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Our Brother Mumia

OCT,1999 In the past week we have been informed of the supreme courts latest ruling in the case of Mumia. There have been lots of action and reactions around the country and the world.

We as concerned people wait and wonder if this government will kill our brother. We constantly are reminded of the charges against Mumia and his alleged criminal involvement in it. He has been already been in jail for almost twenty years waiting for the state to murder him. He has been convicted of murdering a Philly police that he came into contact with on a street where his brother had been stopped by the police.

It is my contention that a Black man could never seek justice in this case no matter what the facts are. To put it more bluntly a Brother is fair game for any racist police in this country to kill. In any confrontation with police we have to consider any action on our part to be SELF DEFENSE. To assume the police are there to help you can cause you your life. This has been proven repeatedly across amerikka as we are being killed in record numbers.

If the police story about Mumia is true, he would have still been shot and KILLED if he didn't practice his natural right to self-defense. If our life is on the line, we have to be aware of the predatory disposition of the people we call police. They are not above the law and have proven to be below the law. The police Dept. can never weed out these criminals in uniform that control and patrol our streets.

Why would we think that the racism that exist in this country does not effect the police and cloud their judgment when coming into contact with us. It has been proven by the initial Rodney King case that even with a video tape the police can be exonerated of all charges. Our subsequent ANGER had more to do with the re-trial verdict than they care to admit.

When the authorities saw our reaction was not one of the quiet slave they were quick to retry and convict these officers. In this racist country we have to understand that this country was founded on violence and has been maintained with violence. To think there will be a peaceful conclusion to the Mumia situation is to be misled. If there is a murder of our brother (and it could called be nothing else)we have to assume some role of protest. For many it will be as always , one of apathy and disconnection for others it will a time for self defense.

If we can't be our brother's keeper what are we really doing? To allow this murder without an unbridled and unrelenting protest is to die yourself. We must make the government aware that we will not stand by and watch you kill our folks without us using self defense against you. I have never advocated violence and taught my own children to be peaceful. Our lives have never meant much after slavery so death is common among us. We all want to live a full life but we are living in a society that doesn't want us here. To sit by and wait for this continued mishandling of the sanctity of our lives is not intelligent.

This government is in no moral position to kill one of us for protecting oneself against the original murderers. How dare them say when it is justified or not after killing millions of us without provocation. They want to silence Mumia and the movement because they want to continue to practice this unnatural and inhumane genocide. It is a natural right and law of the land to protect yourself. It is even legal under this corrupt system employed in this country.

Mumia's case has raised an abundant amount of legal technicalities that will continue contested for years to come. We all know about all the inconsistencies in the first trial that will never be resolved. I see it as simple case of self defense, a defense not recognized when used by Black people. Mumia was guilty of one thing and one thing only, being black. Would this have happen if he and his brother were white. I know not and that is my point. We are treated as criminals by criminals. Even our presence here in amerikka is a sign of the crimes committed against us. Let all of amerikka be charged accordingly.

Please people don't wait for some correction by this government. It will not be forth coming.

This country has never reversed itself against itself without someone using violence to bring it about. Read their history for yourself.

We have always been peaceful with peaceful people but you know the track record of our oppressors or do you?

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon

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