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How We Should View Death

By Dalani Aamon
As I read the Washington Post this morning, I see where there was a fatal stabbing in D.C. In the midst of the Kennedy tragedy we still can find time to hate.For us life goes on. This murder would not cause a ripple in the water in this town. I am saddened by the story as I am anytime we lose a life. The young man was thirty two years old and of little KNOWN distinction. We must learn to grieve for one as we would another regardless of social standings.

The story about the Kennedy plane crash is one that saddens me. It saddens me even more when Gladys Knight lost her son recently, I had to hunt down information to pass on. It hardly caused a ripple in the water.It saddens me that we who are Black in this country have to show sympathy toward the Kennedy family while showing almost complete apathy toward our own . Is there a reason why one life seems to have such an advantage over the other,and if so why?

This country has always treated our tragedies as if they don't measure up to some pre-conceived standard of importance. A life should represent a life period... We are as guilty of anyone of star gazing and hypocrisy in dealing with death. Our people no matter who they are should cause the same intense concern for us as someone in the public arena. I hold no grudge against the family of prominent people . They deserve the compassion of the people but at the same rate as anyone else.

To Gladys Knight who lost a son, where was the concern for you and your family? Did we know you too well or not well enough? To Ron Brown's family I ask you "where were we" ? To the many black families across this land faced with the realities of death everyday where are we ? Where is the media and the much needed support for the family when the life doesn't meet the criteria for concern. Are you guilty of being more concerned or do you distribute your emotions evenly? In this country we lose our people for many reasons with very little distinction at the funerals because it really doesn't matter to us . We should harbor the same sadness for a life that died no matter who's life it is. The story in the paper today will be old news by tomorrow. There will another story about another death waiting on the porch. When all life becomes more important, we will see less death in our community. We set the worst example for our youth with an over emphasis on the death of some while ignoring the life of the living.

Teach them from birth that we all matter and lead by your own example. To watch us die at thirty two is as unnatural as anything nature ever intended to happen. Please tell someone today that all life is important. Let's not wait on the 6:00 news or the paper tomorrow morning.

To the Kennedy family , we mourn the lost of your family with you and along with the family of Dwayne Donnell Feaster of Washington DC.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon

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