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The march started early for me as Anisa and I left our Germantown MD. home at about7:05AM to pick up Tyree. Tyree Amala is the editor of the Anacostia Gazette.We had agreed to ride together on the bus leaving from the stadium in Washington D.C.We wanted to be with our fellow Brothers and Sisters in support of MUMIA.After picking up Sister Tyree we proceeded to go to the bus. Upon arriving in the vicinity of the stadium We saw 3 buses parked on the side of the road. We slowly Drove by but kept going as we saw mostly white people young and old standing outside of the bus. We figured wrong corner and continued to circle around the area. We saw a couple of other places where buses were parked And proceeded to inquire if they were the buses to Philly. We were told that these were not the right buses by the security staff and that our buses were around the corner. After driving back to the 3 buses that we had already concluded couldn't be ours it SUDDENLY hit me. Yes right smack in the middle of WASHINGTON DC. We would be riding to the march with 3 busloads of mostly white Supporters of MUMIA. They were very nice people who offered food and drink to us all. My main concern at this point was where were the black people in the NATIONS CAPITAL? I purposely took a DC bus to share some stories and shoot the breeze with my folks from The hood. Tyree,Anisa and I were caught off-guard by this whole situation after all our brother Mumia is a BLACK Man.WE need to check ourselves when we look around and the energy for our protest is coming from people other than us. The mass media has done an outstanding job of controlling and preventing the pre March coverage. The one avenue that most of the MUMIA supporters have is the Internet. This vehicle has allowed the support to be worldwide but lacking by people of color as we attempt to catch up with the masses of people on line. Tyree brought this to my attention as I was at a lost as to why we weren't more represented on the bus and at the March. We discussed ways to improve our informational center so it can't be dominated by a medium that our people don't have access to. Our information network has to expand to include everyone everywhere. The scope of our protest can not have limitations. Our brother's life is on the line.
We were told in advance not to spend any money In Philadelphia.There is no better way to talk than with your money. This crowd was there for Mumia and absent was the usual (buy all the junk that you can find bunch). I was proud of the fact that the vendors were almost entirely selling MUMIA buttons etc.
As the bus arrived in Philly was taken by the age of some of the supporters. The first two ladies we walked up on were BLACK and at least 75-80 years old. Tyree asked them if they were attending the march and they responded that they were. What an example for the young people to see As this scene repeated itself many times during the March.The march was punctuated by many mini celebrations taking place as the spirit hit the participants. Music and speeches being delivered all day long on what appeared to be perfect weather was a sign from the Creator. The sight of many white people with dreadlocks Was a reminder to me that I need to get out more often. The once normal looking permed hair has given way to the natural looking dreadlocks and other AFRICAN styles. No unnatural perms or stiff suits in this crowd. The energy level generated by the many speakers was awesome. The crowd was as orderly as anyone could have expected considering the plight of our BROTHER MUMIA. The speakers urged the crowd to respond if MUMIA is not given a new trial. This crowd seemed right for this struggle and can be counted on to reappear in the future in support of Mumia.THE COUNTRY HAS COME ALIVE AND BECOME AWARE OF THE NEED FOR A NEW TRIAL. If Mumia could have been there he would have been proud to see such a cross representation of people from all over. His disappointment would have come from not seeing enough of his own people. I left Philly the city of BROTHERLY love wondering where have all the brothers gone?

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