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  Spying  World  Story

I love this story because it summarizes most of the required skills that grantee the spy success but the most interesting thing is that the spy here is a woman as people always argue about the validity of women in spying or secret services activities.
The story is about Armguard Schmidt, before the beginning of this operation she was just an ordinary beautiful agent in the eastern Germany intelligence. She was smart and did all her missions perfectly. One day she was called to go to Moscow in Russia in a 3 months training course. As we know about the Russian intelligence at this time of 1958, the training sure was hard taking in consideration implementing the mission what ever the situation she is in.
She trained in some city as we mentioned in spies cities , beside beating the lie detector which was still in its first steps by self hypnotizing herself before sitting on the lie detector so she never mention anything she doesn’t want to mention and control he heart beats and breathing to be normal proving her honesty . The training takes most of the day; it was very hard training on many various things that proof that her mission will be very dangerous.
The next stage of training was divided into 2 parts:1st was learning everything about the American army specially their forces in West Germany, so she guessed and was very happy that her mission will be in West Germany with the Americans’ luxury ,lights , clothes ,theaters and cinemas . The 2nd part was dealing with the Americans men, knowing and studying the American man’s personality where ever he came from west south north!! So she learned how to trap different types of American men especially from the flirting ways. Then she enjoyed for days watching huge number of the American films.
At this stage Armguard was ready to return home after proving her excel in responding in different critical situations and passing really hard difficult cruel tests and executing missions. We must think of the efficient men who choose her for playing her role in this mission although she was only ordinary agent like many other agents. She spent some time at home till everything was Okay as she disappeared for 3 months!
- 2-
Now let’s proceed with this operation step by step, the first step was choosing Armguard Schmidt, then she met few top men of the eastern intelligence which indicates the importance of her mission which was penetrating the western Germany intelligence. The General plan was very creative simple depends on real information about Armguard’s real personality as professional secret agent and with her real name. This what you can call converting the disadvantage to advantage, any disadvantage can be reversed for your sake if you was smart enough , the men in this field can do anything because in many situations their country’s safety depends on achieving the impossible.
She knew everything about her fake life and memorized a large amount of information and names from her new life and also the characteristic face features of each beside how had she knew everyone of them. After few days not long she memorized everything of her plan and life she was really well trained professional agent, she lived her life details for days till it became as a fact for her?! , now she was ready, let’s start the exciting show!!
She passed the wall between east and West Berlin by her way. Then at 11 pm at Friday’s evening in May 1958, she entered the American intelligence building in West Berlin, she stepped the first step in her bold mission.
When she entered there was a guarding solider, he was taken with her beauty & she looked hesitant but he finally said
miss, what can I do for you?
I really don’t know if …
I want to meet a responsible person' then she looked around anxiously and said' I have something to tell about’ then she turned to observe the door.
Of course the time wasn’t good to tell anything but he had to say 'what do you want to tell about?’
are you authorized to ask?
sit here & I’ll see what can I do
he picked the phone and asked her'
your name please!
Schmidt ….Armguard Schmidt
He whispered in the phone for seconds then told her’
lieutenant Frisbee will meet you when he finish what he is doing
She nodded thanks , she know she can sit for hours without seeing any Frisbee...time long enough to stress her so she tell what she got directly without fooling around and she knew that every act or movement now is taken for or against her so she sat like a statue.
On the other hand Frisbee thought that she is like all the men & women who wants money and came to tell information or about suspicion so he didn’t really care but when he thought about this late hour he got to see her but carelessly .
She heard his foot steps, steady confident steps indicating a man knows his way!!
He took her to the room and closed the door and asked '
what can I do for you , miss.?
won’t you let me to sit?!
he felt embarrassed and let her have a seat '
the solider said that you have something to tell about??
she showed fear and confused words
I’m listening’ as he was getting bored
lieutenant.. I don’t mean with what I’ll say that you are not the right person to listen to my story but there is important points in my story I don’t want to say it more than once’ it had hidden apologize , she knew he is embarrassed so she continued ‘its something about East intelligence’ it was like a bullet for him but she continued as more apologize
believe me my story is much more complicated’ she really got him ‘why don’t we waste time and call one of your bosses?
it was a knock out ,he get out without a word , the matter is more than himself!!
She prevent herself from smiling , she knew that there must be someone watching her now.
After 15 minutes he came back with 2 others , one was young short haired and has sharp features , Edward Roark, he examined her from head to feet as he entered the room, it didn’t seem that he saw a human as she must have attract any man as she sit but he didn’t so she knew immediately that he must be from north definitely from Massachusetts as they get enough literacy & culture make them look down on others that what she learned on her training & this type of men difficult to be controlled .
The other was opposite to him , William Scarborough , he was from the south , she knew from his large features ,smile and his hungry look.

Scarborough first to talk’
Frau Schmidt, I knew you have things to tell about!
She '
first I want to apologize about my weak English, I‘ll use German to say what I want exactly
I hesitated a lot before I came here’. Roark took a far corner where he can see all the room and sit , she knew he now can evaluate every act she makes so she must be aware…
I came from the other side of the wall ‘Scarborough rose his eyebrow in wonder
you know sir it isn’t difficult even if it is heavily guarded here or there
‘I hate Russians ‘ (the great act started!!) she got no response
what Russians did to my family were awful that I can do anything to take revenge from them’ here she started to get response from the 3 men.
then suddenly her chest filled with emotions and tears came to her eyes (nice performance as she act as if she really passed what she is talking about)
she try to continue but she can’t , Scarborough gave her a cigarette , she looked at him in gratitude & Frisbee lit it for her .She took deep breath from it then says ‘
I was just 19 when I joined the college in a location where the Russians occupied
I was just a small rural girl with no experience so it was normal to contact with a man I thought that I was in love with him…. That I was born for him… that he loves me either…but…………’ she stopped unable to continue and the tears dropped as she supposed to remembered
She pretended that she was trying to control her tears
She took a tissue from her bag and dried her tears, it took her some time to control her emotions
Here Roark said ‘
can we know the man’s name?’
She looked hesitant then she said ‘
Dr Franz line
he was history professor , he was active , passion , likes music ,art & loves the life , he opened a wide world full of humanity to me.., but I didn’t know that he was a communist?!!!
what can I tell for you.. it’s the same old story.. dinner for two, music , some drink getting dizzy , paralyzed mind then…then..’her look broke and she stayed silent while her eyes were observing the infuence on them
and just like movies , I waked up at the morning on horrible fact..!
then she had sudden enthusiasm ’
but Franz treated me as a queen , he was kind tender & lovely at the same time, he got me coffee in bed then the breakfast …but also he tell me a lecture!
Scarborough ’
yes, about us the cultural people of the modern world who doesn’t care about worn traditions & false lie appearances in the world we are living in
his speeches were full of warmth & bitterness… I couldn’t not to be convinced with his words.. now when I remember his words I find myself tend to believe him!’ now she examined them and find that she succeed to touch their emotions, so now she was relieved and returned to talk feeling like the actress on the theater who control the audience with her performance
Can you imagine how much I was happy at the next months, my love was increasing day by day, we make journeys together enjoyed the nature,  forests & love , no doubt that we will marry someday, but he keep on talking about communism Marx till a day I became a communist!!
After a little  silence she throw a bomb
6 months passed.. Then my teacher & lover ask me to make love with a friend of him!!!!
Here the three got right in their seat as an electric current touched them.
Roark asked '
can we know the name of this friend?
She replied in steady clear voice’
Warner Frankover ‘ the name fell on their heads as a shock, the three men stared at her with maximum excitation , that was because Frankover was one of the American intelligence in west Germany and his network was constituted from highly trained persons. Frankover & his men were arrested and many of them were executed to death, so knowing who tell about them was an aim for the Americans for years?!
Now Armguard’s head was down, pale face and trembling fingers
Continue please!’ said Roark
Franz said to me as a man working in Russian intelligence service that he wants my assist against Frankover who was my colleague in some studying years
Did you make what he wanted you to do?
did I had another way?’ she said in trembling voice
but did you do it?!
her tears flows ‘
when I ask myself , I don’t know why, I couldn’t refuse a demand for Franz
because when I started to discuss it he threatened me that he will tell the intelligence that I’m enemy of the people & the country’ that really was common at that time that was enough to arrest anyone, this story here was ordinary like many others
& because he promised me to escape my mother to west Germany where we have some relatives at the Rein
but the strangest thing that I became a close friend to Frankover in the next few days
my relation with him became close from the first appointment
Roark ‘
I don’t know I feel ashamed but without paying attention I found my self committed to him?!!
I felt in love with him
Scarborough ‘
that simple?
I discovered that he is a man of ethics not a spy as Franz describe him to me
Roark asked roughly & ironically ‘
how & when you discovered this fact?
She continued ‘
Frankover was honest Germany citizen who wants Germany to become one
After while’
he represent the purity that I missed in my relation with Franz
She lost her nerve & yelled ‘
..but it is difficult for me to continue, it is difficult for me to tell the truth…
what truth?!
its awful truth
I spied on Frankover !!
for Franz?
I was the one who fell  Frankover & his men down!’ it was like a bomb exploded in was amazing , they was trying to know who was the reason, then a beautiful woman came to say that she did it ?!!
her tears flowed more‘
I got the names of eight secret units were working against the Russian occupation ..
this mean…
this mean that I betrayed the man that I really loved’ her tears continued to flow while she continued
you can’t imagine how much I tortured
then Scarborough asked ‘
didn’t you felt guilty?
why do you think I’m in this room?!
for this reason I combined with Frankover, I did many operations in there & wrote a lot of reports about this stage
yes , search in your files & you will find that I’m telling the truth’ they didn’t have to search they knew that a lot of operations & reports made for them from there'
We must think about the great minds that build the plan on real events & facts that the Americans really knew about .
Then after a time of silence Scarborough asked her’
and did Franz kept his promises ?
just a part of it
he gave me some money
is that everything?!
and he gave me papers helped me to get out of the Russian area
when was that ?
of course she had accurate dates but during the implementation she got the sense of the operation and that if she tell it exactly , the story will be perfect with all its proving details that suggest that she really studied its details , there is things the agent can change during the operation as it depend on the circumstances and couldn’t be set at the planning time so she said
its difficult after all that happened to remember the exact date but I can say that it was in October
in which year this happened?
no.. no .. it was in October it was November ‘ really perfect performance , isn’t it!!!
Scarborough repeated ‘ in what year?!

Scarborough turned to Roark & said ‘
I think its time to write this down
Armguard ‘
oh my God
Scarborough turned to her ‘
what is there?
is this means that I have to repeat all of this once more!!
not necessarily, just you have to answer some questions

A secretary came in with a type writer to write down her speech
Roark ‘
when did you entered west Berlin??!
from few days
do you know exactly the date?
yes.. it was in 17 of this January
how did you leave?
by train
when was that?
one of the last days of November
don’t you remember the date exactly?
may be I could if you just give me some time
did you get out with Franz’s permission?
I went out with his agreement but not his knowledge
how was that?
I took the advantage that he was busy and asked him to travel to east Berlin to attend students meeting
did he know when you will leave?
no .. but he asked me something else!
what is it?
to try to find a job in one of the publishing organizations
why ?
to watch over those writers who came to the country from new York
like who?
Steven Heim & Alfred Kanzofiz
how did you passed to west Berlin?
at night in the dark
after some other questions Scarborough looked at his watch saying ‘
that’s enough now!
Now she must take a rest for more difficult stage & of course every step she made was recorded.
The next morning she met the three Scarborough , Roark & Frisbee . Sure other high leveled discussions behind the curtains were her about Armguard. She spent some time talking generally about west Berlin and the luxury opposite to that life in the other side of the wall & asked about the life in America then without any introduction she took a blank paper & pen from the secretary & started writing down some names while saying ‘
it wasn’t difficult for me to get the job he asked me in east Berlin
She gave them the paper saying ‘
& those who was responsible for publishing till the moment I left
Roark took the paper it had really real names that Roark knows and hear about some of this names.
what was your job there?
I was translating from English , French & Russian
so you know this languages very much
yes but I use a dictionary in English as I’m not very well at English as I told you before’ !!
now she was sure that she will be subjected to the lie detector test . Now she as she knew those officers she can predict how everyone think about her story and now while she is already in the trap she thinks that her story is suspicious so she had to perform her role perfectly.

At about 1:30 they continued , there wasn’t any more things to add but Roark asked her if she tried to contact Frankover
I tried but also sent him packets of food , but it was send back
didn’t you fear from Franz if he knows?
don’t forget that I’m trained!’ she knows that he thinks how she was fooled that way & she worked for years for east Germany ?!(we can’t know really when did she joined the east Germany intelligence due to the conflicted information about her) so she put this into consideration as she was perfectly trained!
can you illustrate this point!
of course I was afraid of the anger of the authorities there but I asked Franz to help me!
help you?!!
for what?
to send food to Frankover
where was Frankover at that time?
in some prison of course!
you know where is this prison?
if I knew there would be no problem!
didn’t anyone from the police or the communism intelligence asked you?
that wasn’t possible because Franz knew what I was doing
Franz didn’t stop you?!
he said that I’m emotional
sir .. please don’t forget that I was one of their agents .. it wasn’t a good reason for me but it was a cover for what I was doing
Roark ‘ then?!
then I hadn’t any way to help Frankover except one way
what was that way?!
I’m sitting in one of his rooms now!!!’ they looked for each other as this means that she is ready for cooperating with them against the east?!!
could I say that you came here for us to save your friend Frankover for you?
he was yours too like me!!
Roark ‘
you didn’t answer my question?
if there anyone who can help him that is you
why do you think we will do?
because he was fighting for the freedom
do you think that this is enough reason?
she replied rudely ‘
do you want something from me in the return?!!!
anger appeared in her face as she continued ‘
I know that the story I told you is not pleasant & that you have the right to send me back to east Germany to be trialed but ….’ her voice fades as the tears filled her eyes ‘please give me a chance!’
what chance?
to work for you?!!!’ she took the clear direct way to the safe side by volunteering herself to them before they asking so.
after some silence Roark turned to her & said’
we thank you for coming to us
I who owed to thank you cause you received me
that’s our duty anyway !
Roark stand in front of her directly & asked clearly’
now what is the information can you give us ?!

Lastly he uttered the question she directed him to ask and repeated its answers in her mind over & over all the time not to forget it
I can give you most of the names of the red officers in Hal & east Berlin
he got directly to the point’
what about west Berlin ?!
there are many agents but with different importance!
can you speak more clearly?
I know names of many elements here in west Berlin !
she continued ‘
but also I can contact them and know who cooperates with them ‘ of course that was very important & dangerous
what about the Soviets forces in east Germany?
sir why you always forget that I’m trained and not a jerk?!
can you answer me?
I know the location of a large number of Soviet’s military groups there
do you interested in this informations sir?!’ that was quit important informations
She wanted to knock them out so she added ‘
also there is the publishing industry in east Germany & I don’t think that you know particularly much about this industry in east Germany
Roark '
like the individuals associated with it especially in west Germany & don’t forget the secret agents that I met face to face!’ of course she was memorizing all the huge amount of informations , names & the associated events as if it really happened & some must have been true!
Here happened something that she never expected, Roark hit the surface of the table with his hand & yelled ‘
this is the way you must have dealt with us with from the beginning!
She didn’t believe  what she was hearing! But she said ‘
I declared it from the first moment I met you.. & it was expected that you understand what I want to say without saying it!
She felt confident so she stepped forward saying steadily’
sir , when I came to you I knew I’ll never get back to east Germany because it means my execution.. so if you accepted my cooperation with you I have one basic condition I hope you accept it
what is it?!
protect me from the communists !
Armguard took her bag then said‘
I’m waiting a word from you
I think that you are responsible for your past life’ he didn’t want to give her the protection before he gets sure of her information
I don’t give the responsibility of what I have done in my miserable life sir
so I want you to pay attention that we can’t grantee the protection you asked
She said desperately ‘
…but if you give us what we need from information we will not forget that
Armguard '
can you make it more clear sir?
the more important the information you give us , the more effort we exert to protect you’!!!
Roark left the room & Scarborough picked up the phone , Armguard was very tense , it was really a bordered line in her mission but Scarborough returned smiling , he must have been talking to his boss & said ‘
excuse us if we had asked you too many questions’ with a tender accent & continued ‘ we will wait you tomorrow at 9 o’clock at the morning , we will depend on your last experience in not forgetting anything whatever it was
trust me I’ll be at your approval
Put yourself in the shoes of those top intelligence men who take the decision , you can refuse to cooperate with her in case she may be pushed by the enemy but you will lose a good agent who knows a lot about the other side or take the risk to accept the cooperation with full awareness of deception and putting the agent at all the possible tests to ensure his loyalty but if the agent was well trained and act exactly as if he is honest he can deceive them so at last it is a war of wits & mostly others volunteers their information & cooperation so the organization will lose a lot if it refused anyone comes cooperating.
Armguard was staying in small hotel that suggest that she hadn’t enough money.. when she returned to her room that night she realized that it was inspected accurately, she was really tired but she couldn’t sleep enough , as she closes her eyes a lot of questions came to her mind about what she will face the next days, it was really a hard night , all night long she was remembering all the informations she was taught all the names , the details of the story behind each name , the features of each and the mysterious points.
For about 2 weeks , Armguard goes to the American intelligence building (which was in itself a mean to control her as she is subjected to the eyes of any curious man), this 2 weeks proved that lady was super intelligent with unnatural memory , she never mistaken even 1 time & never hesitate except in the situations that she must hesitate. All she told was analyzed to know the right from the fake but due to the perfect planning all the results came to the truth of her information , its accuracy & also her good observation?!!!!
After all the truth of her informations , the informations came about her from the east of the wall from agents that working with the Americans proved all that she said about herself. It is really a complicated game that needs calculating every step every possibility could happened . It’s a game in the highest intelligence & skills that we will never find in any other career, it is the challenge danger ,taste of adrenaline mixed with joy & excitement, tell me after all of this how couldn’t you trust her?!!.
After the 2 weeks , Armguard met the boss of the 3 officers for the first time called Colonel Prichard , he has natural smile, very sharp intelligent mind but after all he treated her with a father’s compassion that really confused her as she are not qualified to deal with such complicated personality & she felt that she must take care of him .In this very first meeting she knew that she must relay on her intelligence and sense toward this man. So she followed the easiest way and confessed to him with some tears that she was mistaken & involved with the communists & that she is criminal to the man who loved her honestly & worked for Germany’s freedom. He was impressed & he didn’t try to hide this, so she got the man from the first stage as he told her that she is completely under the American protection. She met him few times & she declared her fear from the next days.
Then one day she asked to see him ‘
sir please excuse me but I didn’t find anyone to go to except you!
She was pale ‘you know sir that I decided not to return to east Germany whatever happened
Is there anyone asked you to do?
all that I want is to join my mother in Heidelberg
Why don’t you do?
her eyes breaks as she said ‘
because I’m completely penniless
He tried to talk but she said sharply ‘
I don’t want a gift from anyone. I just searching for a job to earn from
He tried to talk again but she her tears started to drop & she said in a crying voice’
I thought of getting one of these routine jobs but I discovered that I’ll be rejected before few weeks!
yes because all my talents confined in one field!!
What Prichard was amazing ‘ do you agree to be my private secretary?’
She never ever dreamt of that , she just wanted to get any small job in the building to promote in it & on the other hand find some ways to do her basic duty..
It was a great surprise , she thought quickly is it a trap or a chance that will never be repeated.
The colonel said’
what is the matter with you?
Her tears dropped ‘
are you really with all this generosity?!!
you just have to say yes to take the job’ !!
sir I’ll never forget this favor whatever I’m alive
Now I don’t want to say more details, just she was perfect in her job all loved her & depend on her. She stayed dormant didn’t do any intelligent activity till she got the green light from east Germany then the flow of informations went to her leadership & the Colonel love to her increased day by day & also the secret informations.
On the other hand the leadership in Washington felt the leaking in its information from west Berlin so they sent Major Baker to west Germany after some secret procedures & tests to all the employees in the building. Then he sent some men on different periods to put some suspects under strict surveillance & of course Armguard was one of them. There wasn’t anything that could arouse suspicion from any aspect about Armguard, all her speaks relations with others were perfect.
When Baker arrived he got the conclusions from the men that there is no one in this building is under any suspicion .
Baker felt something uncomfortable about Armguard as she is ideal & there is no ideal human. There isn’t anyone who never has a good relation with all people without any conflict & all of them talk about how tender humorous good manner she is . Also she is perfect in her work as secretary although she never mentioned that she ever worked as a secretary before?!!
Here Baker as a well trained with high sense wanted to arrest Armguard that the all loves her but he has no physical evidence only his experienced six sense so he fired her or made her fired. This is an counterintelligence aspect of the operation . He did what may save their informations just or his good sense because there is no obstacles have to stand against the prevention of their information leakage even if Armguard was innocent then he will know that she wasn’t the meant person.

As a result of this she must have been rejected out of west Germany but the old colonel talked to Baker to let her stay so Baker let her work in routine without secrets  department in the air forces. She stayed may be because she didn’t want to go to the eastern hard life without shops, lights ,cinemas & luxury in the west but of course she will be figured out as the desired spy because the flow of information to the east stops which the west intelligence track it from their sources in east Germany so now she is a spy no doubt.
The perfect Armguard was trapped with a very simple ordinary bait , a German guy working with the American intelligence in west Germany pretended that he was a translator that translate all the documents from Germany to English for the American intelligence there and they don’t give him suitable money , she worked on him and he pretended well that he is stupid enough to get her the names of all the American agents in east Germany and she escaped by getting on board of a shuttle then another shuttle then get from one place to another and tacking a look to make sure no one is following her but at her last step to escape in the train she was arrested by Baker & one of his fellows , they were good enough to track her & caught her red handed with the names in her bag?!!!!!

"This is a Story From The Book Of The Great Saleh Morssy 'Women in the spoinage train'"


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