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Blacks and Depression

Depression by Dalani Aamon
Depression in our culture is one of the main ills that drive our quest for feeling good. Black people will always seek a way to feel good. We were a happy people who only desired what is natural. That drive to feel good has taken us to the brink of destruction both mentally and physically. Feeling good should be an outgrowth of a sound mind and body.

Our childhood is one of the main factors in determining our adult happiness. That is why we have to solve the early years in order to find peace and tranquility in the later years. Most manic depressive people are treated with varying degrees of medication to balance out the day. We are treated for abnormalities in the mental process that have never been quite understood by the non Black professional. Black health care providers are better equipped to handle the needs of our people but even our own have been mistrained to mistreat us.

To be Black is unlike anything you could ever study in a university setting. Our sojourn here is so unique as to have no equal. Our depression and need to feel good is our response to the oppression felt for over four hundred years. We pursue drugs both legal and otherwise at an alarming rate. We pursue the good life at all cost as proven by our crime rate in this country.

To really understand your Blackness is to know that all things have a purpose. We have always been a despised and rejected people and therefore in need of LOVE. Love could and would eliminate the need for mental health care providers in this world. Our depression stems from a lack of love from the people who gave us all they had. Our new found enlightenment have bought the ISSUES in our life out of the closet. We are no longer angry at the world for what has transpired. All of your dysfunction was passed on to you without your permission. Depression is usually bought on by things you can't control.

For those of us who really understand what it is to be black, we drink less, smoke less, eat less and complain less. The time has come to face the reality of accepting your share of blame for the things you do control. Control is all about saying no and meaning no. Most Black people that come to an accurate understanding of who they really are could never accept societies version of acceptable behavioral standards. To smoke, drink and medicate your way through life signifies an absence of love and knowledge needed to fight back. The properly oriented black person sees him or herself as part of a more natural environment that doesn't allow for self destructive vices.

We have to start to view sobriety as the hallmark of understanding and engaging our unnatural enemies. We continue to walk around in need of feeling good but always seek temporary solutions to long term problems. There are some who will pay over a hundred dollars an hour to be told you have a problem and seek solutions based on that diagnosis. We as Black people have always and still do have the power to heal but have been here too long. We now run where they run to seek help as if we are the same people.

We have embraced all the teachings of the Europeans. We study where they teach we even worship where they preach. We brag about about being Catholic but that church financed our enslavement. We are so politically astute but culturally in a coma. We babtise our children just as the europeans did in the first century in europe not AFRICA. We pray to white images. We perform our marriages to a precise European tradition, though it was (they) who wouldn't allow us to marry. We celebrate with them about them. Sometimes we love them more than they love their own. How bad do (they) have to be for us to reject them? How many mass murders? How many planeloads of drugs for our youth? How many saviors? How many guns? How much sex and how much violence? How many negative portrayals on TV? How much hypocrisy? How many liquor stores? How many churches? How bad do (they) have to be to make you embrace your own beautiful self? When will it end? --------------------------- It could end right now!!!! JUST SAY AND MEAN NO .

We will always be (CRAZY) until we get our culture straight. People that embrace other people and not their own will always be a depressed people. I get depressed once in a great while trying to help people that don't understand our love affair with Europeans. I tell them that the Europeans have turned everything backwards. They say prove it and I say look, they took our G-O-D out of us and put their D-O-G in us. We originally worshipped the S-U-N that you can see and now we worship the S-O-N that we have never seen. We worship the (son) on SUN-DAY. How backwards can you get?

My battle with the mental health of my people will always be an ongoing struggle as I attempt a rescue from the clutches of despair.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon

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