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 Computerized  Voice  Stress  Analysis CVSA
The Principle

It is a technique used to tell if a person is lying or not by making voice analysis
1)If the person is talking normally & telling the truth his voice curve will contain AM Amplitude Modulation which is audible & FM Frequency Modulation which is not audible and detected by the device. All the manís muscles vibrates between frequency 8 - 12 Hz , in the normal cases the body muscles vibrate at the range of 8-9 Hz this includes vocal cord which is normal.
2)If the person is under stress of being telling a lie or deception the body makes the response of fight or flight increasing the muscle vibration frequency to 11 - 12 Hz which cause the vocal cord to produce a voice with AM & without FM!! .
Note The fight or flight response produced when telling a lie because everyone from his birth learnt that telling lies is wrong and deserve punishment so the body give this response. So even is the person is old enough to control himself he couldnít control his involuntary system which response to the lie but the interpretation of the voice spectrum curve is not that simple.
Types of CVSA:
there is different types of CVSA devices like Analogs old instruments with coming out charts , notebook computers with CVSA software , in which the curves can be saved as files and the portable palm CVSA device like LiarLiar & handy Truster.
A most known
CVSA device & software is Truster & Truster Pro which is Israelian & Fortress Personal Lie Detector , which is the only one has a trial 15 days version online , you can download it from here. When I tried all the download links on the internet I found all dead so I hope my link would live for awhile.
(This is not an advertisment or recommendation to any product , all the software names just for knowledge and aids further web searches by the surfers)
CVSA is like Lie Detectors must not be used in criminal investigations or convicting someone as any person can give lie response even if he is telling the truth because he is afraid of being detected but he is telling the truth which will lead to a positive feedback response which will exaggerate his tension & stress resulting in false positive lie response?!! . Also if the person was telling the truth in his past life but his father or mother was telling him that he is telling lies, he will be stressed if he told the truth because he is afraid that people could accuse him as a liar as his mother or father was . So the device measures the stress but can never figure out the reason of this stress which could be of other reason not related to himself!!
@Download Fortress Personal Lie Detector Software trial

Voice Chart

Analog old stress voice analysis

Laptop Stress Voice Analysis model

Handy Realtime Voice AnalysisHandy Realtime Voice Analysiscover


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