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 Self  Healing   Self Healing .. NEW

Here is 2 sites that deals with psychic energy healing either self or healing others. This energy has many names but they all indicate the samething (Ki or Chi or Qi Kong,Chios,Reiki.... )

# Reiki Energy healing course

# Chios Healing, detailed illustrated course with levels

 New  Energy  Ways  N.E.W

This is a way of self energy raising and stimulating, not physical energy but psychic one which gives you the vitality & enhance your immune system and helps you attain self-healing and later you could heal others..

If you wonder what is this energy and how to manipulate it ->this is the very detailed step by step guide for N.E.W so lets go ahead and discover it..

# Full N.E.W guide {online}

# Abbreviated version of n.e.w {online}

# N.E.W Zip version download

# N.E.W SelfExtraction Version download

# Wanna see the forum

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in these page are intended to constitute medical advice or treatment.It enhance the physician's therapy So please consult your physician for medical advice and treatment.(It can stand alone in managing pain, stress,improve immunity & giving real psychic power and psychic energy manipulation).You can use it freely and intensely if the tradational medicine fails like in cancers or AIDS or likes..


  Quote"" Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself""

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