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 Hypnosis  &  Self hypnosis  Hypnosis  &  Self hypnosis
The basic goal of hypnosis is minimizing all the personís outer stimuli in order to release the inner subconscious mind. In the classical methods I read long ago , basically they told the subjects to stare at a light source or in the eye of the hypnotizer. In the old era the hypnotizer must have what is called magnetic eyes which are fixed and suggest the domination power over the person.†† They also used some hand moves over the personís body without touching the body for few minutes involving the magnetism & saying his suggestions.
In the modern hypnosis & self hypnosis the one can achieve this goal by other interactive imaginary way to suppress all the external stimuli over the subject by guided imaginary relaxation and methods that assure that the person is fully involved in his mental images which affect the Central Nervous System CNS as if the person is really living what he is imagining in the real life. Also you can control your body using your imagination using self hypnosis.
The most important part in the guided imaginary is that you can use every personís most comfortable & suggestive thoughts which differs from person to person, some feel very relaxed when imagine himself lying on a bed in dark room without anything to worry about, which is uncomfortable to other person who prefer to lie on the surface of water feeling completely relaxed in the sun!!. So you can use the details that the person gives you to make a comfortable suitable image for that person.. Why we waste our time check these most informative sites..

Note:  In some experiments people could control their hand temperature or cause blood vessels vasodilatation consciously just after training for a short time.The idea was that they give the person a device that measures in realtime specific parameter like blood pressure or body temperature & the person trys to control this parameter by his will & after some time the person for instance can lower his  own blood pressure when it rises without any medication or side effect?!! This is called in the medical refrences Biofeedback


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