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  Power  Mind  SeductionMind Power Seduction

This book deals with the concepts and practical application of using ur mind power (visual-auditory- tactile-...) to influence the others..

This book particularly deals with seduction (Sorry 4 any erotic content) but I only want to introduce the idea itself regardless the erotic contents..(so forgive me 4 any erotic parts)  [ClickThePictureToBuy]

 Psychic  Seduction 

More advanced techniques in influencing others minds not only remotely but also directly instantly, great book..

Ps : I have dropped the download link as a response to the book author's request - he spent his lifetime 2 represent u wt is in this book and he deserve to be paid 4 it ..

Learn How to influence others' minds[ClickThePictureToBuy]

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# I Recommend subscribing in Ultimate Seduction Yahoo Group Very informative.

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# Amazing Mind Power Secret [Download&Read It]


Now Read These 2 Msgs from Ultimate Seduction Yahoo Group [Message 1755 ] Very interesting..
At 05:04 17/05/01 +0000, Sherry wrote:
>helpless. i am always a believer of hard work. but when it comes to
>romance, hard work does nothing. and MPS and PS4 changed that for me.
>i know i can get results when i practise :-)

Which is, of course, working hard and well towards the goals you have set,
to get the results that you want. In fact, you'll find that that more you
practice the better you'll get, and the more motivated you'll feel to
master the techniques even more.

>now the question session -
>stepping into another person - what is the best way to visualize
>stepping into the other person?

The following is a repost of something I wrote to Mindlist regarding
distant rapport. It'll help you with the matter of stepping into someone:
(first posted to Mindlist on 4 Oct 2000)

Energy is a funny thing. Sometimes you think you need more, other times
you could do with less (when you are trying to get some sleep and your mind
is racing at zillions of miles an hour, that's when you need a little
less!). There are few ways that you can develop your energy field, many of
which will be found in the Best of Mindlist page, the link to which is in
the mindlist FAQ.

You say that you have had only limited results from using the golden bubble
technique. Let me tell you that it's very name, 'golden bubble', places
the emphasis in the wrong place, IMO. The golden bubble vis is only the
LAST step in the process, AFTER you have already gained rapport. The
initial stages in the golden bubble are the most important, and they
presuppose that you are able to do two things:

-vividly imagine the presence of another person
-dissociate from your own body and reassociate into another person's body.

The first step is self-explanatory, but here is a way for you to begin to
master this skill. Right now you are probably reading this in front of a
monitor - just stop for a second and take a moment to look at the monitor.
Touch it. Go on, do it. Notice how when you turn your head to the left,
you still 'know' that the monitor is in front of you. Turn to the right
and notice that you can still feel it there. And for the heck of it, close
you eyes ofr a second and keep in mind the presence of that monitor in
front of you. Now, what if you were to imagine, in jus the same way, that
a person is in front of you, so that you get a feeling, a sense that they
are there?

Keeping that sense in mind, you can begin to fill in the the visual details
as well. What are they wearing? Are they sitting or standing? What
texture is their clothing? What is their posture like? What colour eyes
do they have? As you continue to fill in the details, your sense of that
person in front of you will get stronger and stronger. You might like to
practice this whenever you can, so that every time you do so, you'll find
it easier and easier to bring a vividly imagined sense of any person you
wish into your mind.

The second skill is fun. You can do this in front of the monitor as well.
Just imagine for a moment that there is a mirror next to you, and if you
turn and face the mirror, you can see just what you look like there. What
are you wearing? How are you sitting? What posture do you have? As you
get a good idea of what you look like in this imaginary mirror, you are
ready to...

get ready for it...

imagine that your awareness, that 'you' are floating out of your physical
body and into the image in the mirror. As you settle into the image of
yourself in the mirror, look BACK at yourself, over there, noticing how
different it is to observe yourself from the outside. Where is that you
sitting? In what position is that you sitting? How is your head
positioned, how are you facing the imaginary mirror?

If you haven't done this before, you might not find it that easy, but as
you keep practicing and asking yourself these questions, you'll be able to
zip out of yourself and over to somewhere else with great ease.

Now, you are probably wondering how this applies to rapport. Well, you've
heard the expression, 'putting yourself in another person's shoes'? This
is exactly what you are going to do, inside your mind.

First, choose a person with whom you wish to be in rapport. Remember the
feeling of being with a really good friend, someone with whom you feel
really comfortable and close. Know that as you do this, you are going to
establish rapport with this person, perhaps at levels that neither you nor
they have experienced before. Now, whatever that person is doing, or how
far away they are, vividly imagine that they are standing in front of you.
What are they wearing? Are they sitting or standing, and in what position?

As you fill in this image and the sense of them being in front of you gets
really strong, float out of your body and into the image in front of you.
Defocus your eyes a bit and soften your body and face, make yourself
pliable so that you can pour yourself into the mold that you have made.

Settle into it, and really begin to imagine what it is like to be inside
that person, to BE that person. What do you feel? What do you see? What
can you hear? The trick is to really 'get into the skin' of that person,
so that for a brief moment, if only for a second or two, you find yourself
inside them, being them. You could say that you are hooking up with this
person's energy, getting onto their 'wavelength'. On a very complete
level, one that goes beyond the small-chunk techniques of matching posture
and voice, you are matching who they are and what they are feeling. That
isn't to say that the old techniques are not effective - they are, and we
all still use them, but rapport at this level is something different, IMO.

You will know when you've got it when you get a sense of 'something'
different. You'll probably feel it like a funny feeling in your solar
plexus, and the other person might blush or shift a bit.

Once you have that, THEN you imagine a bubble of golden energy around the
two of you. This energy is the energy of your rapport, the sense of
friendship and closeness that you get when you are with a really good
friend. If you were to imagine that this bubble of golden light grows
stronger and more vivid, this will increase the feelings of rapport, in
both you and the other person. Play with increasing the glow of gold, so
much so that it bathes the room like a fire, and notice if and how things
change between the two of you. Turn it down until it's just a empty shell
and notice how things change again.

As you practice this with more and more people, whether they are on the
street, at work or at school, wherever, you will get better and better at
this. When you do this systematically, altering the level of feelings that
you experience, the intensity and glow of the golden bubble after you have
successfully stepped into that person, your unconscious will begin to learn
all it needs to be able to automate this for you, so that after a while,
you'll find yourself naturally gaining this kind of rapport with whoever
you want. Isn't that cool?

As many of you will know, the original Golden Bubble technique was
developed by Tom Vizzini. It has much in common with other mind techniques
such as the New Behaviour Generator, Win Wenger's Borrowed Genius, and a
number of other mystical/magickal techniques that go back for hundreds if
not thousands of years. There's more than one way to do this, but I think
that this is enough to get you started.

can you infuse the other person with
>feelings other than love and affection?


can i infuse the other person
>with feeling of despair for losing me?

Owp. Personally I wouldn't really go for that kind of thing, but that's my
values talking. Perhaps in the past you may have thought it necessary for
someone to feel those things in order to want to stay with you, and maybe
for some people, the fear of losing you will work in your favour.
Naturally, there is a distinct difference between 'being afraid of losing
someone' and 'totally, blissfully wanting to always be with someone'.

Imagine for a moment that you yourself are involved with someone, and that
you 'feel despair of losing him'. It's not a very pleasant feeling, is it?

Now, flip that around and imagine that you are are happily with a man, and
you feel 'totally and wonderfully drawn to being with him, always'. That
tends to feel better, doesn't it?

I believe that to give someone a negative motivator is one thing, but it
will not automatically drive them in the direction you want, unless you
supply that direction as well. In many cases, the positive attractor will
work wonders without having to supply a negative. OTOH, there are times
when people need a bit of a kick in the backside to get them moving, and a
powerful sense of potential loss may be the thing to do it. My personal
preference is to attract someone with positive feelings, but that's just
me. Your mileage may vary.

is it necessary to infuse the
>other person with positive thoughts?

It's not so much 'necessary' as 'desirable' I wonder if you could remember
a time when you felt powerfully drawn to someone, in a way that makes you
feel wonderful when you think about being with them. As you bring that to
mind and begin to get a sense of just how strong that feeling can be, you
can also think about how strong it would be for someone else to think about
you in just this way.

I'll leave it up to you to decide what you want to do, and I'm sure that
other more seasoned members of the group will have input on this matter as

Read The 2nd Msgs from Ultimate Seduction Yahoo Group [Message 155 ] Very exclusive..

Ninja Loop

POWERFEEL LOOP Technique... Enjoy!!!
1) Create a 3D VIVID IMAGE (vivid as you can) of the girl you want.
It must be real-life size and it must be placed in front of you.
By the way, this is best done if you go to your alpha level and
create the 3D lady from your sacredplace in which you know
everything is possible (utilize Color Entrainment technique,
Corrector technique, or any good self-hypnosis, Silva mindcontrol
technique to slow down your brain and relax).

2) Now, step out of your body and, staying aside look at you and her
front to front for a moment (just be sure she's looking at you
and you at her).

3) Step inside her and FEEL (this is very important!) every sensation
you have being her (how it feels to have tits, long hairs, pussy,

4) When you know you are HER (sorry for the play on words) begin to
look at the you in front of her (the real you from which you
stepped out) and begin to tell kind words about that you. Maybe,
start with words that express interest, like for exemple: "Uhm...
it's weird! I've seen this guy before but I never thought before
now how intersting he is!" That's good for pacing, and it is a
required vital step, especially if the girl you want already know
you but has never shown even a little interest in you.

5) Now you can lead (always speaking in 1st person as if you were her)
"UHHmm.. It's so strange i never noticed how cute this guy is, how
deep and penetrating is his gaze, how intriguing he is... how
would I like him to fuck me, to feel him inside, to feel him
tickle my clit... uuuhhh..." etc.
Continue being her having those kind of thoughts about you and
telling it to herself.

6) You MUST arrive to the point in which you begin to feel aroused.
Now, that's important! I don't care if your dick begin to grow,
it's OK! The only thing you must do is keep thinking that you are
her that is excited, so don't switch roles! Let's say it is her
clit pumping and pulsing and not your dick (you don't have one,

7) As you (HER) have this deep desire for him, visualize a yellow
string of light (a beam, a chord, anything SIMILAR would do)
going from your solar plexus to his solar plexus.

8) Now, another string (beam,etc.) of red light (orange, if you
prefer, according to chakras) going from your pussy to his dick.

9) Step out of her (I mean, STOP BEING HER! and be again the you who
observe from outside all the sexual, emotional energy she is still
transmitting you in an attemp to have you, to attract you.

10) Step inside the real you, and do what HER did. HEY... That's the
easy part, because now you can say whatever you perverted mind
want to say about her... and remember, when you begin to feel very
excited and your dick begins to grow... now, you don't have to
believe it is a clit... so it's easy!

11) Finally, connect yourself to her as she did to you, visualizing
a yellow string of light going from your solar plexus to her
solar plexus and then a orange string of light going from your
dick to her pussy. Feel the attraction (to help you hallucinate
the attraction, imagine two magnets, or the excellent idea of the
tug'o war).

12) Now surround you and her in a yellow/gold sphere of energy that
bath you both. This sphere MUST BE mirrored on the outside wall.
To explain me better... you don't notice it, but you want it to
be mirrored on the outside. The reason for this is to prevent
other people to intrude in your connection with her and at the
same time you isolate you and her from the rest of the world, as
if you were alone on a desert island.

The good of this technique is that if you know something about how to
command your unconscious/subconscious mind, you can tell your
unconscious mind to maintain active and operative the sphere until
you will not need it anymore.

I found this technique very effective with girls that you already
know but that never found you attractive, interesting, etc.

Instead, if you are a MASTER of Psychic Seduction, well, then you set
it before an encounter with a girl and let it work as you meet the
girl. It will power-up every other technique you will do to her
during the conversation because it acts like an orgone generator, a
radionic instrument... it works in the underground... silently but


Thanks again to everyone in this list (and especially to brother
Knell Young & to brother Joseph Plazo for their support).


# I Recommend subscribing in Ultimate Seduction Yahoo Group 4 more about remote seduction "Very informative."

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