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What's Wrong With Us We as a culture watch far too much junk television. This type of entertainment has numbed the mind of many of our youth. The unfeeling way in which they view us and the world should be quite unsettling to us all. To take a life is now equated with taking a bus or just something to do. I hope that we all understand these babies are born to us perfect from God. We make excuses for their behavior but the real reality is that we have failed the children. The children are a direct reflection on us or the environment that we have exposed them to. Our arrogance in not accepting blame has caused a whole generation of youth that are basically lost.

We must stop thinking that we are powerless to do anything about this. These youth eat at our table, drive our cars, spend our money and do just about whatever they want. Where did this behavior originate? Who taught these kids that God died and left them in charge? Where did we lose this generation? We are responsible for what you see. We may say that we have raised them up right and then they turned away from our teachings. Our children of our African decscendents deserve better than our American teachings.

Are we ourselves a reflection of what you teach our children? We have always tried to instill fear through doctrines and rituals. Our kids have a better understanding about morals than we do. We must practice what we preach. We have passed on a way of living that is hypocritical at best. We teach them that the slave experience was wrong but, We are still just as enslaved today. We are a slave to our work, a slave to our vices and a slave to the American way. Until we get our culture straight, we can only hope for the best, but expect the worst. We raise our children and teach them about the Bible but not about being African. What are we afraid of? Has this country lulled us to sleep? How did we become some Bible thumping commerical for the white majority in America? The Bible is central to Europeans as it tells their story, not ours.

Why do we make our kids study other people's cultures and religious ways with no regard for our own African beliefs? We have had at our disposal a church on practically every corner in urban centers. We continue to think that this is the answer. Any examination would conclude that this experiment with European culture has put us in a massive coma. People that are Eurocentric that are non-Europeans are selling their children a false hope that one day, things will be worked out.

To have to intergrate into this society is telling our youth that it's okay to mix with our enemy on their terms. I hope that one day, we collectively awaken from our coma and start to understand our condition. The point is that Europeans never celebrate or emulate the culture of other people. Why do we? They would never read "The Book of the Coming Forth By Day" an African text that pre-dates the Bible by 3000 years. You won't even read it but won't put theirs down. We should have as much committment to our culture as they do to theirs. We have to begin to love who we are, where we are.

A people in need of a saviour can't wait on a Scandinavian blond blue-eyed man to rescue them. How foolish we must look to your African children to put our trust in the words of the people that have enslaved us. We were given these documents without any examination of the source or intent of the information. The Europeans have never given Black people anything useful in four hundred years. If they ever thought the Bible would do anything but put most of us in a coma, we would have never seen even one. What other institution could keep us in one book for life and you not know the book's origin? If we studied any other subject matter as religiously as you have the Bible, we could make a dent in solving our problems. We tell our children not to get high but go into a church and get high two or three times a week. These are the addictions that we pass on. We put our circumstances in other people's hands to deal with. Most of us spend more time with saved people than we do with our family. What a bad example for our youth. When all the clapping, singing, jumping up and down and acting like fools ends, we still have a sick planet to heal. Use your time and money more wisely than that.

The fact of the matter is that Black people don't feel good period. We feel exactly like we should. Most of us need rituals because rituals are really an absence of truth. The more truth, the less of a need for rituals. Truth has no substitute and when you start to reach for truth, you begin to feel better and better. Our youth need truth, not rituals. You teach a child the truth and they will stick by it forever. We teach our child rituals and you are asking for more of what you see. As for me, I've seen enough. Have you?

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon
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