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3) The legends & covers:
The agent or the officer must have a previous history life, it must be well prepared to suit the persons real experiences and background without any of his real life names, places, job,... the legend must depend upon things the agent really know or visit in his life and near his real life to make an easy remembered details, the good agent can really know everything about his new character & live his new life with all the names and faces of persons he is supposed to know, with all about his relations with each one of them.
The legend may relay on someone's passport, who may be dead or alive, his parents may agree to play the rule of your parents, if not he may mention that his parents are dead. He must not write the passport owner's job address but write any company or organization's address that tell that you was working there & don't tell his true address but other trusted owner who can tell that you was staying there.
One of the most important points is the good preparation of the agent. Say that the agent came from New York he must speak English as Americans with the same accent and he must know everyone and every place where he supposed was living in, the streets names, the famous buildings, the places to spend a good night in. Generally all the things he supposed to encounter if he really live there and the better that he really visit this place and spend sometime there (fake cities is a substitution) better than seeing pictures or virtual computer tours, we will know the importance of this in the counterintelligence section. He also must know generally about his supposed occupation and know the basic technical expressions related to this job so if anyone asked him about it, he can talk about it .The agent can act any job at any time like waiter, cap driver,... what it depends, so he must be an excellent actor, smart thinks rapidly, know about various jobs.
The cover under which the agent hides his real activity, usually a business he initiates because he can't write his data in the job application.
4) The communication means:
a) Mail:
It is the most used in the peacetime, as in the wartime all the messages are opened. The messages are written with invisible ink. Usually the letter passes across several stages or dead letter box boxes till it reaches the original organization. The agent usually send 2 or 3 copies of the message to different addresses, so if one message doesn't received, this means that the counter-intelligence has interrupted the message and that this letter box boxes chain is insecure and must be replaced.
b) Dead letter boxes & dead drops: It could be one of two:
It could be anything tree branch or wall cleft or anywhere the message or money or microfilm was placed (they use special boxes which could be water proof to prevent any deterioration by any natural event), it is use to give and receive information or concealments of microfilm or money from the chief of a network. When there is a message the agent leave a sign that tells the chief(master spy) so and also the preknown place where it was hidden, like writing certain number on certain wall or seat, if the number changes it means that the place changes to another corresponding to that number. Then when the chief takes the message or whatever it is and leave his message or money, he erase the number from the wall and writes a symbol telling the agent that he took the message. The disadvantage of this method, that the place they hide the message must be far from people, where also anyone could see them without they ever notice and the natural risks like rain or deterioration. The advantage is that the agents don't have to meet each other especially in wartime but it is also use to set appointments as when certain agent came he leave specific sign in specific place so his spies know that he is in town or it tells if the circumstances are safe and clear for the appointment or even says its place!.
ii) People acts as letter boxes all they do is receiving mails from the leadership and then send them to specific addresses or make certain phone calls or send postcard with definite scene to someone so he knows that he got a mail. The letter passes through several letterbox boxes till it reaches its destination. The letter box boxes were preferred to be set in neutral countries as the mails were safe out of the war areas for the same reason these countries filled with charged intelligence activity.
c) Carriers: (Couriers)
They are people that can travel freely without arousing suspicion like trade seamen, pilots, businessmen and specially women because their passports are not under suspicion. All the agents that used as letter box boxes or carriers must be tested for months to be sure of them by letting them deliver unreal dummy packages contain nothing or blank papers like money, this packages is treated in a special way so that when the experts receive it they can tell exactly if anyone tried to open it.
They also act as a link between the agent and his controllers.
Normally, the glue of the envelope can be opened by water steam then reglued after finishing. The counter-intelligence used various ways as they could get out the letter from the envelope without opening the envelope by a way of thin rods, red wax also can be removed and reseals the envelope. Only the gluing strips can't be removed without hurting the envelope or leaving indications.
d) Telephones:
The agent can wait a call at certain phone box at certain time from his leadership, the agent never use his normal voice but he must change his voice as he trained in order to prevent any recorded calls of being taken over him.
e) Radio:
It gives speed and control between the agent and his leadership, ciphered messages. The headquarter sends him the demands (needed pieces of information) and he use a small transmitter to send it as a short compressed whistle and the leadership decompress it to get the message in order not to give an adequate time to trace the sender by the counter-intelligence men.
When the agent was sending a message using Morris, it was causing the light to dim and strength with it so any one knows about this stuff can tell it.
In the secret resistance during the 2nd world war, radio  used to inform the resistance elements by telling special sentences, to start their mission or that some event has happened.
Notes: A method that widely used in secret meetings was to send a cinema ticket to the target and he goes to the cinema at its time and sit in his place and the other agent sit beside him, so they can exchange papers or messages in the dark.
Direction finder (waves hunter) :
This is an instrument used to determine the direction from which non-formal wireless transmission occurs rapidly and accurately. The men of counter-intelligence uses a car or van equipped with this instrument so as the agent start to send his message they move with the car in the direction in which the transmission increases till they find the exact place may be after several times.
So the agent usually changes his place of transmission every time, but it is difficult because he has to use antenna in approximate direction where the message will be received. Some spies used cars to change their location like the counterintelligence men but all this of course was in the past but the war between the new means and its counters will never stop.
Due to the complications in using radio and ciphers there was a specialized person in the ring who is responsible for receiving and sending messages with the bosses but if he was caught and forced to continue the transmission, he send special security code that tells that he was arrested, it must appear as natural part of any message, only his organization knows it although it seems very natural.
5) Agentís security:
The agent's security depends on applying the intelligence & safety procedures restrictedly, because the case officer hasn't any control over the agent all the time. So the agent is number 1 responsible for his safety and applying safety check procedures.
Some of the basic instructions, never write any pieces of information you gathered on paper, bear it in mind. Don't ever write on paper in a note or any under lying papers as it could be recovered write on wood or glass or any hard surface. Always check if anybody entered your apartment while you were out, the classical methods is putting a hair fiber between the door and the frame, powder behind the door or in certain places (there is special chemicals now which is invisible only can be seen with special glasses & stays on skin for about 48 hours so you can know who did it) or biscuit pieces under the carpet, you can be creative and you can put things in certain way so if it is disoriented or the shape changes, this means that someone touches it.
There are special teams or groups (cleaning team) responsible for the inspection of the rooms and get everything as it exactly was but any trained person will know if his things were being inspected.
The agent must be sure that there isn't anyone following him. This is from the least topics you can find information about. But the basic thing for making sure that you are not followed or shadowed, walk or pass through an empty way and at its end you can know if there is someone there because the probability that person to follow the same way as you do is very low. You must observe everything around you, if you see someone once then you observe that you saw him from some hours it is not an accident and if it is so you must take it, as it is not. Most of the baits appear as a lucky accident that you find exactly what you were looking for, this is the clever agent.
You can make excuses to look around and observe over the shops glass reflection, cars mirrors or even stop to drink a cold drink and observe all the faces out there.
In the crowds you will never know, there is another technique which is walking around the whole building, the natural thing is that you turn once or twice with the corner of the building then continue to other street, but if you turn all over the building sure no one else will do this. The same technique applied to the car rolling the whole square with observing the mirrors.

You can enter a building go upstairs then go down again as if you enter a false building and get out to the meant building and of course the agent never stop in the floor he want and the safest that he go through the stairs also you can use a building with more than one entrance. Of course every method used has its counteraction to it from the shadow (the one who follow him), each intelligence organization has its own minds that think to solve these problems and on the other hand the agents think also to beat them, we only have the least.
I have to remind you about getting of or in the bus or metro at the last time so he must be followed by more than one shadow that stays for these situations.
The agent could be followed by more than one shadow (a group) as he could deal with another possible other agents so that they of course may follow any one he came in direct contact with either. For this reason the agent may talk to several persons or ask about something to confuse his followers.
Note: 1) The agent must never look (turn his head) behind him to see if there is anyone following him because by this action he says Iím afraid, I did something wrong come and catch me.
2) The agent must take into consideration the really small electronic tracking devices and also the agent himself as now there are small tracking devices in a size of a small button.
The strangest thing here is that the safety means the agent use to be sure that no one is following may make the counter-intelligence be sure that this guy is involved in some intelligence activity even they were just suspecting.
The surveillance men or the shadows also make some tricks so that they can follow the agent without being observed. The shadow usually take suitable distance from the target & they may follow him a certain distance on several times, the shadow follow him for a distance till point
(1) the first day then the shadow start following him from point (1) the next day to point (2) and so on, for this reason the agent must not take the same way every time. In the case of the cars, they can follow a car by several cars interconnected with wireless communication each take advantage at certain area.
When the agent observes that several persons shadow him, he must run for five minutes then hide in some house and watch his followers gathering.
The intelligence organization may follow their own agent to make sure that he is safe and not shadowed by the enemies' shadows before contacting him; in this case they follow the shadows and mislead them.
We must note here that any time the agent suspects that he is followed; he must hide for while to know what is going on and the ring is analyzed accurately at every point with applying special tests to know the weak part. In this circumstances the agent must think fast, eliminate any papers or documents or any evidence on his spying activity and if he have to escape, he got a plan to escape whatever the surveillance he is subjected to and this considers as a secret for the intelligence organization. Soviet's intelligence was wonderful in this matter.
The agent is just a human, so a car can hit him and he dies during his mission, it really happened. He is trained but that doesn't mean that he can't forget a bag or Laptop full of secrets in a cap or forget papers full of secret pieces of information in his trouser while sending it to the laundry, after all they are just humans!!
6) Types of agents:
We must here state the difference between the agent and the case officer
Case officer: the secret service officer who controls & directs the agent or spy(with no direct contact with the enemy)
Double agent: agent works for organization then he turn to work for another.
Triple agent or multiple agent: the agent work for organization then work for another, then he may tell the second that he was working for the first, then the 2nd organization takes over him to work for them on the first again then he is triple. Or he may work for 3 organizations also become triple agent or more and become multiple agents. It happened that one person worked with 3 intelligence agencies over each other and take money from them then when they wanted to punish him, he disappeared and no one know where he is or even is he alive?!!
The mole: employees of one intelligence service and work for other intelligence service for money or ideology, well known example is Aldrich Ames who was working as CIA officer and offered his services to KGB for money & he passed many lie detectors' routine tests in CIA while he was working in behalf of KGB!!(Ames passes saveral routine lie detector tests in CIA while he was working for KGB!!)
The analysts: are the persons who took the gathered information by espionage or from public sources and analyze it to know any conflicts in the informations or false informations pushed by the enemies and make summaries and digests in order to be utilized for military and political purposes.
Note: Usually the double agent work for the sake of his country after being recruited by the enemies or he just playing with fire to get money from them both .The organization dealing with this guy must be aware of its agent and all the details, in order to prevent being deceived by this agent.
Rules: 1)
Everyone in the network must know only what he needs to know to do his mission & as the person promote in the pyramid, knows more. So every agent may not know other agents in the same network or just 2 or 3 so that if one agent is caught, he doesn't affect the rest of the ring.
2) The officer must not put himself in vulnerable state, like he never comes and waits for his agent to come or sit in some place waiting for his agent because in many cases, the agent comes and shoot his officer.(VICTOR OSTROVSKY)
Some agents were meeting in the bathroom while splashing the water of the shower and whisper in order to prevent any eavesdropping on them but the soviet intelligence makes bugs (eavesdrop devices) that exclude the shower sound and hear their whispers very clear.
7) Concealment means:
Ways to conceal secret tools or information in normal looking things like:
--Concealing the invisible ink and the liquid used to show it as a drug solution in its container or as perfume.
--Minimizing a paper of document or information as a dot that can be read under microscope or special microscope like device, so it can be concealed as ordinary dot in a book.
--Concealment of a message by pin holes under letters.
concealing microfilms in status or any other things, it depends on the creativity and it is set that if the concealment is opened in a way other than it is supposed to open, the microfilm or cipher book (can be concealed in fake coins) or whatever will be destroyed (microfilms may subjected to flash or direct contact with acid or fire)
--Conceal poisons in fake rings in the fingers of the women, they was skilled in a way that they can put the poison in a cup while they are just giving the cup across the table!!) And also concealing the cyanide tablets for the spy to get ride of his life in certain situations or to get in long comma in case of torture or chemicals to give more mind capability for long time. They used enclosing rectal capsule for this purpose.
--The cameras could be concealed in cigarette lighters or watches or handbags, using this method in obtaining photos need hard training.
Really there are countless methods and uses for it.

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