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Drugs and Friends

We continue to call the people that make it easier for us to use, sell, buy and abuse drugs friends. Young people refer to these people as their homeboys gang members or worst yet they call them family. How is it that we can call these people anything other than enemies. Anyone that can give you anything that is detrimental and make you less than who you are is not your friend. They may be your homeboys fellow gang members, but they are not your family or friends.

These people we mistakenly call friends don't love themselves and therefore could never love anything. People that deal drugs to their fellow man should be held as accountable as any enemy of the people should. We as a people have been sick so long that we mistakenly admire the lifestyle of these so-called friends. Young people making fun of hard working kids while praising people that have never had a job. This mentality will always be detrimental to a people in need of direction. Once you start to love who you really are you will never let anyone convince you to use or abuse drugs. People that love themselves are very protective of who they call friends. People that love themselves will lead and never follow. Most people will always say that they do love themselves but their actions speak to that not being the case.

We mistakenly look at a persons dress and or lifestyle to judge how that person feels about themselves. Do you think a drug dealer dressed up and driving a nice car is anything more than an enemy of himself and the people around him. External things don't make people, don't be fooled, judge people by how they treat their fellow human being. Your friends should include people that would never do anything but help you be the best that you can be.

I hate drugs and what they have done to my people. We have to start to get concerned by this pattern of acceptance and hold each other responsible for not becoming part of a solution. It is time we all stand up and tell the world that we are the best that god has to offer and then go out and make that a reality. We as black peoples are our worst enemy and should isolate the enemies within. They should be made to feel welcome until they learn to love themselves.

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