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Anger In Our  Youth

Are You Selling  Your People Out?

Blacks and Depression

Black Family Dysfunction

Black Like Me

Death In My Hood

Don't Fail The Students

Drugs and Friends


Family Reunions

Harlem Youth March


How We Should View Death

In-Law or Out-Law?

Khallid's Funeral

Letter To B.E.T.

Letter To My Brothers

Letter To My Sisters

Million Women March

Mumia March

Mumia Trial

My Only Daughter

My Very Own Son

New Plantation

No Playas Allowed

Should We March?

Starting a Family

Substance Abuse

System Has Failed Us

Too Black? Too Proud?


Who's Independence?

Why Are Christians So Unhappy?




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I Must Let My People Know

Designed to Educate the Serious Mind

Hi, my name is Brother Dalani Aamon and welcome to my web site.  I am your brother for life.

I want you to take your shoes off and get comfortable. You have some serious reading to do.  You can also listen to me on Harambee Radio and feel the power of the message. Tune in to my weekly variety show, featuring news, information, commentary and music.  "Transformation" airs every Thursday @ 8PM .

Please join the Harambee Radio Yahoo Group


Brothers and Sisters out there, I hope this finds you in perfect health. "Hope" is the key in this situation. We find ourselves with so many reasons to thank our Creator. Your ability to read this information is a creative power given to you from your Creator. We must learn to use that creative power to heal ourselves. I have a hope that one day we will all find the wisdom to know that knowledge is powerful. Please follow me around as I take you to what I perceive as the problems. Help is on the way.

Read about What's wrong then you will be able to read about my solutions to our problems. Please return and enjoy the rest of the site. Please bookmark and come back to read the articles below. I promise you they will help you find your way back to reality. I am happy to have you on board.

I would like to thank all the people that have e-mailed me. Your many letters have been a source of inspiration for me to keep writing. Your enormous response will always be remembered.

There is a quiet revolution going on and you can be part of it. I want to keep you informed of what is really going on around the country and the world.Are you a member of an information list? Check out the Yahoo Blacklist, The Sons of Afrika or the Drum Beat E list Groups. All are good and easy to join. You have to start somewhere. I love you and want you to have peace and tranquility, so check out the site.

These articles were written to help you understand some of our issues and how to overcome them. Please don't be offended by the truth. We have been practically destroyed by lies. We are a sick people in need of a new prescription, so here it is in small doses.

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My new book is out in paperback. The price is $17.50 with shipping & handling already included.

You are going to love it.

The book also contains additional information that you can discuss as study material for your home or school. This book is great for young students as well as people of all ages. It may be the best investment you can make in improving your own life and the people around you. It contains 184 pages of self-help knowledge that you can carry around with you. It is what we have been waiting for. It may be the best book you can buy yourself and or your family. Proceeds will be given to groups that are helping kids to learn about who they are. We expect the first edition to sell fast so beat the rush.

To Order The Book

That site will handle your Visa/MC credit cards, check/money order.

Let me personally autograph you a copy.

The book is also available at Barnes&Noble for about the same price.

"I Must Let My People Know" ISBN# 0-9717070-0-6 Author: Dalani Aamon

I think we all need to spread the word about some really good information. Tell your local bookstore to get it for you. If you plan to buy one book this year, this should be it. 

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I would love to join you.


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