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Taken from "I MUST LET MY PEOPLE KNOW " To all my sisters, I would like to take this time to tell you that on behalf of all my Brothers, we have failed in our duties as men. What we really needed were role models, we needed lessons and we needed LOVE. What we gave to you in terms of attitude was the one we saw as children from our Fathers. What we give you in terms of support was what we saw our Fathers give our Mothers it was never enough! Our king of the castle approach was good enough for our mothers, no wait it really was never good enough for you or our mothers.

Please excuse our pre-occupation with making it, we learned it from fathers. Please excuse us for not getting to know the kids until they were grown. We were taught by the best. Please excuse our double standards it was passed on to us without our permission. Please excuse our ignorance in raising two families at the same time. You never saw the wrong in it, though we were taught that two wrongs never made it right. Forgive us for changing from run of the mill Joe at work to KING OF THE CASTLE once home. Everyone wants to be KING. If only DAD could have been more we could have been more. Hindsight is always 20/20. The real reason dad couldn't be better is because his father was not any better.

Sisters you have to understand that your Black man is a product of his family history. He is fighting DNA, environmental and historical factors. This mean without proper knowledge of self he will repeat all the mistakes of the past in his treatment of you. If he could control those things he could be the MAN that you want him to be. You are expecting a love he may know nothing about. Is he wrong in his lack of perception about what you are asking of him. You could not understand a foreign language without some lessons or could you? Listen beautiful sisters, every one of you, I applaud your decision to still have us with all of our faults. If we consider the hardships in dealing with society as a despised and rejected people, making a decision to carry our seed is making a statement to the world that maybe just maybe WE are somebody. Yes sisters your acceptance of us is our validation. FOR you sisters looking to validate a brother, let me give some unasked for advise. When you think that you have found the right brother, here's what you do. Check out his family and his relationship with them. If he doesn't show any interest in his family it may be better to rethink your choice. Pay close attention to what this means. Only men suffering from some type of family dysfunction have no interest in their family. This brother will usually exhibit some type of negative behavior that will manifest itself in one way or the other. This is the rule, please don't go looking for the exception.

Sisters, I know you deserve better so give yourself a chance for happiness. It is a testament to who you really are that despite all the things that you go through with us, you can turn out children that have chances to be really special. Your care in not putting their fathers down is remarkable. Your ability to budget next to nothing into a decent way of life is something magical. Your consecutive day's streak is not talked about like millionaire athletes and you do it for free.

I love the way you sisters sit back and won't even make a big deal about being the first human BEING the CREATOR put on the planet. You are the MOTHER of them all. It is you that were entrusted with life itself. We as men, as powerful as we think we are can only imagine the whole process of maintaining life in the womb.

Your value to this planet has never been properly stated or even understated but still you continue on. Society has wrongfully accused you of being the Eve in the Adam and Eve story.


You were handling our business long before then.

Don't even believe that you are responsible for the world's problem.

You have always given life and man has always taken it away.

You my sisters need to be more demanding of YOUR world.

Your guests on this planet have not been respectful of your true power.

You gave out the first invitations to join you in the continuation of life itself.

Never let us forget that it was you that made this possible.

This earth and the people on it need only to look to the original mother to find its way.

Be there always and forgive our ignorance.

It was passed on to us without our permission. Black Women you have made a believer out of this STRONG brother. I will never question the role of the black women on this planet. You should be celebrated with the dawn of every day. Rise up my sisters and assume your rightful throne.

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Thanks for reading THE LETTER TO MY SISTERS. I Hope you were able to find something here to hang on to. It is my hope that all of mankind will see you as I do. Please Email me and let me know what you think.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon
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