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Out of Work?

If you find yourself out of work, the first thing you need to remember is that you are in no position to turn down advice from anyone that can help. In any society it takes everyone contributing something to make this a better place. In our slave experience there was no such thing as not working. The unemployment rate was zero percent. We knew what we had to do to survive.

We in this twentieth century have entertained unemployment as if it was some kind of option for us. Lying around all day talking on the phone, watching television, visiting so-called friends, what would our ancestors think of us? People getting high while refusing to work. Your life will depend on you getting up and making a way out of no way. We have a chance to start out everyday, to do the things that will get us back on the path for greatness. For those of you trying to get your life back on that path, let me ask you some important questions? What will you do today to start your turn around? Have you refused any training that would put you in a better position? Have you thought about what you really want to do? Have you ever thought about volunteering to gain some help in your chosen field? If you are not working on a job, you have to be working on your job skills, no exceptions. You have to improve your chances by being active, good things happen to people that make things happen.

The same people that never seem to find work will always tell anyone that will listen that no one will give them a job. Please my people give yourself a chance, people that hire people want someone that will bring some energy to the job. They don't want someone who is sitting around feeling sorry about life. Approach work with the same vigor and gusto that you approach the things you love to do. Find a job that you like and be the best at it. People whom select jobs that they don't like are faced with getting up and going in not feeling as good as you should. A job you love is more fulfilling and satisfying than all the drugs flown into America daily .

We as a people keep trying to find the job that will pay the most amount of money regardless of whether we like it or not. Stay away from jobs that are too far away, ten hours a week in transit per week will kill the spirit in most of us. Try to make the situation as ideal as possible by doing what you want, where you want. If you can control those things you can excel in your chosen field of endeavor, and make more money than you ever thought.

After you start to work and for those of you already working, strive to be better. It may not be your own company, but you are your own company. Why be less than you really are to placate anyone? It's not about your boss or co-workers, it's about you and all that you can bring to make it better for everyone. When you find yourself around fellow human beings that aren't motivated, lead by your own example, or be led by them to be less than who you are.

Enjoyment of work will make you a better person to be around and a source of pride for your family. If you aspire to own your own business, you have to start today to prove that you are capable of hard work, and have the right mental toughness to make things happen. Bad employees have never made good business owners. Try to work as if you are the owner, hit the switch today to be better than ever and watch the results. Let your effort speak to the world about who you really are.

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