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The system has failed us

Most of us were never afforded a choice of schools or church as kids. We were put in churches and schools that our parents felt would give us the best chance at being successful adults. This thinking had no long term historical track record in which to gauge the results of their choices.

As we go into a new century we now have enough data to draw some conclusions. The combination of this eurocentric based public school education and a eurocentric based bible education have proven to be horrendous and detrimental to our advancement.

The need for our own knowledge about our history and own religion has never been taken seriously by whites here in amerika. We have traded in our needs for their need to keep us dumb. Why would white people ever want or need to connect you back to your greatness? That would only make you oppose their rule over you. We as Black people go in a suck up their eurocentric teachings while rejecting our own. We should only be mad at ourselves for continuing to act like slaves on mr. charleys plantation.

We continue to think that our children will be served by this government's school system. It is designed for their failure with no need to change. Again, we provide our kids to the ruling party for brainwashing. These are the same type of people that raped, robbed, and killed to maintain control over us. We trust these people to help us, why? Our children depend on us to make choices but we won't investigate the facts. We sit around thinking that it will all work it self out one-day. The white folks count on this to maintain control over the on going plantation.

We give our children over to Sunday school to learn about God. How much have we investigated these teaching before assuming their worth to our kids. It teaches that we come from Adam and Eve but historical facts dictate that we were on earth long before then. It is a european book of work that we were given by murderers to read. We don't have our own translations, so we just read theirs. Their information has always benefited only them. We suck up this story without a doubt about all the europeans names like Peter, Paul, James, David, Mary,Luke, Timothy, John etc. This is a reflection of the european mind and not us. We are afraid to even find out that we have been had. Where is our African version of our spirituality? We go to church to worship and learn about people that have destroyed and ignored our participation on this planet. How convenient for whites to see us support this lie. They continue to tell us about FAITH and we listen.

We have always been told that it is a matter of FAITH but how come it can't be a matter of FACTS. The fact is the europeans have NEVER given us anything of value ever. We suppose and pretend that the bible didn't come from them. How foolish not to know that they have controlled us by providing us with a coma inducing ritualistic way of worshiping their god. These european people are relatively new to this planet and so are their books. We are an ancient people acting like guest. We need to reject the religious teachings of people that have tried to destroy our culture. Faith while ignoring the facts is foolish to a people who are at the bottom. I have faith that if we look at facts we will unite against our oppression.

I am waiting for the church going population to lead us out of our coma but so far there is very little movement. We go in and get happy and go home. The master's plan is working to perfection. You pile up in there and pray for a better day. The whites know there is never going to be a better day but if they can convince us to think that way,then great. Our men and women of God can look out and see the same faces for years and years and not become alarmed. What teachings would take a lifetime to put into practice? Is anyone ever going to graduate and go out and do something or what is the mission anyway? We continue to impart this european dogma on our people without showing any positive results. Why continue this prescription?

The pastors don't feel the need to educate and graduate the folks out. This would lessen their pockets so you stay in class year in and year out without making a real difference. You would never allow your children to attend and pay for a class for thirty years without them getting out into the real world to use that knowledge. The CHURCH has failed us in it's obligation to heal us. We are still sick but the church has gotten rich at our expense.

We have been given this prescription from white folks that has proven ineffective on us. Our arrogance and pursuit of being like white folks has caused us to lose our way. We need only to look at the effect it has had on them and that is why we should reject it. We have always been a spiritual people but our salvation can never be found at the hands and teachings of barbarians. Their books have so many examples of murder and greed that I refused to let my children read it. It is always explained away by the grace of GOD. They explain away slavery with the same slickness as they do Elvis Presley's drug abuse. We walk around with money that contain pictures of slave owners on it. The europeans have had their way with information but we have made their job too easy.

We are some real wholesome people that really can't believe what we are seeing. We are taught by people that we should not trust. Their track record speaks for itself but we won't look at it for what it is. Our churches need to re-examine what it is that they are teaching and why it has not done the job. We have been afforded the luxury of liquor stores and churches on every corner but real knowledge nowhere in sight.

I think that these church buildings are being maintained at the members expense and should be opened to teach the people who they really are. If we can continue to get the same people in and get them educated to make a real difference we could turn the corner on doing for self. The church seems content with dealing with the same group forever without any transformation. Transformation should be the hallmark of any church. They have the buildings and the people but do they have the message. Our religious experience here has continued to enslave us without a response. Our spirituality should free us as our creator demands. We have enough people that can go in and show the people but the church has been unwilling to be a partner to such growth. Yes they will lose members to the struggle but isn't that what it is all about.

We have tried to be patient with the present way of doing things but can't ignore the lack of movement on the part of the church. It has become a very big business and most pastors don't want to wake up the people. If the church is not involved in your struggle for equality then it must be involved in your continued oppression. There is no fence sitting on this issue. Your church must make a stand. Open up the buildings and let us teach the people the truth. What have you got to lose at this point. How much worse can things get before the pastors go to work on real issues. It may be okay to have and keep the faith but in order to leave the white man's plantation you need to teach the real facts about who we really are. This plantation approach to religion is wrong. To still be preaching the white man's gospel for a price is treason and betrayal. Only seriously dysfunctional people listen to directions from people that got them lost in the first place. Get your back up at the people that got us lost. How can you continue to swear and pray by their words?

In conclusion I would like to say that the schools and church have failed and we need to look for a new prescription for our salvation. The government will never address our failing but will always provide the means to continue it. Let us take back control by attempting to provide all these willing people in school and in church with some alternate education.

If your church or school is providing some alternate educational opportunities let me know. I would love to network to get some additional help and or resourses to you. Thanks

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