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Hardly a day goes by that there is not evidence of extreme anger in our society. Ever wonder what can be done about it? We continue to escape the need to answer the question by removing ourselves from harms way. This rage in our youth has now enveloped us no matter where you live or work.

Let us take some time to understand why we attack and show anger and hostility toward each other. The youth of today feel they have grown up with insensitive parenting that have not made them the focus of their attention. Once a child is allowed to grow up basically loveless and therefore desensitized, rage and violence is inevitable.

We as parents MUST understand that the love we received is not sufficient to raise kids with today. Our parents never understood that we grew up with an inner rage that may have caused a street fight or two. Our ability to vent our anger without killing was due to our limited use of deadly force but not because of less anger. Two of my own brothers were shot and wounded with small caliper guns in the 70's that probably would have meant their death in the 90's. The youth of today have more sophistication and choice of weapons with more people to target their rage against. We must all work to defuse this madness and connect all our youth into a collective show of unity.

Some of us still think violence is still a crime of poverty. Our youth are angry at more than being poor. They are angry at being neglected emotionally more than materially. Some of the youth that are angry are driving nice cars and come from nice homes with nice parents. So why the inner rage? Our pursuit of wealth has left our children emotionally poor and unable to cope with our neglect. Too much or too little wealth is still neglect for kids looking for love.

For our kids to sit down and eat dinner with us and then proceed to go out to murder shows that we are not connected to them emotionally. To call the pizza delivery guy and then kill him when he arrives is a blaring sign of our parental neglect in not properly orientating our youth to who they really are. Many may disagree with the notion that it could be us that are guilty but hold on. Our kids were not born to murder and have a willful disregard for life. A lack of early childhood love is at the very core of this problem. Parents without a clue about what I'm talking about is exactly WHAT I'm talking about.Too busy and no one watching the house again. We may be putting our job or a mate before our babies. We are not on the plantation so give your off-spring your undivided attention until they are full of love and void of anger.

This loveless, thankless, unattached world that we find ourselves in was passed on to us. We inherited dysfunctional parents from their dysfunctional parents and then gave life to perfect kids that have now become dysfunctional. We must not be in denial about our role in this society. Our youth being out of control is an outgrowth of us not having control. Control would allow us time and energy to love and nurture and bring about a new and peaceful generation. Is that happening?

We can no longer continue to do the minimum and expect the maximum. The past generations had a tough time showing us real love and we are repeating the only behavior we know. We can began to turn this around with a heavy dose of understanding the reality of our neglect. What do the kids really want? They want to be the real focus of our attention. They WILL get your attention one way or another. You can decide to give it from the day that they are born or you can wait on the phone call. Don't wait on that call, get busy now.

This generation has decided that they will not be ignored. They approach one another not knowing that they are all suffering from the same type of neglect. Rather than embrace and support each other they vent their anger by taking a life over nothing. If their life is so meaningless why should someone else's life be so meaningful? That is their logic and it must be understood. It is easy to commit violence when you are guided by animalistic logic. Are you showing your youth the humanistic qualities that we should all exhibit or do you just talk about it? How is your concern for your fellow human? Is your own anger under control?

Our anger stems from not being where we want to be in life. This has been the plight of our people. We are angry about our lack of control in this country. We want more of everything but must settle for what we can get. We didn't get enough love and we can't get nothing else so we got some ISSUES that we must resolved. Our youth are the by products of 400 years of family dysfunction that we still ignore. We send them out here unprepared for this zoo that they will encounter.

We criticize their drug use but must understand their reality. People that feel unloved will never turn down a chance to feel good. If they were loaded down with the proper amount of positive feelings derived from feeling loved, drugs and violence would not be an option.

Kids are not out here killing and using drugs because they feel great about the way you raised them. It is a mirror reflection of how you raised them. You may have given all you had to give but your tank was too low. I am not blaming you for past behaviors but once you know better you have to do better. We all need to go back and start by apologizing for the obvious neglect that we all inherited and passed on.

Kids are really forgiving when we are honest but spiteful when we stick to a plan that has failed them. If your child is struggling with this rage, you must take action other than finger pointing. The child didn't raise him/her self so get over yourself.

We are in a battle with our unnatural enemy in this country and can't be fighting and killing each other. We need to solicit their help in our struggle for control of our own circumstance. Put them in a real fight with real ISSUES. We need to point out the real enemy and have them turn their rage into positive action. This will increase the harmony between parents and kids. You will never get cooperation when they see you as part of their problem.

We are all locked together by our blackness so I am asking everyone to go back and think about our issues. Start to hug and show these kids some attention that you never thought possible.(forget how you were raised) Make them the focus of all your attention before it's too late. Educate them about the real fight going on. Tell them we need their help and get them involved. Tell them we don't have time to get high and fight our own people. We are all in this together.

I offer this as a solution because I have heard no other. We must address these crimes of anger that threaten to derail our youth and future freedom fighters.

Do you know where your kids are right now?

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