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 Security  and  Spying  Software


You want a secret space for whatever secret data or things you don't want others to see, and encrypted hard enough not to be cracked..try this easy to use software.All you have to do is installing the software,creat a volume up to 2 Gigabit,protect it with password..Now you want to access the hidden stuff..what do u do!!Very easy just open the <MAP>file,enter the password....>a new harddrive will appear in ur computer that u can deal with it as any other drive in the computer..when u <UNMAP> and the drive 'll be hidden also if u shut the computer down while the drive is opened it 'll be automatically closed.. TRY IT

  Don't Panic                                    

You are sitting on ur computer at home or at work playing games or enjoying ur self with some sexy stuff..suddenly ur boss (wtever he is) gets in and caught u red handed :(  Don't Panic is ur solution..u just press keys or touch a panic button on screen with ur mouse..wt happened then..u can choose between many options..hide the active windows or close them..mute sound..even open other application or specific file..clear the documents history,Internet explorer,Netescape,OAL...history.And many other features  SEE URSELF 

 iOpus STARR PC & INTERNET Monitor [PRO]

U r leaving ur computer right now, u r dying to know what others do on ur computer while u r away, this is ur choice, i tried many softwares but this is the only one that u can use in fully stealth[invisible] mode without purchasing it. It is logging every keystroke,website,windows event,take snapshots to the desktop even it can send the capture data to specific e-mail or online driver every specific time or file size in zip password protected file and i can't tell anymore u must see urself and be creative as u can!!  CLK HERE


  Quote"" A little too late, is much too late""

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