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Why are Christians so unhappy?

In this really hectic chaotic world of ours, we could really use some happiness. To look in the face of most people you see sadness or a real lack of vitality. The zest for life is no longer there but why?

In this Christian country we are bombarded with an amazing assortment of choices to bring us happiness. Why then the contradictions in our lives? We can read any book, attend any service, practice any ritual and worship the Deity of our choosing. Given that scenario there should be joy and more joy, enough for all. Brotherhood and fellowship should be overflowing with love and compassion leading the way. We were raised to go to church to find God and seek salvation. It is at best a learned behavior. We were were born with God in us and our salvation has only been threatened by the people that gave us their religion. We are the original people and need to return to the original God.

Instead we have prayer (ONLY) lines for people to get prayed for.

You will always be unhappy when you pray for a mate you may never get. You will always be unhappy when you pray for your kids to stop doing drugs etc. You will always be unhappy when you pray to lose weight you never lose. You will always be unhappy when you pray for a job you don't get. You will always be unhappy when you pray for wealth not received. You will always be unhappy when you pray for something but you do nothing. Get up and do something to help you get in control of your own situation. You have become so ritualistic. You sit in the same seat beside the same people. You have lost your way but can't go back. You get off the same bus to give your money to same MAN that can buy a bus. You heard nothing that you can even remember two hours later. Your unhappiness returns with a vengeance. Your face in and out of church tells of your torment. Have you looked at yourself lately? You are a bad example for the power of church you swear by. Where is your smile? What has really changed about your mate or your children? The same unhappiness that brought you in there is still with you. It is at best a temporary solution to a long term problem. How come your so called happiness not drawn one person to your holy place? Is it because this is a social affair that you keep all to yourself? It has all the plots and sub-plots of a romance novel. You wouldn't miss it for anything but still think this is the house of the lord.

We have always been told to pray but with prayer you must do something. To be as unhappy as you all appear must tell you that you don't have life as abundantly as you would like. Your unhappiness could be cured by you if you would just decide to something about it. Get off your knees and help your Creator by not being so helpless. What kind of people do you think you came from anyway? This slave mind mentality of waiting for a solution to solvable problems is costing you precious time and energy.

You get dressed up on Sunday to go to your weekly fashion show to please whom? You leave a collection of real problems home to be with people who have even more. You shout and sing and dance but still you are unhappy and need to return constantly for a fix. You may deny your role in this but what have you really done to deserve this reward that you have come to expect. You are still in line waiting for something for nothing. What does this lack of action tell your kids? Will they follow in your footsteps and do nothing but pray?

The people in the struggle need all of us working together to facilitate change while you are waiting on your reward. The biggest block of people standing in the way of our liberation are standing in the prayer only line. All religious places should have a do something line and that way we can see how many people will get in line. How can you be so selfish as to pray for material gain when so many are doing worse than you. Tell your Creator that you plan on doing something about the world's circumstances. Get out of the Prayer only line and get in the do something line. Stop begging God for things you don't have. You say he will provide for your needs so let him. God's people are in trouble so what are you going to do?

As a person of colour you were given a keen sense of natural protective instincts. It was needed to help survive in an ever evolving world. Those same instincts are the real reason we are still on this planet. Why now have we given our God given sense away looking and waiting for a reward that black people have been waiting for since the days of the plantation?

The master told us then to wait on our reward and we waited. He said to be a good slave and it all could be yours and we waited. He said if you did as he and ms. Millie instructed you would have double his wealth and we waited. As a despised and rejected people why would our reward come from the words and teachings of the most barbaric people to have to have lived on this planet?

It must be impossible to believe that we could have been deceived by these people and their books. To think that religion as it is being practiced here is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on a group of people. To change the mind of so many unhappy people that could make a difference and be happy is a real challenge.

As we are entering the next century it should be clear that we have to do some work. There is a lot of energy needed in the struggle for liberation so we need you. Being Godly is a twenty-four hour a day job that has no off days. Black people living today are going to determine whether there is a tomorrow. Which line will your CREATOR find you hanging out in?

I love all my people and would love to see a permanent smile on your face. Please forgive me for my frankness in this matter. Our collective welfare is a full time job for us all. Everyone is invited to join in.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon
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