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By Brother Dalani Aamon

Do the people that haven't seen you for a long time and remark "You haven't changed a bit" make you happy?In an ever evolving world we seem to get caught up in being exactly as people remember us.As a Black person growing up in the inner city of Washington,DC in the 60s-70s I vividly recall my people walking the streets asking of their fellow brothers and sisters "Do you have something for the head".Thirty years later we are faced with the same situation.On the occasions you see people from your past they are still asking "What Ya Got Bro" or "Can you help me out".
We as the GREAT and ORIGINAL People of the CREATOR have to find a way to move forward and become what we are supposed to be.We are not a collection of old playground, drug taking,wine drinking,corner hanging nothing on our mind people.Our true greatness was never instilled in us the way it should have been We had to become our own Teachers.What was instilled in us was a Them first and Us second mentality.We were taught to love our oppressors but not to let "anybody hit you without hitting them back" on your street. We were taught to love the White biblical figures but to hate our dark skin our hair and our homeland.We made fun of dark people but loved the Beatles.We watched white people on tv but didn't know MALCOLM X. We watched our mothers practically kill our sisters trying to straighten their hair.We thought a two parent home was a curse(two parents to lie to and run from).
There were practically no sober people in my hood. Parents were drunk from the intoxicating effects of church or from real alcohol so we had to do something.If we were expected to be sober WHY were the adults so drunk with the coma inducing rituals of church and work to be bothered with us?
We now run around in need of TRANSFOMATION but can't quite understand what went wrong.When our original Teachers and Leaders failed to connect us to our greatness the die was cast. You can't plant grass seed and return seeking pineapples.Our parents,teachers and other concerned people didn't understand the uniqueness of us as individuals.We were herded into schools and into churches for what has amounted to a warehousing effect that produced no known greatness.It produced a generation of people walking around trying to get something for the head.If in fact we were connected in the way of our Ancestors we would never be in the midst of such an ongoing struggle for our survival.We as the parents of this generation have to connect our youth to their greatness in order to acheive TRANSFORMATION.Our greatness can't be defined by people other than us. We are not EUROPEANS and have to stop living their reality.You must teach your children about who we are.We are a people with a rich African history that makes the Europeans history pale in comparison. As long as we send our off-spring into schools and churches that by their very history have failed in their duties to connect our kids to their greatness.GOD gave us the creative ability to be anything we want. We have chosen our paths based on what society has told us is good for us. We have to remove the barriers that continue to keep us from TRANSFORMING us to the people we should be.Children that will lead the next generation will know WHO they are and you will know them by the gifts that they bear.
How do you go about transforming this generation of kids? It will not be accomplished without the adults evolving into people that the kids can emulate and listen to.Don't expect results from kids that have never seen you practice what your are preaching.If you want kids that listen, be a parent that listens.If you want your kids to be leaders,show them by your own example.What ever it is you want for the child be ready to show them what you are talking about.Your CREATOR entrusted you, the parent with the precious gift and responsibilty of a child.Animals seem to take better care of their young than we.Why? We seem to be the only species that won't rely on the skills our CREATOR put in us.We rely on others to do what our CREATOR IS waiting to see us do.SHOW your kids how to be GREAT and WHO they really are.
For most of you that continue to raise your offspring in eurocentric tradition that we inherited here, good luck.Children that are raised to be afrocentric and with minimum european exposure will fare a lot better.What you see in your children is exactly what you should be seeing, NOTHING IN NOTHING OUT!!!
What we need to be trying to find now is some knowledge for the head.We can't be the same as were THIRTY years ago and expect the kids to tranform and evolve into the leaders of the next century.For most of us our entire base of knowledge was the bible and the public school system.This combination will continue to produce another generation of what I experienced in the HOOD.People going to church on Sunday and cutting class on Monday is NOT the answer. These institutions are what parents thought were good for the heads of their children.This presription is equivalent to using a band aid on a broken arm.That is exactly why we all walked around looking for something for the head.I am a voice from the 60s trying to tell all that will listen that WE NEVER HAD A CHANCE FOR GREATNESS.People that don't love themselves will always exhibit self destructive behavior. It is now obvious that we have always been in denial about our self love.We were taught to love others but not self.
I am begging all the adults to take another look at the prescription that we have been given for the salvation of our youth.WE need a foundation that was carved out like the magnificent PYRAMIDS in AFRICA not some typewriter created dogma that has proved to be our worst enemy.European rituals and dogma have taught us the supposed greatness of other people.What about us people,we have been left out of religious and historical books that pretend and conclude we have no history before our enslavement here.
Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon

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