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 Lucid  DreamingLucid Dreaming
Have you ever, while you are dreaming thought "Am I  dreaming, , all  this not true , its just a dream"?
I got the interest in this subject because I just had a dream about two months before reading about it, in the dream I was aware that this is a dream & I have to take this chance and live this action movie with its taste of fear & cannons,so I really felt it & really knew I?m dreaming, but I did just an action I wanted to do then I felt that I lost control over the dream and it really fed away ,I waked up still feel strong feelings of the dream & I remember when I was a child and got a nightmare, inside the dream ,I said to my self its just a dream ,it isn't true, so I was enjoying it because I knew
nothing won't hurt me really , so I was interested when I read about lucid dreams.
 The steps to develop lucid dreaming:
1)Dream journal:
The first step(as a strict law in all the articles I?ve read):you have to improve your dream calling ability by putting a small note & pen next to your bed or under your pillow.
a)Write anything you remember from your dream instantly in the middle of the night so keep a torch with the note ,write details of what you remember or just write keywords to remember the whole dream when you wake up then you will continue sleep and dream easily (if you can pay attention to the keys of the dreams at its time the better then continue sleeping,, if you don't want to write in the middle of the night)
b)Or as soon as you wake up write what you remember from your dreams and how you was feeling in it (don't wait till you wash your face or in the middle of the day , you will remember nothing ,believe me) and in the middle of the day ,if you remember anything from your dreams ,write it instantly.
c)Before you sleep ,make self-suggestion ,to who don't know how:
relax on bed , close your eyes ,keep saying to yourself "when I dream tonight I will know  & I will remember everything in the dream in detail"(so your subconscious will repeat it automatically while you asleep and try to execute it),repeat this for about ten minutes or just till you sleep with the intention to remember your dreams.
d)You must be aware that you are dreaming ,to know when you wake up that you dreamt and you got lucid, you can get lucid but you don't know or aware that you even dreamt.
2)Reality check:
It means making sure that you are not dreaming, its purpose is to check that you are not dreaming every hour in real time so when  you are dreaming about the reality check itself and you do it ,you find that you are dreaming and got control so
a)set a clock alarm to ring every hour after which you do reality check or
b)when you see certain things, you make reality check, so if this things appear in the dream ,
you do reality check & know you are dreaming and take control.
Methods of reality check :(may be if the clock rings)
a)sting your skin, if you feel you are in real life, if not you are dreaming
b)look at a mirror to your self and observe any unusual thing ,in the dream your image
 at the mirror will be unstable and changing continuously.
c)watch your hands infront of your eyes ,in the dream they will fade away(believe me)
d)try to fly ,if you can't you are in real life,(I don't know if it works),in dreams you can.
Generally: try to confirm that you are in real life
i)After time the reality check may be in itself becomes automatic(clock rings, you sure you are in real life, automatically in the dream, clock rings, reality check, everything is O.K. I?m in real life !!! but you didn't, so you didn't take control, so what to do?!
ii)Make the reality check something variable and needs mental activity (awareness) like multiplying random numbers in your mind, or say the letters of a word in reverse order, you got the idea ,aren't you?
3)Be familiar with your dreams:
keep writing and reading your dreams, be aware of the things appears readily in your dreams (you could write them classified in separate note)& relate them to reality check(you will not make  reality check over things really don't appear in your dreams) Just knowing what you always dream of ,regardless lucidity, useful, because you only dream about your problems like missing happiness in real life so you was happy in the dream, missing someone so you meet him in the dream, dreamt of certain problem you don't ever think of or your consciousness ignore facing it , so when you dream about it and get aware about it consciously and really admit it to yourself ,there will be no problem.
 Now say that you got a lucid dream :
1)The first time , you may feel excited that the dream fade away, you must order yourself in the dream to relax, there is no need for hasty.
2)you may find the dream fade and you losing control, here you must watch your hand with concentration or concentrate at a certain point or thing in the dream, this must strengthen it back.
3)If you want to change the dream and also strengthen it ,close your eyes in the dream and spin on your axis, you will go where you want.
1)Don't be obsessed by the idea of lucidity ,just believe that it will come and one night you will got it, someone send a message in a lucidity forum says that he is completely free doesn't go to job or something, did all the stuff they say and never got one lucid dream, the idea is that worrying and taking care of something get it worst, just take it as a fun.
2)The dreams happened at REM rapid eye movement period of sleep, there is certain devices( in the market )that is put on  the eye , detect REM  and  can induce lucidity and there is pillow devices used also and generate sounds during REM.

 Note: I Recieved The Following 2 E-mails from Nomel who have Lucid Dreaming, it spots more light about Lucid Dreaming..Lets See:

I have quite a bit of experience with lucid dreaming, it is fairly norm
for me. I was reading about your reality checks, and I don't agree with
some, and have some suggestions. I will insert my thought between the text
from your webpage.

Your text is precceded by a >

>Methods of reality check :(may be if the clock rings)
a)sting your skin, if you feel you are in real life, if not you
>are dreaming
This is completely false. I remember when I was around 15, I had a dream
where me and my friend were sitting on his floor. I had a suspicion that
it was a dream (don't know why, but I can usually tell), so I told him
that we should pinch ourselves to see if it hurt. Well, I did on my arm,
and I COULD feel the sting. It hurt fairly bad actually. He pinched
himself, and claimed that he could also feel the pain. I have never again
used this method, because it completely failed once, so I can't trust it.
It makes me wonder if you have ever tried it.

b)look at a mirror to your self and observe any unusual thing ,in
>the dream your image at the mirror will be unstable and changing
I have never tried this, but I will now that I know about it.

c)watch your hands infront of your eyes ,in the dream they will fade
>away(believe me)
This is not true. I remember a very clear dream where I was driving. My
left hand was on the stearing wheel, with my arm connected to it (I
remember my arm being there). Once again, I knew I was dreaming. I like to
view things while lucid dreaming because I'm amazed of how real they
apear, so I stared at my hand. It was amazing. I could see great detail,
including the hairs, the wrinkles in my skin, and the tendons underneath
my skin. The sun was going down to my left, so the right side of my hand
was somewhat shadowed. I colud also see the small shadows from the hair on
my hand and the wrinkles. My hand didn't dissapear, and I stared at it for
the entire dream.

d)try to fly ,if you can't you are in real life,(I don't know if it
>works),in dreams you can.
There are many times that I cannot fly when I don't have heavy control of
a dream. If I start loosing control (I'm guessing it's because I'm falling
into a deeper sleep), I try to fly, but I cannot...I just fall on the
ground like in real life (although, it doesn't hurt).

Generally: try to confirm that you are in real life
This is a good idea...don't wanna try to jump off a building.

ii)Make the reality check something variable and needs mental
>activity (awareness) like multiplying random numbers in your
>mind, or say the letters of a word in reverse order, you got the
>idea ,aren't you?
Whenever I have a lot of heavy mental activity like that, I usually wake

One thing that I realised while dreaming is that you don't have much
peripheral vision. That's how I know reality. I also realised that most of
the time it is hard to see in my there is something over my
eyes like a hat, or I can't seem to open them all the way...but that's
when I'm real close to waking up, and have to be carefull and go a little
back to sleep. I usually do this by keeping inner thought to a
minimum...otherwise, I wake up.

Someone told me that you cannot change the lighting of a room, like
flipping a light switch. I don't realy trust this, but it's something to

I have also tested reality in my dreams in other ways than by looks. Once,
I was dreaming, and I knew it was a dream, and I wanted to test I stood there (I was in a grass field with some flowers on
the ground and a tree near me) and tried to feel sensations on my skin
such as the wind and rubbing my fingers together, I tried to smell the air
and listen for sounds...I felt all the sensations...which amazed me
because I never tried smelling before. It seemed very real.

Another thing that I recently found, is that when your falling asleep,
your mind can create complex memories in an instant. It has happened
several times within the last month. After I realised they are created,
and the complexity, I think about them a lot and tend to wake myself.


 The Second e-mail is followed as my request to learn more
about Lucid Dreaming

For me, lucid dreaming comes naturally. I have been able to do it since I
was a little kid. I would realise that something wasn't right, but I don't
know what it was. Maybe it was the lack of ambient sound, ringing in my
ears, or peripheral vision...I don't know (but I'll look into it). The
very first lucid dream that I remember was when I was in 4th grade. I was
in a forest standing by this girl. We were not suppose to be with each
other for some reason. I knew her dad was a king or some person in power
because he had many men on horseback that were comming after me. For some
reason, I realised I was dreaming, and that it wasn't real. Seeing that
the men on horses were comming to get me, I decided I would leave, so I
said, to impress the girl and father, "beam me up scotty", and I was out
of the dream. The only reason I said that was for fun, not because there
was a spaceship in my dream or anything. After that, I remember waking up
and I started to laugh because I thought it was funny. I've woken myself
up many times from laughing. That's when I realised I could have control
of my dreams.

One time, in a scarry dream, I wanted out. I knew it was a dream, so I
thought to myself, why not just open my eyes!? So, I tried for a second,
and I openned my eyes, waking myself up! From that point on, I was able to
just open my eyes anytime (besides once, that I can remember) I wanted to
get out of a dream. This was good for me, since I used to have quite a few
bad dreams. Sometimes it would take some struggling, but I would always
manage to get my eyes open, or at least wake up enough to get out of that
dream. The struggling was only caused by me though. I would think that it
was hard to get my eyes open, so I couldn't open them. I couldn't just
because I thought I couldn't. For lack of a better explanation, I had to
"free my mind". I had to realise that I had to just open them, to realise
that I could. When I do it, I know and can feel that my body is seperate
from my dream body, and that I had could control it, which I would
consider consiouse thought.

Dreaming is supposedly all created by your subconsiouse, so conciouse
thought is supposed to be impossible. This is why reading and the like
aren't possible. I once took part of a logic class, and the proffesor said
that conciouse thought could be considered as logical thinking...where you
make desisions based on things that you can persieve or think. He also
said that you could not do this in a dream, because it is a function of
your subconsiouse. I couldn't believe that he had never made decesions in
a dream. I have had many dreams where I have made decisions. Every time I
know I'm in a dream, I am making decisions based off of something. I'm
realising that it's not real, and from that point, I usually, if I'm bored
with the dream, do whatever I want. For instance, I clearly remember a
dream where I was in a grocery store. I knew I was in a dream, so I walked
over to the candy isle. I knew that stealing was wrong, but I knew I was
in a dream, so I couldn't get in trouble. So, I started eating all the
candy (and it was good!). I told the people around me what was going on
and that it was a dream, but they didn't care, as ussual. Whenever I have
too much thought, I wake myself up though. This only usually happens when
I'm only slightly asleep, but this is usually when I have the dreams with
the greatest amount of control. I had to train myself to not think too
hard and to keep inner dialog down when it happened. This was hard to do,
because I would tend to think about not thinking to hard which would wake
me up. :) I consider that type of control as consiouse thought.

Reading your page, I have never tried to do math in my head. Although, I
have read text from something I was programming on a computer in a dream.
I could see the words clearly. There wasn't much there, and each line was
very short, but I could still make out the words and symbols (such as "=")
out clearly. I remember thinking to myself that it was strange that I
could read.

In my dreams, I don't have full control over the world. For instance, I
can't make something appear. I usually just do whatever I want in the
dream world around me...but I can't change it.

One of my favorite parts of lucid dreaming is the flying and the fun
dreams (the Indiana Jones, adventure type). At first, while flying, I
could only hover. Then I realised I could fly by running and gliding. I
would use a piece of paper or cardboard to lift me. Then I didn't need the
paper or cardboard, and I could just run and fly. Then I didn't have to
run, I could just take off and fly. Then I could do loops and complicated
things like that. Then I realised I could force my feet into a way that
would make me fly real fast. This all happened over a period of years. I
slowly became better and better at flying. Now, I can fly anytime I want,
and I don't have to be in a light sleep anymore. I've also had other
powers progress. In a dream where I was trying to save my sister (but
didn't try after I realised it was a dream), I realised I could move small
things on the ground with my mind. A couple weeks later, I was able to
move large things, like people, out of the way. It also took time for me
to be able to run real fast. I know I can teleport in my dreams (I've been
trying since I was little), but I just haven't been able to yet...only a
little. Some day ;)

I can tell how heavy I'm sleeping by the clarity, and slight lack of
control, and quick changes in the setting of the dream world. When I start
to get into deeper sleep, I loose control of the dream, and I no longer
realise it's a dream enough to do what I want. I usually still know it's a
dream...but I can't really control anything, and my emotions usually take
over. This always eventually happens, unless I wake up. Most of the time,
I don't mind, unless it's a bad dream. I usually like to participate in
the dreams because they are fun.

I usually have successfull lucid dreams when...
 I'm not real tired
* I usually have them when I sleep over 8 or 9 hours
 There is some light in the room
* I seem to have more dreams when there is light in the room. My blinds
being open usually create enough.
 Something like an alarm clock wakes my up at least once to get me out of
deep sleep. 15 to 20 minutes between snoozes would probably work best for
me, to keep me out of a deep sleep.

The key is to just realise your in a dream...and that there are no
consequences. I don't know how I can tell...I just can.

It seems like I can only remember dreams when I am at least slightly woken
up while having them. Sometimes they are easy to remember, and sometimes I
don't remember them till later that day. But after I do, I always remember
thew very clearly...maybe it's because my mind made them or because my
train of thought ends up being the same.

I don't know if I'm the only one that has experienced this (I doubt it),
but several times, when I have started to fall asleep, something will
happen, such as I'll seeing a ball or something else falling towards the
ground in my head. When the ball hits the ground, I hear a noise, but the
noise wakes me up because it's real! It has usually been my mom or sister
closing a cabinet or door, or making some other sound. This happens before
I'm asleep...right at that inbetween stage where you can make sounds and
pictures in your head. Almost every night, I realise I'm falling asleep
because I see or make clear pictures or sounds, which usually leads to a
lot of thought which wakes me up. I have used this as a test many times to
see if I will end up falling asleep with music playing, or lots of
unwanted noise. It's always been a good little test for me.

Sheesh...that was a little lengthy.

have fun dreaming,

Other interesting stuff :you can search for ESP extra sensory perception, OBE out of body experience, near death experience , psychokinesis (moving objects with mind power)& Telepathy(read this text file if you are interested)or Self Healing or New Energy Ways N.E.W


  Quote"" You see things and say "Why?"

but dream things that never wereand I say "why not?"

---George Bernard Shaw""

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