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Is there anything that Amerika does that we don't follow? I would like to see us move beyond this poverty mentality of trying to buy material things to keep up with mainstream Amerika. Most people don't have the money to do these things but won't admit to how foolish it all is. The concept of Santa Claus (satans's claws) and all that goes with that is a totally European creation and should be reconsidered by anyone of African descent.

White America would never celebrate a Black Jesus or a Black anything, why should you do what (they) would never do? Don't you love yourself more than that? A white Santa Claus and a white Jesus should offend your conscious. Our self-hatred is obvious in dealing with these European concepts. Please think more of yourself than that. To go out and spend money on their command seems a little out of place for people that should know better. Holy-days as they were originally called now represent a time of serious depression, the holiday season is a time when most people are doing more drinking and more drugging and committing more suicides. There really is no connection between the much celebrated Christmas holy-days and the so called Christ. People going into debt to buy other people presents that they don't need does not seem to be the answer to anything.

You should work to make your life positive and fulfilling all year long. Give the gift of knowledge every day and don't wait for holidays to speak to your neighbor. To my people, show by your example that to follow this tradition of overspending at Christmas and other holidays is a continuation of the mindless approach to being like your oppressors. Let them have these holidays and all that goes with it. We of all people should no better than to hang things from trees. Is there anything that white America does that we don't follow? We should know better by now.

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