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 Spying  World

1) Selecting & recruiting the wanna be agents or spy
2) The secret service agent training
3) The legends & covers
4) The communication means
5) Agentís security
6) Types of agents
7) Concealment means
8) Counterintelligence & counterespionage

Its really strange exciting world that exists parallel to our ordinary life, things happen you will never imagine so let's discover this mysterious world.
1) Selecting & recruiting the wanna be agents or spy:
A) Choosing someone to work as a secret service officer in his country's intelligence service is very important & dangerous to the national security. The ways used differ from country to country, there are generally 2 ways to acquire new secret service officers:

i) Self motivated person:
#He sends a request application to join his countryís intelligence service if he saw that he is qualified enough (like CIA),
#Or by contacting someone who knows other one who has a direct or indirect relation to the intelligence service organization then he follow the chain from the first person to see the higher one & then contact the higher till he meet someone with direct contact with the organization & so he can meet someone responsible to help him in his demand. If he is accepted after some preliminary tests & investigations, he has to pass more advanced tests to know if he is really qualified.
#He can send a letter to the military or ministry of defense to be directed to the meant department but it is not safe at all.

ii) The organization itself  primarily selects the persons that have the basic characteristics to work in the intelligence field. They make detailed investigations about him. They test him without his knowledge by subjecting him to certain situations and record his response to these situations & his opinions about almost everything then all this is analyzed by experts to know if he is really qualified or not. This can be done without any trouble because he is in his country & everything is under control so he could be tested freely & if he is disqualified he will never know about it (one may be tested to work in secret service & disqualified without knowing it). This is more secure because it avoids the risk of being penetrated by the enemies' intelligence organization.

The basic traits required:
He must be physically brave (due to direct contact threats), got quick wits, cunning & nerves of steel & before all, he really loves his country not just saying so and it also can be tested without he even know and other traits may be required in him.
Candidated Officer testing: (It is top secret for every country's intelligence service & also the criteria of selecting the agent)
In CIA candidate, after they perform the investigations about him & after he passes the basic tests & surveys. He must be subjected to the lie detector test (see lie detectors section), before it he must answer a large package of questions (pretest) by yes or no then he sit to the lie detector. If he passed it, he undergoes further tests later. The interesting part here is that the candidate has to pass a 3 days test in a special building that belongs to CIA. The candidate undergoes hard stressful physical & psychological tests in different parts of the building and is subjected to different situations in different places & use fake names just like the real work.

The tests can be something like this:
For example he could be left in a bedroom in which an agent is supposed to be stayed in for few days and the agent left some stuff after he left like some clothes, cuts of newspapers, written papers, may be a schedule, other indications, then they leave him not more than 4 minutes to get the agentís approximate height, size & the maximum information about him (that he can get)
ii) The candidate is subjected to stressful exhausting situations to know his tolerability , so they may act that he is arrested and put him in small room infront of intense light then suddenly the room becomes dark (this is repeated many times), hear loud sounds and screams, its volume increases and decreases but never stops. All of this is to measure the liability of the agent to nervous break down, exhaustion & his endurance.
Is it deserved to spend all this money just to test the candidates?? Yes, it is, let's see this example: an agent from Mossad was in a mission in Syria, he stayed paralyzed in his room in the hotel because he felt the great responsibility on him, although his training and past performance said that he would be a very good agent. All men & women who passed CIA tests never subjected to nervous break down due to the hard or stressful working stream or circumstances.

B) Choosing someone to be an eye on his own country depends on many factors:
The right judgment of the officer or the one who nominate the person to be recruited as a spy, about their importance as a source of information, their hidden characteristics that you can't observe in ordinary day life taking in consideration their opinions & believes. For example: Someone looks stupid careless but when he works, he is very accurate perfect rapid, only the efficient picker can observe the indications for these traits not deceived by appearances. Other point in the good picker that he can differentiate between the person who complain from his country because he care about its improvement & those who is complaining and can do anything for money.
2) The spy work in a foreign country so if every step of recruiting the target (wanna be spy in the ring),is not estimated well, the target could refuse to cooperates & confess about his mistakes to his government then the master spy or the agent recruiting him must be caught or deceived by his double agent. So he must choose the right time when he has full control over the target (with money, sex, belief in an idea,...) and proceed in proposing the idea of cooperation & recruiting the target very slowly so that if he felt that the target can refuse he can draw back at any moment, generally , he starts with demanding a well known pieces of information for 2 reasons to test the target and to give him money and of course he must sign that he received it so drawback will be very difficult & the spy didn't ask about any secret dangerous informations at the very beginning.
3) The secret agent or the recruiting officer in recruiting his target predict the response of the target to certain actions by his psychological knowledge about his target and also with this knowledge he can drive the target's emotions or drive them to do certain actions that serve for more control, in the overall view he has to control group of different personality individuals, each with different way of treatment.

When choosing somebody to be a spy on other country or do certain mission there, it is preferred that the person's mom or dad is originally from this country so his face features are like them, he could speak their language as a native or near & know their traditions. He may be traveled there many times so the way to be a spy there will be easier & if not he can travel there and acquire his missed skills so when he come back in a real mission be perfect!.

Sovietís intelligence developed someday a romantic way to get pieces of information through planned love affairs (was used with girls worked  in various intelligence or ministries departments as a secretaries (butterflies) were in the British secret service). First they use handsome intellectual nice young guys, the young guy first knew the target's friends first then they cause him to know her and develop a planned relationship with her and promise her that he'll marry her then one day something critical happened that will affect their marriage plans & her dreams so he needs some pieces of information for the journal he works in or his own so he can continue his career. Or he can also copy any documents she gets home to finish. The strangest thing that most of this affairs ends to a true marriage!!

#OSTROVSKY said that MOSSAD held a training course for the new elements once every 3 years. They choose 15 agents; they meet 15,000 for every agent. They choose the candidates that have certain initial characteristics then they contact them for further testing that last for a very long time. Few weeks or may be months may pass between each test. They also undergo full medical examination & filled hundreds of surveys about almost everything you can imagine. Of course they subjected to 2 lie detector tests. If the element failed a test he is disqualified & he must not say anything about the whole thing. During choosing the elements they could not be the best people but they have certain talents but they never let the candidate feels so he only may think that he is special to perform these examinations.
#Mossad finally selected 15 elements, undergo a 3 days final test to be sure that they are the ones they want. Everyone of the group has made his own fake personality, they sat around a table and everyone had to introduce himself (by the fake personality of course) & the others had to ask him and try to uncover everyone on this table! The teachers took them in-groups to Tel Aviv. Then the teacher told everyone to do certain actions.
#The teacher for example told them to think for 3 minutes (here he said that they differ from Arabs who leave everything on GOD without any preplanning (ME-of course not specially in the intelligence field and Israel knows that especially us the Egyptians)  then the teacher wanted OSTROVSKY to exist in certain balcony holding a cup of water after 6 minutes. Good challenge, Victor thought for a while then he makes sure of the balcony location then he went to the apartment, (he just worried because he didn't have any IDs), an old women opened the door for him, he told her that he works for the transportation administration & he asked her if she knows the nearby crossroad where a lot of accidents occurs there and he waited to see her reaction, she said that all the drivers in Israel drive rapidly and every cross could be an accident place, he told her that they examine the balconies in the area to find the best one to hire and asked her if they hire her balcony, 500$\month, would be enough, then he told her if he could examine the balcony and if she please bring him a some water, so he stood looking from the balcony happy for his success, then he told her that they are examining other balconies and if they decide using hers they will call her, WOW, you must admire his system in planning ,he made her accept his demand with the possible money gain without any commitment to choose hers, perfect. Other student (same test) told the apartment's owner that he is from the TV Company & comes to mend his receiver because it is not okay, but the owner unfortunately had a good knowledge about the TV stuff so he threatened him that he will call the cops!! If he didn't leave immediately.
Other one's mission was to go to automatic money box & borrow what is equal to 10$ from a man there, he told the man that he needs money to take a car, because his wife is giving birth right now?!!
#Then they went to Sheraton Hotel and one of the teachers told him: I want you to go to Basel Hotel on the other side and get the third name in the registration book, which in Israel present behind special disk, any ordinary man couldn't get it.
He went there and decided to speak in English so they think that he is a tourist, he asked the clerk if he got any messages with his name? -The clerk-are you a guest? -He-no, but Iíll meet someone here-clerk-there isn't any messages.
After half an hour, he came back and asked: may be he left a message with his name-clerk-what is his name-Ostrovsky gave him a strange name-clerk-how is it written? -He-I don't know. -The clerk opened the registration book and looked in it and Ostrovsky pretend that he is helping searching the name but he really was looking for the third name, then he told the clerk-is this Basel Hotel!! I thought that it is The City Hotel, i'm sorry.
Then he gets out a winner, it was just a game but he didn't want to lose it.
#His last mission  was to go to Tal Hotel and exchanges a piece of the handset of the telephone with other his teacher gave him and the phone must still work. There was a row of people want to use the phone and when his turn comes, he put a coin and dialed a random number then he put the handset between his shoulder and ear, opened the handset, picked his note pretending he is writing some notes while he really was putting the other piece and taken the other. He had a hard time because he never steals anything before. When they returned to the resort where they stay, they were told to write every thing happened this day with every detail even which he thinks it is unuseful. It is a rule in this world writing everything because every little information may has its importance later, you never know and it is useful in keeping the observation power & prevent future mistakes like meeting somebody who met him when he had different cover!
#Then at midnight his teacher took him to some isolated area and told him, that there is a group that will meet at this area, he want to know the number of the meeting people, what are they talking about and he will pass to pick him after 2 or 3 hours. Then he took him to small valley with little dirty water & mud, to watch from. He can't withstand closed places and hates the mouse and cockroaches and they know that so it was a hard test and of course nobody came. When the teacher came, he told him that he wants a report about the meeting tomorrow morning!!
#The next evening every one of them had to watch certain building & take observations about everyone's characteristics & the time he gets in & out of that building. Also the lightened lights & turned off & its time & of course everyone had to make a suitable covering story.
OSTROVSKY thought of hiding somewhere but they told him that he must be in the visual range so it came to his mind to use his artistry talent to draw the building and also he can the time & informations as a reversed English letters incorporated in the drawing elements!
After about half an hour a car stopped & a policeman came out & asked me "
who are you?"
He mentioned his fake name. "
What are you doing here?" "I'm drawing"
One of the neighbors informed the police officially that "
you are watching over the bank"
-The bank was in the first floor of the building-
No I'm drawing , look" showing him his true drawing!!
Don't give me this shit, get into the car"
There was other two in the front seats of the car which has any indication that it belongs to the police.
The one sits on the front seat asked him several times about his name & he replied?!
He asked again and as he was uttering his name, the one beside him slapped him on the face!
He asked me a question"
He asked you nothing" Here he was shocked
The man beside him asked him "
where are you from?"
From Holon" The man in the front seat punched him on his forehead "I asked you about your name"!!
He replied"
I'm Simon from Holon", here the policeman beside him said "who are you? you think that you knows everything?!" and he pushed his head forward and tied his hands behind his back with handcuffs & insulted him more & told him that he is a .. drug dealerÖ
He replied "
I was just drawing"
He asked "
what's your job?"
He replied "
I'm an artist"
Where are you keeping the drugs?"
What are you mean? I have no drugs, I'm just an artist!"
if you don't talk now you'll talk later" they continued punching him & one of them punched him hardly on his mouth that he thought that he lost one of his teeth!. They continued threaten him & asking about the place of the drugs. He told them to take him to a police station so he could bring a lawyer.
After about an hour, one of them asked him about the fair house where he shows his works, he knew every fair house in Tel Aviv due to his past experience & he knows that it will be closed at this hour so he gave them a name & when they get there he indicate with his head that his works is in there.
He had no ID so he told them that he left it at home. They took his trouser off in order to search for the hidden drugs. Finally they softened as if they believed him so he asked them to get him back where he was because he has no money to get there because one of his friends will come & pick him up. They threw him in the street at a bus station without trousers as the bus came & threw his trouser & shoes over him?!! While the people is getting down the bus!!
#Here he felt the achievement he has just made (after a long time later he knew that the policemen weren't so & they were just a part of his tests!!)
After other 30 minutes of resuming the surveillance they came to pick him back..
#the next day his mission was to enter a restaurant & make conversation with a certain person sitting there & to take an appointment with him that night.
-He watched the restaurant for while & he noticed that the waiter takes special attention in serving this man so he dedicated that he is the manager & when he sat in the table next to him he noticed that he was reading in a cinema magazine so he thought that the film trick will do it again. So he called the waiter & asked him to meet the boss because he is going to produce a film & he thought that the restaurant might be suitable place for the film. Immediately the manager was beside him. He told him that he has other places to examine but he took an appointment for a meeting with the manager!!
#The next test:   ten of them had to follow specific guy without being noticed. It was difficult especially when ten follow a man & they are followed with 20, there was peeping guys on them everywhere. They finished this training & wrote their reports.
#this time he was asked to get in certain bank & get the bank manager's name & his private address & the maximum informations about him. He asked a clerk about the manager's name and led him to his office. He told the manager that he lived in USA for a long time & he want to come back to Israel so he want to transfer a large amount of money through the bank, 150,000$ as a start then they talked friendly about their lives then he told him that he stays in Israel for short time so he has no fixed phone number so he will call him so he took his phone number.(Really smart talented man?!!)
#Then he was taken with other two trainees to Tal Hotel (where he exchanged the handset piece)
In less than 10 minutes 6 men got in & said "
here, this is the man", one of them showed his police ID and they took them to a closed vehicle & they coved their eyes. They took them to a building where they asked him why he played with the hotel's phone, is he a terrorist & asked him about his address in which the building was fallen already?! They put him in a small bathroom where they threw him with water then back to the office to ask him. This was repeated several times. At last they apology and said that they were mistaken.
#in the next morning everyone was taken to a private interview. They asked him "what do you thing? Do you think that you have succeeded?"
He said "
I don't know, you asked me to do my best & I did"
Ok we will call you"
After 2 weeks they called him, he was accepted...


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