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Are you selling your people out?

There has been a lot of debate about the PBS series called "Wonders of the African World". After digesting the show and all the criticism it has received I have decided to respond about an important issue.

The on going long term debate about who sold who into slavery will continue to occupy precious time and energy. This series should be viewed as entertainment and not a factual judgement that relieves the europeans or arabs of any fault in the involvement. We should all be more concerned with the things that we can and should control. We can't go back and change the facts no matter what they are. We all seem to be preoccupied with this intellectual debate about our African past.

Our history should not be told to us by europeans or people they put up to tell our story. Let us now fast forward to today to see what we can do as offspring of these African people.

The original slave trade involved the physical and mental enslavement of our people. We just traded in one plantation for another. I am concerned with the modern day selling out of our people's minds for money and other perks.

Why aren't we as critical of our folks today that are doing the same things that some of our ancestors are accused of? We now observe so called brothers and sisters assisting in the mental enslavement of their own people without a conscious. We need to identify and attempt to educate the accused perpetrators about their traitor like actions of today.

Our black teachers, preachers, leaders and even drug dealers continue to help operate the biggest plantation on the planet. Their insistence at maintaining the status quo is proof positive of how powerful and complete their brainwashing is. The black people who help maintain these institutions are the modern day gate keepers for the white majority. Let us enter into some dialog about our involvement in the present day plantation of our mind and body.

If we were sold out hundreds of years ago, are people today any less guilty? We now have so called educated people encouraging our mental enslavement by their approval of the conditions on the plantation. We are in effect selling our own people's mind by promoting the the white man's systems over our own. Our silence about our real condition represents betrayal on a grand scale.

We should no longer be content to sit back and watch our churches, schools, leaders and others direct our own mental destruction. Some of our elite have signed on with our enemies to help control the plantation. Their contract says that for material gain they will do anything required to insure the white man's continued ownership of the black mind.

Black people are in denial about their role in carrying out the orders of their present day slave owners. We now gladly accept any position on his plantation. We teach and show others how to move up on the plantation without realizing how enslaved our minds really are. We continue to do whatever we can to climb the ladder in hopes of being recognized as a good slave. We care not about who we step on to get there or who we destroy to keep our spot at the gate.

We all have to admit to our involvement in keeping our own folks down. These eurocentric systems that we so readily maintain to meet the slave masters approval must be good for them and detrimental to us. Anyone working for something that is diametrically opposed to the complete and moral uplifting of the black race is selling out for money. You are not the exception because exceptions are not tolerated on the plantation. Please don't forget who you are working for and why. Some of our ancestors sold out for trinkets and some to save their own neck. Isn't it ironic that most of us have sold out for money with dead slave owners on it to preserve the present day slave owners property.

This modern day ROME is very intoxicating to weak people. We must reject the notion of making money without a conscious or be as guilty as the people we claim to despise for doing it.

Let us all look in the mirror and reflect on what is really important to us. We are the original people and must stop acting like and for the benefit of white folks.

What have you received for your participation in making sure your plantation passes the test?

We now have the knowledge and know better so why can't we do better?

How will the future generations view YOUR selling out of your own people?

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