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One day while I was surfing the net , I saw this banner in my page. It was interesting, how it could be a science?!! It must be one of that nonsense sites about how to be a millionaire , how to earn money while surfing the internet but I was curious enough to download this free book , I will not lose anything?!.
When I entered the site, I found it respectable and became more curious when I found that the writer of this book was
Wallace D. Wattles who died from about 100 years?!! And that he was a loser himself & by trying & experiments he got the principles of this science& wrote this amazing book .
Rebecca Fine ,this book was send to her from a person she never heard about & she couldnít leave the book till she ended reading it. She reproduced the original book into this free one. You donít believe in it, Okay, check the site & download the book its about 381 KB.


 New Link from  tacknor  a DarkCorner's Fan, he fetched these amazing  4 sides [ 4 files X about 2 MB each = about 8 MB ]

 Audio Wav Files of "The Science Of Getting Rich"

 Note he also represented the new  BlackMarketPress  link, as my old link was inactive. Thanx Alot 2 him 4 contributing in this site :)


  Quote"" Don't take for granted every person close to your heart, coz you might wake up 1 day and realize that you've lost a diamond because you were  too busy collecting stones..""

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