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 Truth Serum (Pentothal Sodium)  Pentothal Sodium
We studied Thiopental Sodium several times in college  but I never knew that it is the
Truth Serum till I searched for Pentothal Sodium, only then I discovered that it is the same. Pentothal Sodium is only the trade name of Thiopental Sodium made by ABBOTT company !! (made by other companies like Novartis also) .We know that it is an ultra short anesthetic that induce unconsciousness from 30 to 60 seconds, inhibits the Central Nervous System CNS, slightly decreases the heart pressure, heart rate & depresses the respiration center .
A common believe, as stated in movies (like true lies) & some novels, is when anyone is injected by
Pentothal Sodium, he can't tell nothing but the truth but that is not true.
Pentothal sodium is taken in a dose less than that causes unconsciousness, it makes then person more communicative ,no hesitation as it suppress the inhibitory system but it doesn't suppress the person's control so they can't make him do what he doesn't want to do without the drug just like the person under hypnosis! , it could be beaten easily.
Pentothal Sodium is yellow crystals soluble in water or alcohol & has garlic like odour.
It is used in anesthetizing animals & it have a very powerful anti radiation effect as it reduce tremendously the damage made by free radical as it is taken before exposure to radiation by 3 or 4 hours. Also it is mainly used in psychiatric analysis. And by the way it is not a serum.
Other chemicals used in mind control is
Sodium Amytal & Scopolamine
Scopace 4 motion sicknessScopolamine is used in mind control especially in South America ( really high rate at Columbia )by the criminals to make others do things without their knowledge (some wakeup finding that they wrote out checks for their entire savings & when they come to their senses they find that all their money is cashed)?!! perfect crime as the victim doesn't know what he had done while he was unconscious & he can't even identify his assailants as he or she losses memory during the period the drug was taken!! . The good thing that it is colorless odorless tasteless so it can be incorporated in any drink milk water tea easily in sufficient quantity than that used in the prescriptions as it is used as decongestant & in motion sickness disease and the victim does automatically what you ask him to do?!! It cases desert dry mouse , hallucination, blurred vision and headache ..

Note  ( Benzadrine & Methedrine are amphetamines (stimulants) that are taken (hidden in plastic capsule which is inserted in anal) by the spy when he was arrested in order to maintain mind awareness for long time but also it was reported that it gives the spy enough time to organize his lie so it was used in small scale )

(This information is for educational purpose only & I take no responsibility about using it)

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