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Plants Feel and read the human minds !!
Cleve Backster was a lie detector expert, worked in the field of  POLYGRAPH  for more than 20 years & also worked for CIA .
 He spends most of his life in analyzing polygrams & charts & in polygraph researches.
One day in the cold winter of 1966 in apartment follows CIA in times square, Baxter felt bored after long concentration in reading & interpreting polygrams (Lie Detectors Charts), so when he notice the plant in the corner of his room, he thinks of using the electrical resistance electrodes (used to detect sweating activity in humans by measuring the skin resistance increase due to water of sweat which increases when the man stressed) to measure the flow rate of water to the plant leaves.
So he fixed the 2 electrodes on thick leaf of the plant  by a rubber tie, then pour water in the container in which the plant grow, he followed the movement of the pin over the paper coming out of the apparatus, what he found? he finds that the vibration less than normal not more as he predicts it would be due to the increase of water but he found that the chart is typical to a chart of a man undergoing smooth emotional excitation (happiness?!!)
Then he thought what if he hurt the plant itself, in men any physical threat get sharp emotional response and fear & anxiously appear on the chart, so he thinks to put a leaf from the plant in his hot coffee, but unfortunately nothing happened for 9 minutes..
So what?
he then thinks to burn the side of the leaf on which the electrodes is fixed, then a sudden large jump in the vibration appeared!!!!what is that? it seems that the plant read his mind!!!! & when he burn the leaf it didn't give much response like just thinking to hurt it, then he repeat the experiment that he ensured that its true & then great amount of experiments were made around this discovery.

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  Quote"" You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation""

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