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#Wanna Know How The Lie Detectors Work & Its Types..(See How This Stuff Works!)

-Antipolygraph Main Page
-The Lie Behind The Lie Detector (online version)
-Download PDF version The Lie Behind The Lie Detector
-The lie detector charts interpretation and scoring system PDF (RightClick&SaveCopyAs).
-Lie Detectors Message Board at antipolygraph .org , it is really informative & answers FAQs .
-If You Want To See How The Lie Detectors Looks Like Go Here.

 Note 1:
You have to  download and read  The Lie Behind the Lie Detector ; chapter 1 and 2 talks about the validity of Polygraph , chapter 3 talks about recognizing different types of questions during the lie detector test which is the most important part of beating the lie detector , chapter 4 talks about different techniques  of applying countermeasures & chapter 5 talks about Post-test interrogation.

Lie Detectors

 Note 2:
After reading chapter 4 in The Lie Behind the Lie Detector, you may ask why we don't use counter measures to the skin resistance measure, because all the channels must give repose at the same time, which could not be done in skin but also the physiological systems are interconnected so if you controlled your breathing pattern and blood pressure it will indirectly affect the sweating system of the skin.

cover Buy This Book:  Winning the Polygraph Test Game: How to...   cover cover cover  cover cover

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