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The New Plantation

The NBA by Dalani Aamon
The Larry Johnson story is one of the most incredible displays of the hypocrisy paraded out in front of our noses.Why is it that because a Black pro player get's a contract from a white man he then has no opinion on anything other than sports?

The owners are EXPECTED to be educated and have no problem saying and doing as they please. I respect the rights of Larry Johnson to say how he feels just like anyone else. The thought that people think he should be quiet just because he is making a lot of money eats at the soul of our problem. To put a few Blacks out front with a multi million dollar contract that make owners mega million dollars is exactly what he is complaining about. For him to walk around and not notice the conditions of his fellow man would be to sell his conscious for money. His observation is one of someone that has become enlightened about the world.

Larry Johnson message that we are not winning the war against poverty,drugs.violence etc. is an act of honesty that is being put down by the people that want to continue this masquerade. His statement that no one made it out of his HOOD but him is something that most successful black people can say. We should support this brother and his right to tell the truth. It seems like whenever WE have someone who is honest and open and speaking about the ills of this society, they are held in contempt by White americans. We must avoid this urge to join them in putting him down.

Any talk about slavery in this country should be reserved for us . We suffered then as we do now with not being able to discuss openly and honestly the things needed for healing. He can never make enough money to put the slavery issue to rest. We are in some ways just as enslaved mentally as we ever were physically. We have a moral right to say what's needed. We have been denied our basic human rights. We don't need the NBA or NBC or Amerikka's so called legal right to free speech.

We have never been afforded the true Constitutional rights as a people because the Christians that put it together didn't have people like YOU and ME in mind. We must certainly never forget that we were begging then and still are today to be included. Let Larry Johnson have his say without the fines and reprimands that have become commonplace. With all the wrongs that have been done to us and gone unpunished you think he could at least bring it up for conversation without a hanging.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon

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