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Eternal Dream - The fall of Salanthine 4/5

Reviewed: 6-1-12


1. March of the immortals
2. God of war
3. Last battle of a hero
4. Symphony of horizon
5. Elysian era
6. Farewell
7. The rising
8. Frozen Salanthine
9. Sweet wrath
10. The beast and the rose
11. Waters of reality
12. Memories of a lyliac dawn act I (Genesis)
13. Memories of a lyliac dawn act I (Beauty of Eterna)
14. Memories of a lyliac dawn act I (Epica and the bliss)

Out of Spain, Eternal Dream unleash their full-length debut 'The fall of Salanthine', which follows their well-received EP 'The seed of Naryll'. While I never actually heard more than samples of 'The seed of Naryll' (I rarely pick up EPs), I had read a few reviews and was looking forward to 'The fall of Salanthine'. The band is female fronted, by the exciting Ana Moronta, whose voice is of the soprano type, complete with similarities to Tarja and the many other comparable vocalists. She has a really good voice, fits the band's musical style, and I'm sure she's going to get even better as the band continues their run.

As for musical style, this isn't another one of those symphonic/gothic metal bands, and they instead offer up symphonic power metal. Beyond that though, the CD is very fast-paced and those who keep a close eye on power metal will love the tempo of this extra-upbeat CD. So the band overall isn't really in line with Visions of Atlantis, Edenbridge and Leaves' Eyes, and I'd instead lump them with Frozen Cross, Evarest, Operatika, Wildpath, Ghosthill and maybe Dawn of Destiny. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the high amount of speedy songs on this CD, and since there are many fantastic guitar and keyboard solos too, it's really an exciting listen from start to finish.

Even though the fast pace of the CD has impressed me the most, I also like the slow track 6 "Farewell", as it's a short but nice break from the speed, and it proves the band is capable of slowing things down. If I had just one minor complaint about this CD, it's that it could've benefited from an even stronger production, though it's far from bad and the only reason I'm bringing it up is because I've been spinning the similar/amazing 'Neverworld's end' from Xandria the last several months and that CD has an absolutely superb production - so it's hard not to make the comparison. Anyway, the production is still solid, and this is a thoroughly excellent CD with plenty of catchy moments, so it's surely recommended to fans of female fronted symphonic power metal.




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