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The Secret Of The Pyramids
I don't want to talk about the ordinary miracles of building our pyramids or its architecture or any of the advanced knowledge our ancient Egyptians knew but I'll talk about the strange mysterious influences of these pyramids.
The modern scientists discovered that any pyramid fulfills the later 3 requirments:
1] Any pyramid built with the same aspect ratio between the peripheral and the height of our large Khofo's pyramid in Giza
2] 2 sides of the pyramids placed parallel to the geographical North and South (the magnetic also do well despite the little shift)
3] Pyramid made of non conducting material
will acquire the same properties of our great pyramid!!
But what is these influences and strange properties?!!
1)Oxidized coins and jewels after placed in the pyramid for some time become shining as if it is new!!
2)Used steel shaving razors become sharp again that single razor can be used from 50 to 200 times by placing it in the pyramid. For this reason some made pyramids with the same dimensions of the original pyramid ( on smale scale ), these pyramids made of plastic and sell it as razor sharping tool by putting 2 faces of that pyramid parallel to the magnetic North and South and put the razor inside also pointing to North and South !!
3)The Milk never be spoiled inside the pyramid, it just separates into layers and finally becomes yogurt !!!!
4)Meat and egg (I've to say again) never be spoiled just be dried .
5)Flowers live longer and finally dries and keep the same shape and color..
6)Plants grow faster than the ones outside the pyramid and also more healthy.
7)Turbid water becomes clear and pure after putting it in the pyramids for days.
8)Tooth pain, migraine even the rheumatic pains, all relieved after few sessions inside the pyramid. Its effect on the healing process is great and enhances the renewing process in wounds and damages. Some puts pyramids with the same properties near their seats and beds to bring them healthy rapidly.
9)Researches indicate that sitting inside the pyramid ( some make pyramids about 2 meters high to sit inside for healing or meditation ) makes the person comfort, very suitable for meditation and increase the sensitivity of abnormal psychic abilities like telepathy and so
10)Pyramid's water: this is whole section in itself as the water placed inside the pyramids differs greatly from our ordinary water not in its chemical composition but in its properties ( don't ask me from where it gets these properties..) .You can keep this water reserving its properties for 24 hours, lets see its properties:
Drinking from the pyramid's water makes you more healthy and active.
b)Putting it on wounds, burns or abscess or removed nails makes it heal more rapidly and naturally than the usual known treatments.
c)Irrigating plants with it make the plants grow faster and better the normal and also can rescue the near to death plants. Putting flowers in pyramid's water make flowers last fresh for longer time.
d)Washing the face with it brings youth to the skin.
PS:This water can be mixed with the ordinary water in an ratio 1pyr.:2ord. with the same effect.
How to make your own pyramid ?
Lets see the dimensions ratio of the pyramid that you can use (and their multiplications)


Lateral arms


9 cm

8.55 cm

6 cm

12 cm

11.4 cm

8 cm(Best  made at home )

18 cm

17.1 cm

12 cm

27 cm

25.65 cm

18 cm

1)The pyramid has 4 triangular faces making square base.
2)You can make 4 triangles with the same dimensions on cartoon then stick their edges together by sticking tape (see shape 1 & 2 )
3)You can make the pyramid 4 sides together leaving only 1 edge to bind ( see shape 3 ), make a circle with as the distance between the center and the peripheral = the lateral arm of the triangle forming the pyramid (see shape 3 )
4)Make a square on a blank paper as its arms = the base length of the pyramid ( see shape 4 ).Find half distance of each arm and join each facing points forming 2 lines perpendicular to each other and each parallel to 2 side of the pyramid ( see shape 4 )
5)Put a compass in the center of the square so that 2 sides of the square parallel to the magnetic North and south as shown in ( shape 4 ). Fix the paper in this position retaining the north and South.
6)Coincide the base of the pyramid with the 4 sides of the square, so you now got a pyramid from non conducting material with 2 faces parallel to the North and South.
Active Focus inside the pyramid:
It is the point inside the pyramid showing most powerful pyramid's power activity, its at the center of the pyramid's base and at 1/3 from the base from the base to the top [in the pyramid of the shapes, the height is 8 cm, the active focus at about 2.6 cm from the base at the center of the square base of the pyramid ]


How to test your pyramid's power?
a)Simple pendulum method:
1)Attach ( weight, small, geometrically symmetric glass or metal small pearl) to a 20-30 cm string.
2)Drop the weight perpendicular over the top of the pyramid, approach the weight down slowly till you reach the top of the pyramid, if the pyramid is alright, the pendulum will start steering movement, move your hand down slowly and you will find the weight steer around the pyramid's body wider.
b)Honey Test:
Put a small rectangle contain honey at the active focus point of the pyramid ( at 1/3 of the pyramid's height from the base + at the center of the base square ) & observe:
1) If the honey completely hardened (becomes very viscous)  the pyramid works and if you alter the pyramid's direction, the honey re-liquefy after 24 hours.
2) Still as it is  the pyramid is not working.
Please send me any thing u find regarding the pyramid's experiments to present it here, me my self made many pyramids testing it.
Reference and special thanks to Dr/Ragy Anayet (Stranger than imagination-[book]The pyramid and the secret of its super power )


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