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 Psi  and  Telepathy

  Psionc  Abilities  (Psi)

Psionc means abnormal psychic power or abilities like Telepathy,Psychokinesis(telekinesis),Energy manipulation(Pyrokinesis&Cryokinesis),mind reading,ESP(extra sensory perception),psychometry(restoring memory or impressions from objects)....

Some are born with natural psionc abilities some develop it by continuous training or trying to use these abilities and the subconscious take all the work to develop it, I'll write ways to improve ur psychic power, but till then all u must have is faith that u really acquire these abilities, make it a way of life (phone ring..perceive who might be the one phoning u, the door knocking who is on the door) u got it and ur brain by time will alter itself to really do it. Many people obsessed with some psychic abilities and suddenly at a random moment found themselves becomes psychic!! (A man was obsessed with telekinesis and trying all the time to move objects with his mind power and one day he entered the kitchen he look at a medicine container moved away from him?!!!!!!! and from this time he started to control this ability!!

Here I wanna say that PSIPOG.NET is the best and most comprehensive Psi Psychic practical website ever been till now, i'll link u to specific articles at 1st till u get used 2 the Psi Psychic stuff then u'll lead ur self out there. So lets go..

 Some basic interesting skills:

Visualization  this is a very basic skill, u may have it or not but it is very easy to acquire, just remember past experience of wat u wanna visualize, thats it, how it looks, feels, smells, this article and u'll get it all .

An Introduction to Tactile Visualization
Ordinary visualization is seeing in your mind what you want psi to do but tactile  visualization is  "feeling" what you want the psi to do

Sensitivity Manual; How to Spark it and Keep it Growing 'exclusive'

Anchoring is associating complex tasks or processes with a simple action or trigger so when u have the trigger u got the state of the complex process"simple its like :u was hearing certain song over and over again.. at the same time u was facing a very difficult stressful situation, when, in the future, u hear this song..u experience all the annoying feelings u was having in the past..its something like that .. CLKHERE--> See this article in PSIPOG.NET.."  

silva method is a very popular application of this NLP (NeuroLingualProgramming) concept:see[ this article ] and the msg below:

UltimateSeduction Effective Communication and Persuasion Group Message 2082
I got some very decent trance training from doing
the exercises in 'The Silva Mind Control Method' by Jose Silva and Philip Miele. The exercises themselves were very simple, consisting of counting down from 100-1 every morning for a week or so, then 50-1, 25-1, 10-1 and then 5-1
spending ten days at each level. Each time you get down to one, you say to
yourself, 'every time I relax this way, I go deeper, faster'. When you want to emerge, you say to yourself, 'I am going to count from 5 to 1, and as I count I become more and more awake, and when I reach one I will be wide awake refreshed and full of energy.' Then you count up and when you reach one you say, 'wide awake, refreshed, feeling even better than before!'

'The Silva Method for Getting Help From Your Other Side' by Jose Silva and
Robert B. Stone has an excellent training routine for this, as well as heaps and heaps of applications. This book recommends that you 'go to level' three times a day, fifteen minutes or so at a time. Once in the morning after you wake up, once in the afternoon and once in the evening before you go to sleep I find this approach to be very effective. If you can't do the afternoon session because of work commitments, I've found a quick alpha session right after work when you get home to be good. Combine the alpha level state with NLP/hypnosis and you have a very potent combination

Energy Manipulation

= The 1st site in ki Training
= The 2nd Site :)
= ki Manual page
= Good site with teasing bright green colour..
=Your Psi Ball Source (Peebrain's Method) complete and detailed description of the method I use to create psi balls
Psi Ball FAQ  


The telepathy terms (don't worry, we 'll take it in more details)
1] Clearing mind
2] Grounding - Centering
3] Finding target's mind
4] Scanning
5] Pinging - probing
6] Broadcasting
7]Telepathic suggestion

=Telepathy This article gives exercises for starting off with telepathy
=The Telepathy Manual
Gives u the basic concepts of telepathy, don't be upset, we will take every in details

='Normal' Uses for Unusual Skills ->about Grounding
Ramblings About Pings
=More About Pings...
=Broadcasting and Pinging
=What is a Psi Signature and How Do I Scan for One
=Telepathic Linking and Scanning

=Empathy Seminar
the ability to know someone else's emotions psychically, during normal conversation and at a distance

Telekinesis  moving or controling objects by mind power alone, without physical contact
=NI's Telekinesis Training Manual
=NI's Telekinesis Training Manual II
=Telekinesis articles page

pyrokinesis and cryokinesis
=A Psion's Guide to Psychometry :the use of the mind to take out and read the thoughts, emotions or energy of a charged object.

Psi Links
The best Psi site out there with many practical articles and guides..See..[]
=Go Directly to the articles (This site develops rapidly so check it frequently)
=Download this Telepathy Seminar [RightClick+SaveTargetAs]

Would u  like to know, "Am I psychic? " Goto website

But 1st read this article in PsiPog.Net -->Receiving/Precog; My Experience with

How To Develop Ur Psychic Power (Article)

Learn to be Psychic

Psi Q&A 

PsiPog Media (Pics..Video Clips)

PsiPog Links


  Quote"" The enemy invariably attacks on one of two occasions:1. When you're ready for them.
2. When you're not ready for them

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