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Addictions by Dalani Aamon

We are sometimes at a lost to explain why some people fall victim to addictions. Black people usually have four vices that they will have to contend with.
1.Drugs and Alcohol 2.Religion 3.Plantation eating habits 4.Bad mate selection
Before you start to agree or disagree let me attempt to explain the cause of these vices. We all want to feel good inside and usually these things appear to make us feel better even if it's only for a few minutes. Don't fall for this.

The goal of every human should be to feel good without the need of any external factors. If you feel the need to misuse drugs and alcohol you are not feeling the way that you should. Your body was designed to feel good on it's own.

If you feel the need to sit in a church two or three times a week, you are not feeling the way that you should. Church is another addiction like drugs and alcohol. It gives you a temporary high like drugs and alcohol. Most church goers with this addiction have people with addiction problems that they leave behind to attend church. The church goer is in denial and so is the addict .They share this commonality but refuse to discuss the similarities. Both suffer in silence.

Our eating habits are an outgrowth of wanting to feel good also. We are a taste driven culture in search of foods in any amounts that make us feel good. We treat our cars better than we treat our bodies. We (blacks) die earlier than our counterparts. Why ? Too much bad food not enough exercise and not enough zest for living. We generally live like we are waiting to die. Most people always respond that we are all going to die of something. Don't be a fatalist as this can be fatal.

Bad mate selection is another indication of wanting to feel good. We sometimes pick bad over none to feel good, if only for a little while. Another temporary fix to a long term problem. Some of us take longer to pick our clothes than our mates. Your mate should be an expression of you. If your mate is not it should tell you something you may not want to admit.

We have addictions because we say that we love ourselves but we really don't. If in fact you loved yourself in the true sense you couldn't practice this self destructive behavior outlined above. These behaviors are symptomatic of people who are in need of self love. Your life can be free of these addictions when and ONLY when you start to learn to love yourself.

How can anyone tell for sure if they love themselves?
Your behavior is the only answer you will need. Don't say you do, show that you do. People that love themselves don't need and won't accept these vices. It is the one thing you will find in common with people that function well without them. Brother and Sister it boils down to this one fact. Yes more LOVE means less dependency on drugs,alcohol,church, food and Bad mates. Fill up on love and leave no room for negativity. That is all I'm trying to say to you. Good luck and let me know what you think.

Hotep, Brother Dalani Aamon
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