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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse in order to maintain good mental health we need to understand the cycle of drug abuse. If you wake up with the desire to use some mind altering substance you are already in need of help. The person you become under the influence of drugs is the person you may desire to be. That person may appear to be more in control more social and internally more self- confident.

If you need a drink, a joint, a needle or a crack pipe etc. At 7: 00 am it should represent to you that if you were really in control you would not need to do these self destructive things .you may not see what's wrong with what you are doing, but lets take a look at what it tells you about yourself. You really don't want to be the sober person that you are now. Stop and think about that, you don't want to be the person that you are now. If you were in love with who you really should be, you would never want to be anyone else. The key to true happiness is not wanting to be anyone other than who you see in the mirror sober. The fact that the person in the mirror needs to be someone else for you to get through the day should be your signal that it's time to make a change.

Once you make the connection that you don't like yourself, ask yourself why? Be honest, what is it about me that makes me want to be someone else? Look at the environment that you are in, do you deserve better? Look at the people you call friends, if only you could really trust them. When is the last time you picked up a book to help improve yourself .the next time you feel the need to pick up some drugs etc. Pick up a book and read about how great your ancestors were. Grab a newspaper, look in the job section and find the dream job and start you believe you could get that job if you start to see a new you in the mirror. The new you would reach for knowledge instead of drugs. The new you would start to like the person that is sober but more powerful than ever.

This is not an overnight transition and don't expect instant success. If you are a substance abuser you have to wage war with yourself to defeat this addiction. Your goal is to feel good without drugs. Do something everyday to give yourself a chance to feel good. Get away from places and people that will always provide a way to keep you in your present condition. You know you deserve better than that.

Stop making excuses for your drug addiction. You are responsible for what you see in the mirror, and only you can change what you see. Society has put things in your way, go around them, stop falling into every conceivable obstacle. If we as black peoples are failing we have to start to fight back. If drug addiction is something that you feel the white man has put on us, then why give the so-called white man the pleasure of causing your certain destruction? On just about every street corner you hear the theory about the white man putting drugs in our neighborhoods. If you are smart enough to know that, you are smart enough to get off of drugs. Fight back, if our path has been chosen don't walk down that path. It is my contention that with the proper knowledge we can say no to anything that is not in our best interest. Help me fight back by saying no way. No way am I falling for that.

Rediscover that bright energetic hopeful kid that was once regarded as unstoppable. You can regain that hope but you have to reach out for knowledge instead of drugs. Don't expect other people to love you, you must learn to love yourself first. Decide who you want to love, that drug addicted zero or that person your mother gave birth to.

To my brothers and sisters that have beat the odds connected with this destructive vice called drugs pass this information on to some of our less fortunate people.

To my sister Noel and my brother Gary you really never had a chance.

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