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No Playas Allowed by Dalani Aamon

We now live in a culture where people want to be playas. If you disagree you are a playa hater. I just want to spend a little time dealing with this concept. If having multiple partners that you disrespect equally makes you a playa then I am a playa hater. Our women have been put at the bottom of the respect ladder for too long. The playas seemed to walk around intent on disrespecting our SISTERS by their mistreatment of them. Brothers that love themselves can only show love and will always playa hate.
Women don't be so desperate that you validate a so called playa. To have you give a playa one second of your time is too long. If you want to stop this madness you can, just say no. Why and I really mean WHY do you accommodate a brother that you know is after you for sex, money and bragging rights at the playa's playhouse.
These brothers could never be playas without a game to play in.You make it possible due to your NEED to be loved . Don't substitute sex for love. If he really loved you he couldn't and wouldn't mistreat you by being all over town. You have become conditioned to this madness and think it's acceptable. A mother gave birth to this fool but forgot to explain and demand better of him. A father was asleep at the wheel in raising this playa or not raising him.
Respect for our females means that us playa haters have to demand that our women be treated like the queens that they are. We have sounded the alarm and made the announcement .( NO PLAYAS ALLOWED) You may ask me why I would enter a debate about how women are treated? My mother is a woman and I would never let any disrespect come her way. We must all come to realize that every Black women should have this umbrella of protection.You deserve it , after all without you there would be no playas or player haters . Let us all resolve to do better about how we treat one another.
To all of my fellow playa haters , it is time to circle the wagons and educate our sisters about who they really are. We have been silent too long and must emerge from our self imposed coma. Remember brothers if you do or say nothing that is equivalent to betrayal. You never want to be accused of that.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon
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