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 PhotoReading  Whole  Mind  System  By Paul R. Scheele

PhotoReadingMany of u wonder 'wt is meant by photoreading' is it speedreading thing! And how the one read 25.000 words / Min.,its impossible in all means!! How?

While I was reading the book I was asking how, may be there is some training to increase my speed to sweep 2 facing pages just in ONE Second ..

What I finally find is that 'PHOTOREADING' is just 1 step in the whole mind system, this step concern taking a SNAP SHOT of the book pages by looking to the pages by SOFT GAZE and see BLIP PAGE, this ensures that u see the 2 facing pages with the peripheral of ur eyes "See the whole edges of the 2 facing pages" which ensure that these pages photocopied in ur SUBCONSIOUS so the SUBCONCIOUS will manipulate it with its endless power, so u'll find it easier and more familiar in the CONSIOUS level "There is a rule : all that passes u in ur dailylife stored in ur subconsious even if u don't pay attention to it and so u will find that u only dream of things u don't pay it attention in ur life not the ones u pay attention to" I still remember when i was a kid, I was imagining the worst nightmares that I fear before sleeping, and I never had nightmares in these nights !! Regarding SPEEDREADING it is also a part of the whole mind system..

Don't worry about all these now, just buy the book and u'll know (u can know some hints from the forum).

# See this first before buying the book and also read the first chapter online

# Learningstrategies Forum with all the problems u may encounter'use the scroll at the bottom of the page to navigate the forum'

 The PhotoReading Whole Mind System ..Buy This Book  

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