of speed metal, so be prepared to be burned alive at the inferno!) - MICHAEL
Raven - One for all 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Everything louder 3/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Glow 3/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Architect of fear 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Nothing exceeds like excess 4/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Life's a bitch 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - The pack is back 3/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Stay hard 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - All for one 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Wiped out 3/5 - MICHAEL
Raven - Rock until you drop 3/5 - MICHAEL
Raven Lord - Descent to the underworld 3.5/5 (all-star debut with Joe Stump, which reminds me of Vicious Rumours, Helstar, Killing Machine, Reign of Terror, etc.) - MICHAEL
Raven Tide - Echoes of wonder 3/5 (debut of pleasant, lightly rocking guitar-driven gothic metal with nice female vocals, quite similar to recent Autumn) - CHRIS
Ravenclaw - Welcome to the ravenland 3.5/5 Ravenclaw Review - CLINT
Ravenheart - Valley of the damned 3/5 Ravenheart Review - CREAG
Raven's Keep - The keeper 2.5/5 (midtempo female fronted traditional metal a la Warlock or Black Widow; emphasizes quantity over quality though) - KIT
Ravensthorn - Horrors of the black mass (hopefully coming soon)
Ravensthorn - Hauntings and possessions 3/5 (theatrical traditional U.S. metal influenced by Halloween; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Ravensthorn - House of the damned (hopefully coming soon)
Rawhead Rexx - Diary in black 3/5 (chunky European metal blending Brainstorm and Vicious Rumors, with flashes of greatness) - KIT
Rawhead Rexx - s/t 3/5 - KIT
Razor - Decibels 3/5 - MICHAEL
Razor - Open hostility 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Razor - Shotgun justice 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Razor - Violent restitution 4/5 - MICHAEL
Razor - Custom killing 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Razor - Malicious intent 4/5 - MICHAEL
Razor - Evil invaders 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Razor - Executioner's song 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Razor Fist - Metal minds 4/5 Razor Fist Review - MICHAEL
Razor Fist - Razor Fist force 4/5 - MICHAEL
Razor of Occam - Homage to martyrs 3/5 (quality blackened thrash/power metal debut from Australia; for fans of Witchery, Brimstone and Bewitched) - MICHAEL
Razorback - Deadringer (hopefully coming soon)
Razorback - Criminal justice 2.5/5 (2nd CD that's similar to Brainstorm, but not as thrashy or guitar driven) - MICHAEL
Razorback - Animal anger (hopefully coming soon)
Razormaze - Annihilatia 3/5 (2nd CD thatís a step back in speed and form, assuming a more metalcore Boston stance similar to Devil Driver and Unearth) - MICHAEL
Razormaze - The true speed of steel 3.5/5 (debut from Boston dipsomaniacs that channel early Megadeth, Annihilator, Razor and GWAR; my brother created their logo) - MICHAEL
Razorwyre - Another dimension 3.5/5 (intense OTT New Zealanders shred on this debut with Inferno Records; for fans of Demoniac, Enforcer, Pile Driver, Razor, etc.) - MICHAEL
Re-Activate - Prevailing of the unkind domination 2.5/5 (mid-paced thrash from Washington that sometimes veers too close to Biohazard groove or Seattle angst) - KIT
Reactor - No rest yet (hopefully coming soon)
Reactor - A short fairytale (hopefully coming soon)
Reactor - Farewell to reality 3/5 - MICHAEL
Reactor - Revelation 2/5 - MICHAEL
Reactor - Rather dead than dishonoured 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Realm - Suiciety 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Realm - Endless war 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Realmbuilder - Fortifications of the pale architect 3.5/5 (another enjoyable offering of minimalist retro doom, with a hint more variety and attitude than the debut) - CREAG
Realmbuilder - Summon the stone throwers 3.5/5 Realmbuilder Review - CREAG
Reanimacia - Characternik 3/5 (2nd CD of Russian-language epic/power metal that certainly has highlights, but there are too many slow and mid-paced songs) - CLINT
Reanimacia - Rassvet 4/5 (awesome Russian-language power metal debut that can easily be compared to Epidemia, but there are no keyboards) - CLINT
Re-Animator - That was then... this is now (hopefully coming soon)
Re-Animator - Laughing (hopefully coming soon)
Re-Animator - Condemned to eternity 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Reapers - World in chains 2/5 (Italian heavy/speed metal merchants regress with their 2nd CD; unfocused songs and poor barked vocals detract considerably) - KIT
Reapers - Metalness 3/5 (straightforward no-frills riffy 80s-style traditional metal debut from Italy with slightly gruff vocals and a touch of thrash) - KIT
Rebellion - Armenius: Furor Teutonicus 4/5 (6th CD thatís outstanding traditional German metal in the Grave Digger style; a revamped line-up and Germanic historical lyrics) - KIT
Rebellion - Arise/From Ginnungagap to Ragnarok: The history of the vikings volume lll 3.5/5 Rebellion Review - KIT
Rebellion - Miklagard: The history of the vikings volume II 4/5 Rebellion Review - KIT
Rebellion - Saga of Iceland: The history of the vikings volume I 4/5 Rebellion Review - KIT
Rebellion - Born a rebel 1.5/5 (uninspired follow-up to the excellent debut, with perhaps the most boring riffs ever) - KIT
Rebellion - A tragedy in steel 3.5/5 - KIT
Recipients of Death - s/t 3/5 - MICHAEL
Recon - Behind enemy lines 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Reckless Tide - Helleraser 3.5/5 (2nd CD of razor-sharp German thrash that mixes Kreator, Annihilator, Bay area, "modern thrash" and traditional metal influences) - KIT
Reckless Tide - Repent or seal your fate 3/5 - MICHAEL
Red Circuit - Homeland 4/5 (excellent 2nd CD of melodic/progressive/power metal and it's better than their debut; overall style is not unlike Cloudscape and Winterborn) - CLINT
Red Circuit - Trance state 3/5 (debut featuring popular vocalist Chity Somapala; consists mostly of mid-paced melodic metal with a touch of prog) - CLINT
Red Right Hand - Plotting your death 3.5/5 Red Right Hand Review - KIT
Red Right Hand - s/t (hopefully coming soon)
Red Rose - On the cusp of change 2.5/5 (decent 2nd CD of melodic metal with a few highlights, but much of it is too light for me and most of the songs arenít very memorable) - CLINT
Red Rose - Live the life youíve imagined 3/5 (short but solid melodic metal debut with both power metal and progressive metal elements, and a terrific vocalist) - CLINT
Red Warlock - Serve your master 3.5/5 (Italian debut combining classic metal with modern sounds; similar in many respects to France's Nightmare) - KIT
Red Wine - Cenizas 3/5 Red Wine Review - KIT
Red Wine - Suenos y locura 4/5 (much improved 3rd CD from up'n'coming Spanish hopefuls) - KIT
Red Wine - El fin de los tiempos 2.5/5 - KIT
Red Wine - Hijos del espertar 3/5 - KIT
Redemption - This mortal coil 4/5 (California emotional heavy progressive metallers' 5th CD compellingly chronicles the band leader's bout with cancer) - KIT
Redemption - Snowfall on judgment day 4/5 Redemption Review - KIT
Redemption - The origins of ruin 4.5/5 Redemption Review - KIT
Redemption - The fullness of time 3.5/5 (impressive prog/power featuring Ray Alder's best vocal performance since 'Parallels'; add one point if you love prog) - KIT
Redemption - s/t 2.5/5 (ambitious progressive/power project that could use a good editor, but has some fantastic ideas) - KIT
Redkey - Rage of fire 3/5 Redkey Review - KIT
Redrum (Grc) - No turning back 3/5 (simple mid-paced rocking debut in the vein of Victory, Vengeance and Mad Max, which is not what Greeks are known for) - MICHAEL
Redrum (U.S.) - Power corrupts 3/5 - MICHAEL
Reflection (Ger) - Advertising violence (hopefully coming soon)
Reflection (Ger) - Made in hell 3.5/5 (Teutonic steel debut in the vein of Destruction, Not Fragile and early Rage, with a hint of Inferno and Bywar retro-thrash) - MICHAEL
Reflection (Grc) - When shadows fall 3/5 (doomy epic true metal featuring the Forsaken singer, but his day-job gig is better; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Reflection (Grc) - Odyssey 2/5 - KIT
Reflection (Grc) - The fire still burns 2/5 - CLINT
Regardless of Me - Pleasures and fear 4/5 Regardless of Me Review - CHRIS
Regardless of Me - The world within 4.5/5 (debut of heavy, crunchy, modern guitar-driven melodic metal with progressive instrumentals and superb female vocals) - CHRIS
Regicide (Emden, Ger) - Break the silence 3.5/5 (refreshing 2nd CD of symphonic/gothic metal with female and clean male vocals, all highlighted by amazing violin parts) - CLINT
Regicide (Emden, Ger) - Viorus 2.5/5 - CLINT
Regicide (Wuppertal, Ger) - Welcome in the family 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Regime - Straight through your heart 3/5 - MICHAEL
Reign - Control over anger 3/5 - MICHAEL
Reign - Exit clause 3/5 - MICHAEL
Reign - Embrace 3/5 - MICHAEL
Reign of Fury - World detonation 4/5 Reign of Fury Review - KIT
Reign of Terror (The) - Conquer & divide 4/5 (aggresive 4th CD of neo-classical power metal with awesome guitar work) - CLINT
Reign of Terror (The) - Sacred ground 3.5/5 - CLINT
Reign of Terror (The) - Second coming 2.5/5 - CLINT
Reign of Terror (The) - Light in the sky 2.5/5 - CLINT
Reinxeed - Welcome to the theater 4/5 (easily their best to date with improvements across the board, boasting energetic symphonic power metal with neo-classical elements) - SEAN
Reinxeed - 1912 3/5 (improved 4th CD from this fantasy-based power metal band, but still slightly inconsistent with no diversity and Tommy needs to work on his vocals) - SEAN
Reinxeed - Majestic 3/5 (the bandís 3rd CD, featuring vigorous and speedy neo-classical power metal; another slight improvement, but still lacking in a few areas) - SEAN
Reinxeed - Higher 3/5 (2nd CD continuing the neo-classical metal vibe of the debut and while generic, is more polished and most areas have improved) - SEAN
Reinxeed - The light 2.5/5 Reinxeed Review - SEAN
Rekion - The people who are bound 4/5 (fantastic Japanese-language power metal debut with an exciting pace; features vocalist/guitarist Yama-B of Galneryus fame) - CLINT
Rellik - Killer 3/5 - KIT
Remembrances - Crystal tears 4/5 (wonderful female fronted symphonic/gothic metal debut with moments that remind me of Unshine; enjoyable and highly recommended) - CLINT
Renacer - Hijo del viento (hopefully coming soon)
Renacer - En versiones vol. 1 (hopefully coming soon)
Renacer - Senderos del alma 4/5 Renacer Review - KIT
Renacer - s/t 4/5 - KIT
Renegade - W.A.R. 3/5 (simple but charming Italian traditional metal with a D. Beehler-type singer, and it's stylistically more cohesive than 'Straight to the top ') - KIT
Renegade - Straight to the top 2.5/5 (2nd CD of uneven Italian traditional metal with Dan Beehler-type vocals; marred by drastic swings in style and quality) - KIT
Renegade - Too hard to die (hopefully coming soon)
Repent - Vortex of violence 2/5 (3rd CD thatís awful modern thrash like Dew-Scented, Hatesphere, etc., but with no melody, talent or focus) - MICHAEL
Repent - Disciple of decline 3/5 - MICHAEL
Repent - Escape from reality 3/5 - MICHAEL
Replosion - The resting place of illusion 3.5/5 Replosion Review - CLINT
Reptilian - Thunderblaze 2/5 (2nd CD of melodic metal that doesn't grab me like some of the other bands in the style) - CLINT
Reptilian - Castle of yesterday 3/5 - CLINT
Requiem (Fin) - Requiem forever 3.5/5 Requiem Review - DAVID
Requiem (Fin) - Mask of damnation 4.5/5 Requiem Review - DAVID
Requiem (Fin) - The arrival 5/5 Requiem Review - DAVID
Requiem (Rus) - Renewed world 4/5 Requiem Review - CLINT
Resistance (Fra) - A tale of decadence 3.5/5 (musically cool traditional/thrash mix from France, with sometimes-dodgy vocals and a clunky concept; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Resistance (Fra) - Bang your fucking skull (hopefully coming soon)
Resistance (U.S.) - Patents of control 4/5 (2nd CD of dark modern power/thrash with hooks, technical playing and strong vocals; for fans of Morgana Lefay/Nevermore) - KIT
Resistance (U.S.) - Lies in black (hopefully coming soon)
Rest in Peace - Oceans of time 2.5/5 (3rd CD from French heavy/progressive/power metal band; less progressive than their first 2 CDs, but also less catchy) - CLINT
Rest in Peace - Evilution 3/5 (2nd CD of progressive power metal from France; for fans of everything from Dream Theater and Circus Maximus to Kamelot and Angra) - CLINT
Rest in Peace - Stares on reality 3.5/5 - CLINT
Restless Breed (The) - Hiding in plain sight 2.5/5 (obscure and uneven NWOBHM with a few great songs and some real clunkers on the poppy side) - KIT
Retriem - White city 4/5 (excellent 2nd CD of Russian-language power metal with keys, a la Callisto, Arda, Epidemia, Decuman Wave, Kolizey, Arktida and Charizma) - CLINT
Retriem - Lead to your destiny 4/5 (first-rate melodic power metal debut from Russia that's like a more keyboardy Aria or a less intense Holy Dragons) - KIT
Revamp - Wild card 3.5/5 (2nd CD of mostly traditional metal with Floor Jansen singing mainly in a hard rock style, but it has stronger and more varied songwriting than the debut) - CHRIS
Revamp - s/t 3/5 (debut of mostly traditional metal with Floor Jansen singing mainly in a hard rock style, similar to the last 2 After Forever CDs) - CHRIS
Revenge - Vendetta (hopefully coming soon)
Revenge - Metal is: Addiction and obsession (hopefully coming soon)
Revenge - Death sentence (hopefully coming soon)
Revenge - Rage and revenge 3/5 (2nd CD of high-speed Colombian laconic thrash for fans of older Rage and Destruction) - MICHAEL
Revenge - Metal warriors 3/5 - MICHAEL
Revengeance - End of salvation 3/5 (Texas youngsters' brand of melodic metal recalls early ASKA in spots, and itís good; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Revengeance - Falling into silence (hopefully coming soon)
Revengin - Cymatics 3.5/5 (crunchy ďbeauty and the beastĒ symphonic/gothic metal debut similar to Epica; all of the ingredients are in place and itís a promising start) - CLINT
Reverence - When darkness calls 4/5 Reverence Review - MICHAEL
Reverend - Play god 3/5 - CRAIG
Reverend - World won't miss you 3/5 - CRAIG
Reviver - s/t 4/5 Reviver Review - KIT
Revocation - Chaos of forms 3.5/5 (3rd CD that impressed me with its riffs and leads; fans of Black Tide, Skeletonwitch and their ilk should give it a spin) - MICHAEL
Revocation - Existence is futile 3/5 - MICHAEL
Revocation - Empire of the obscene 3/5 - MICHAEL
Revoltons - 386 high street north: Come back to eternity 3/5 (this power metal bandís first 3 CDs are well below average, but this 4th CD improves in all areas and is solid) - CLINT
Revoltons - Underwater bells 2/5 (3rd CD of power metal similar to Brainstorm and Iced Earth, but just like previous CDs, it's hurt by a weak vocalist and average music) - CLINT
Revoltons - Lost remembrance 1.5/5 - CLINT
Revoltons - Night visions 1/5 - CLINT
Revolution Renaissance - Trinity 3.5/5 Revolution Renaissance Review - SEAN
Revolution Renaissance - Age of Aquarius 3/5 Revolution Renaissance Review - JOHN
Revolution Renaissance - New era 2.5/5 Revolution Renaissance Review - JOHN
Rex Inferi - Like a hurricane 4.5/5 (superb speed metal reissue from 1988 a la Not Fragile; one of the best CDs from Italy ever, but this is their only full-length CD) - KIT
Rezet - Civic nightmares (hopefully coming soon)
Rezet - Have gun, will travel 4.5/5 (awesome thrash debut for fans of early Megadeth and Destruction, but also Mystrez, Kublai Khan and Grinder) - MICHAEL
R-Genium - What dreams may come 4/5 R-Genium Review - CHRIS
Rhapsody (Luca Turilliís) - Ascending to infinity 4/5 (awesome symphonic power metal CD under the new banner; more interesting than their previous few CDs) - CLINT
Rhapsody - Symphony of enchanted lands ll/The dark secret 4/5 Rhapsody Review - CLINT
Rhapsody - Power of the dragon flame 4/5 - CLINT
Rhapsody - Rain of a thousand flames 4/5 - CLINT
Rhapsody - Dawn of victory 3.5/5 - CLINT
Rhapsody - Symphony of enchanted lands 4.5/5 - CLINT
Rhapsody - Legendary tales 3.5/5 - CLINT
Rhapsody of Fire - From chaos to eternity 3/5 (good CD from this long-running symphonic power metal band, but just like a lot of their CDs, it's not really memorable) - CLINT
Rhapsody of Fire - The cold embrace of fear (EP) 3.5/5 (not their most exciting, but it's nicely done, has a good running-time length, and all original/exclusive songs) - CLINT
Rhapsody of Fire - The frozen tears of angels 4/5 (fantastic symphonic power metal CD that really grew on me and it's better than their previous 'Triumph or agony') - CLINT
Rhapsody of Fire - Triumph or agony 3/5 Rhapsody of Fire Review - CLINT
Ride the Sky - New protection 3.5/5 Ride the Sky Review - CREAG
Rigor Mortis - Vs. the Earth 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rigor Mortis - s/t 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Ring (The) - Tales from Midgard 3.5/5 (strong heavy/power metal debut with great guitar solos; based on The Lord of the Rings) - CLINT
Ring of Fire - Lapse of reality 3/5 (pleasing 3rd CD of neo-classical metal, but possibly borders too light for my tastes) - CLINT
Ring of Fire - Dreamtower 3/5 - CLINT
Ring of Fire - The oracle 3.5/5 - CLINT
Riot - Immortal soul 4.5/5 Riot Review - CRAIG
Riot - Immortal soul 4.5/5 (CD of the year 2011; unfortunately Mark Reale died afterwards, but what a legacy of American speed and majesty) - MICHAEL
Riot - Army of one 3.5/5 Riot Review - KIT
Riot - Army of one 3/5 (this just is not as good as what Riot are capable of accomplishing, but it has some merit) - MICHAEL
Riot - Through the storm 3/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Sons of society 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Inishmore 4/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - The brethren of the long house 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Nightbreaker 3/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - The privilege of power 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Thundersteel 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Born in America 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Restless breed 3/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Fire down under 4/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Narita 3/5 - MICHAEL
Riot - Rock city 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ripe - The eloquence of silence (hopefully coming soon)
Ripe - A moment of forever 3.5/5 Ripe Review - KIT
Ripe - At the end of time (hopefully coming soon)
Ripshaw - Come feel the flame 3.5/5 (debut from Virginia youngsters effectively blending mid-paced early Metallica with traditional metal and an oddly clear voice) - KIT
Rising Faith - The arrival 2.5/5 (power metal debut on the heavier side that's similar to Manticora) - CLINT
Rising Storm - Tempest 3/5 (lengthy modernish guitar-oriented power/progressive debut from Germany with crunch; this styleís not really my cup of tea) - KIT
Rising Sunset - Equinox 4/5 Rising Sunset Review - CLINT
Risingfall - Symphony of storms 4/5 (professional debut that combines uptempo classic metal with modern melodic death; mostly clean vocals) - KIT
Ritual (NJ, U.S.) - The ancient tome 3/5 (classic metal debut with some speed; comparable to early Riot, The Rods and Tension) - MICHAEL
Ritual (OH, U.S.) - Trials of torment 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Ritual Carnage - I, Infidel 3.5/5 (rippin' Japanese thrash for fans of Anthrax, Onslaught and Testament; their 5th CD) - MICHAEL
Ritual Carnage - The birth of tragedy 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Ritual Carnage - Every nerve alive 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ritual Carnage - The highest law 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Ritual Misery - World of hate 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Ritual Steel - Invincible warriors 3/5 Ritual Steel Review - CRAIG
Ritual Steel - Invincible warriors 3/5 (3rd CD of unessential but good traditional metal from Germany; the epic "Che" is super though) - KIT
Ritual Steel - Blitz Invasion 2.5/5 (dependable but unspectacular 2nd CD of German true metal that's perhaps lacking in memorability) - KIT
Ritual Steel - A hell of a night 3/5 - KIT
Rival - State of mind 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rival - Modern world 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
River of Change - Where reality cannot enter 3/5 (1999 debut that has members now in Kaledon, DGM, Concept and Steel Seal; Italian progressive/symphonic power metal) - CLINT
Rizon - Masquerade 3/5 (3rd CD from this power metal band with female and clear male vocals; contains a mix of both great and average songs, so itís solid overall) - CLINT
Rizon - Sudden life 3/5 (2nd CD of melodic power metal with a lot of keys, and both female vocals and clear male vocals; perhaps comparable to Felony in spots) - CLINT
Rizon - Evolution 2.5/5 - CLINT
Robot Lords of Tokyo - Whiskey, blood & napalm 3/5 (2nd CD that reminds me of Simple Aggression with their Skullview meets Motorhead and Motley Crue craziness) - MICHAEL
Robot Lords of Tokyo - s/t 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rock Goddess - Young and free 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rock Goddess - Hell hath no fury 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Rock Goddess - s/t 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rock, Rob - Garden of chaos 4/5 (wow; ascendant metal cuts harder and more powerfully than ever) - CRAIG
Rock, Rob - Garden of chaos 4/5 Rock, Rob Review - JOHN
Rock, Rob - Holy hell 4/5 Rock, Rob Review - CRAIG
Rock, Rob - Eyes of eternity 3/5 Rock, Rob Review - CRAIG
Rock, Rob - Rage of creation 4/5 - CRAIG
Rocka Rollas - Metal strikes back 4.5/5 Rocka Rollas Review - KIT
Rocka Rollas - The war of steel has begun 4.5/5 (fantastic screaming, high-speed traditional metal debut strongly influenced by Riot's 'Thundersteel' and the 80s German masters) - KIT
Rods (The) - Vengeance 3.5/5 (killer comeback with everything one would expect from Gary Bordonaro, Carl Canedy and Mr. Feinstein; the original N.Y. rockers) - MICHAEL
Rods (The) - Heavier than thou 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rods (The) - Let them eat metal 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rods (The) - In the raw 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rods (The) - Wild dogs 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Rods (The) - s/t 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ros - Rusalka 2.5/5 (decent female fronted folk metal debut comparable to Cruachan and Alkonost, but there are no male vocals) - CLINT
Rosa Ignea - Ancient eyes 3.5/5 Rosa Ignea Review - CLINT
Rosa Infra - Change of scenery 4/5 (debut of heavy, crunchy, busy and very catchy Russian-language gothic metal with unusually deep, warm, dramatic baritone male vocals) - CHRIS
Rosae Crucis - Fede potere vendetta (hopefully coming soon)
Rosae Crucis - Il re del mundo 3/5 (rough-hewn Italian-language true metal combo remakes old songs from 1992 demo; some good stuff, but a few duds too) - KIT
Rosae Crucis - Worms of the earth 3/5 (good pounding true metal debut from Italy; spoken-word parts are goofy and vocals aren't great though) - KIT
Rose - Into the unknown 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rose - Crazy little world 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rose - Healing 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rose - Sacrificium 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rosicrucian - No cause for celebration 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rosicrucian - Silence 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ross the Boss - Hailstorm 3.5/5 Ross the Boss Review - CREAG
Ross the Boss - New metal leader 4/5 Ross the Boss Review - CREAG
Rottweiller - Rage of war 3/5 (endearing traditional U.S. metal with strong McCarty/Bonnet-styled vocals) - KIT
Rottweiller - Screams of the innocent (hopefully coming soon)
Rough Silk - The good, the bad & the undead (hopefully coming soon)
Rough Silk - A new beginning 3/5 (traditional heavy metal veterans return after 6 years to show there's still gas left in the tank; their 2nd with frontman Ferdy Doernberg) - SEAN
Rough Silk - End of infinity 2/5 (singer is replaced by 3 other band members, while their sound remains about the same) - DAVID
Rough Silk - Symphony of life 2.5/5 - DAVID
Rough Silk - Beyond the sundown 2/5 - DAVID
Rough Silk - Mephisto 4/5 (the band their hits peak with excellent performance and dynamic songwriting) - DAVID
Rough Silk - Circle of pain 3.5/5 - DAVID
Rough Silk - Walls of never 2.5/5 - DAVID
Rough Silk - Roots of hate 2/5 - DAVID
Rough Silk - s/t 2/5 - DAVID
Roxxcalibur - Lords of the NWOBHM 3.5/5 (2nd CD by supergroup with Viron members, covering near obscure NWOBHM singles with alacrity and aplomb) - MICHAEL
Roxxcalibur - NWOBHM for muthas 4/5 - MICHAEL
Royal Hunt - Show me how to live (hopefully coming soon)
Royal Hunt - X 4/5 Royal Hunt Review - SEAN
Royal Hunt - Paradox II: Collision course 4/5 (strong songwriting on Mark Boals' debut; still sounding a little stale though, and not as original as they first were) - DAVID
Royal Hunt - Paper blood 3.5/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Hunt - Eyewitness 4/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Hunt - The mission 3.5/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Hunt - Fear 2.5/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Hunt - Paradox 4.5/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Hunt - Moving target 3.5/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Hunt - Clown in the mirror 4/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Hunt - Land of broken hearts 3/5 Royal Hunt Review - DAVID
Royal Jester - Night is young 3.5/5 (generic but very good power metal debut in the style of Nightscape, Cardiant, Supreme Majesty, Moonville, Celesty and so on) - CLINT
Ruffians - Desert of tears 3.5/5 Ruffians Review - KIT
Ruffians - There & back 3/5 Ruffians Review - KIT
Ruler - Evil nightmares 4/5 (excellent 80s-era Italian heavy/power metal debut a la Sacred Oath, Screamer (U.S.), Oliver Magnum, Ritual, Obsession, Fifth Angel, etc.) - MICHAEL
Rumble Militia - Hate me 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rumble Militia - Stop violence and madness 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Rumble Militia - They give you the blessing 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rumble Militia - Fuck off commercial 3/5 - MICHAEL
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Ghostmaker 2.5/5 (3rd CD thatís not as thrashy as previous efforts, and invokes death metal tendencies; comparable to Morbid Saint) - MICHAEL
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Living for death, destroying the rest 3/5 (2nd CD that's thrashy silliness with some musicianship, a la Gwar, Revocation and F.K.U.) - MICHAEL
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Buried in the front yard 3/5 - MICHAEL
Runamok - Electric shock 3/5 (German veterans combine old-school thrash with just enough melody and some Pantera grooves; their 5th CD) - KIT
Runamok - Freak business 3.5/5 (cool German thrash with melody and a bit of groove, like Wargasm or Paradox with cleaner singing; their 4th CD) - KIT
Runamok - Dance of the dead (hopefully coming soon)
Runamok - Back for revenge (hopefully coming soon)
Runamok - Make my day (hopefully coming soon)
Runic - Liar flags 4/5 (overlooked viking/pagan metal debut; a gem from Spain with cool arrangements and great melodies) - KIT
Running Wild - Resilient 3.5/5 (respectable entry with some of their classic pirate charm, but itís not up to the dynamic inspiration of their greatest works; better than ĎShadowmakerí) - CRAIG
Running Wild - Shadowmaker 3.5/5 (German stalwart Rolf Kasparek returns with a solidly written, played and produced CD, but itís more midtempo and less imaginative) - CRAIG
Running Wild - Rogues en vogue 3.5/5 Running Wild Review - CRAIG
Running Wild - The brotherhood 3/5 Running Wild Review - CRAIG
Running Wild - Victory 2.5/5 (rather flat rendition of Running Wild's power metal pirate act) - CRAIG
Running Wild - The rivalry 3.5/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Masquerade 2/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Black hand inn 4/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Pile of skulls 3/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Blazon stone 3/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Death or glory 5/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Port royal 4/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger 4/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Branded and exiled 3.5/5 - CRAIG
Running Wild - Gates to purgatory 3.5/5 - CRAIG
R.U.S.T. - Forged in the fire of metal 4/5 (shreddin' Cypress steel debut for any true metal heart; despite the title I hear more Saxon and Raven than I do Anvil) - MICHAEL
Rusted Brain - High voltage thrash 3.5/5 (musically awesome thrash debut from Poland with riffs for miles; raw vocals may be an acquired taste) - KIT
Ruthless - Discipline of steel 4/5 - MICHAEL
Ruyan - Heritage 4/5 Ruyan Review - CHRIS
Rychus Syn - Rebirth 3.5/5 Rychus Syn Review - KIT
Rygel - Imminent 3.5/5 (their debut is melodic/progressive power metal like Angra, but this 2nd CD has a heavier and more modern sound kinda like Brainstorm; strong stuff) - CLINT
Rygel - Realities... life as it is 3.5/5 (very promising Brazilian melodic/progressive power metal debut similar to Angra, Shaman, Aquaria, Wizards, Endless, etc.) - CLINT

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