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Dear Mr. Johnson, I have waited patiently for your station to serve the needs of our people. I have come to the conclusion that you are not watching the HOUSE.We historically have always had outsiders come in and take precious resources out of our community.I have seen a proliferation of outsiders on your airways under the guise of religion sneaking into the hearts,souls and pockets of the elderly.I am appalled to see preachers being allowed to basically play on the heartstrings of people who are in need. These people are in need of help because of the detestable,deplorable things done to them by these outsiders.If we had been treated as humans by them ,we would have no need for the temporary solutions they offer us. To set a building ablaze and then profit from helping people out of the building is not acceptable.

Mr Johnson, I as a fellow BLACK person am APPEALING to your sense of moral decency in regards to your programming. A reply to me not to watch is moot because I don't watch. I observe as a watchman on my post. I am in the tradition of my ancestors in watching the house . We have to care more about who we let in our house and what they take out. To allow this type of immoral robbery of our people by TV preachers may be profitable but should come with a heavy price tag from the black community.

We are tired of the bump and grind videos the lack of real news and the overall lack of concern about people you call your own. Why does the negative programming so out weigh the positive? We are expecting more of you. To serve up your own as bait for the outsiders is something you should lose sleep at night over. Drugs and other vices are profitable also but are a negative influence on us and would never be sold to us by a responsible concerned human being.

You're in the vanguard position and we need to know if you can be trusted to guard the house. Don't do us any favors by turning away from this contemptible behavior. We are starting to isolate and punish economically the people that don't have our best interest at heart. For this reason I don't eat at your establishments who's money help contribute to the moral decline of our culture.

Please respond, not with empty WORDS but with some sincere approach to showing real concern. We are in a sad state when we have to beg our own to be responsible . Yes Mr Johnson , on behalf of all the black folks across this land I beg you to think about affected lives more than your profit margin. To have so much violence and sex thrown at our youth can not be excused away by having preachers try to pray it away for money.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon
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