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Black in Amerika

As we are on the verge of going into the year 2003, I have given the matter of race my complete and undivided attention.The black on black on crime,the white on Black racism and the lack of compassion for the hopeless are some of my concerns.We have been trained by the environment to seek out wealth at all cost.We are now seeing that we are and have raised children that are a product of that training.

Being black in this world means seeing us portrayed as people who are second class people by the so called majority.If you want to think that we are only funny or athletic or in some ways entertaining,you should. All media displays of blacks confirm your thinking. We are only on the fringe of the real world when you stop to understand our reality.To have anything of substance you have to imitate and imulate the behavior of the people responsible for your condition.We imitate and worship them by worshipping what they worship. We pursue the same dreams as if we don't have our own dreams.We drag our kids into their institutions and hope our kids are successful by association.

We are in denial about why we pursue wealth and power. We see it as defining how far we have come in Amerika. I see it as defining how far away we are from who we should be. The rules of conduct used by the people we seek to imulate are unnatural for us as non Europeans. The whatever it takes mentality has spread to include murder etc. to get what you want.For those us who have the abilty to lead, we are too busy trying to live the Amerikan nightmare or so called dream to effect any change.We make the mistake in thinking that our folks that aren't doing as well should follow us to the PROMISED LAND. Maybe part of the problem is that these same people won't sell their soul from the motherland for some wealth in Amerika. Some of the slaves threw their babies overboard rather that subject them to the ways of some real savage people that don't value human lives the way we do.

We do everything in our power to get out of the ghetto only to reunite with the class of people responsible for the ghettos.There was no ghetto in Africa, It is a creation of the european mind to have a lower class of people to make them feel better.How good it must be to see Blacks portrayed as murderers after the atrocities that you have commited on mankind. How good you must feel to see us not taking care of our families when you are the original separator of the family. How good it must feel to see us with guns when you are the makers and prime destroyers with these weapons.How good it must feel to see drugs destroy us when we seek escape from your wrath. To not have us here would put white amerika more in touch with reality. As long as you have people that you have mistreated so badly still want to be like you is a testament to our own self hatred.

We have been victimized by our love for all people even our oppressor. They taught us to love them through our religious devotion. We have always loved GOD so they turned into god.They are our GOD and so we worship on their command and by their doctrines. We act as if we have no idea about our Diety other than what was given to us by them.How can we accept so readily the religion and ways of a people that to this day won't sit in a church of God with you. Sunday morning the day of your lord is the most segegated time of the week. How Godly that must be that on the day of worship we all choose to do it so selfishly and in contrast to the WORD. Is it that you would not feel as accepted among so called Christians in white Amerika as in your church? If the people who claim Jesus (both Black and white) would stand up and admit that it is religion that has paved the way for our oppression we could start to heal.As long as we continue to deny that, our people will continue to seek relief by any means.

We look for our salvation to be delivered by a Blond Blue Eyed Scandinavian. How foolish we are to think that way. That image is what makes us so accepting of a people that have never had our best interest at heart. We think if there is a heaven white folks must know the way. We follow their example and teach our children their ways. Well take a look around, after four hundereds of years of hoping and praying we should look at them and ask how come there is still no equality. I guess you know the answer,it will come in the next life. Why must our salvation wait for their benefit? We all know that they are not waiting but didn't they teach us well.Get in line and wait for your reward.Is that your only motivation in life,a reward? Our presence here in Amerika is proof that a crime was committed and until White Amerika deals with that constructively we can never have equality.The wealth that this country has can never pay back the lost and stolen lives it caused to gain the wealth.This is beyond money, this is about humanity. To be Black and thriving in Amerika is a to defy logic. Our youth see it as a losing game that only has one winner,them. We have never had the generational foundation in which success is usually bred from. Our youth have never seen us embrace our own Blackness. They see us with a white jesus and white angels and us in the church singing and praying for a better day. We have to be better than that for them to be better. To see nothing but devastation from violence,drugs and self hatred will only serve as the lesson for the next generation. To have any chance to turn this around must mean to turn away from the very people and ways that caused it. We didn't show up here as dysfunctional people .We were made dysfuctional for the use of others.We didn't show up as drug addicts we were introduced to it to placate us. We didn't show up as violent people we were taught to be that way. We didn't show up here waiting on jesus THEY told us to wait on him. We didn't build liquor stores on every corner, they did. We keep reading the directions from the people that got us lost in the first place. Amerika knows one thing for sure. Black people must remain intoxicated by church, drugs and alcohol. If we ever reach the day when collectively we all awaken sober and ready for the battle,then there will be a new amerika. Can you began to imagine our real power when we gather with our sisters and brothers with a plan for now and not later because later never comes?

Can you imagine our youth when they see us taking matters into our own hands?

Can you imagine our unity when we start to spend our money with us and not on drugs and alcohol etc?

Can you imagine our youth joining in the fight because it involves their future?

Can you imagine them having schools that embrace them for who they are and not who they want them to be?

Can you imagine their rejoice at having a GOD that they can believe in? Amerika has already imagined it and decided to never let it happen.They will keep us drunk with intoxiating things to keeps us from imagining anything other than our next fix.

Will YOU just say NO or will you continue as in the past and hope and pray for change.

It is my dream that we all arrive together sober and ready.For those that think the current plan is working and needs no adjustment, you have been bought. There have always been some of our folks who think it's all going to work out by itself. I love you too in spite of yourself. After all it's the African way.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon

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