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Having the hacking techniques is not a luxury nowadays, its a must in the stream of trojans and worms that threat all ur privacy, u must know not 2 harm others but 2 protect urself..
  #  & the site r the largest underground computer security networks. It has huge security & hacking sources . If you want to get all u r asking 4,  here is your place.

#(The guide to the most harmless hacking) It is a start (in my opinion) to get the hacking basics & spirit. Read this collection as a start. Take attention to [ How to get a good shell account tutorial] The shell account is account which could be included in your ordinary ISP (internet service provider) account if not you can search for” free shell account” which enables the windows or any other non-UNIX or non-Linux users to communicate & give commands to the UNIX servers (the most used till now) in order to start hacking.

# THE FULL(guide to the most harmless hacking) with hackme section to really learn hacking on real sites and servers(here)

# Download  Untold Windows Tips and Secrets By Ankit Fadia

# Download The Information Microsoft Hides on Your Computer

# Environmental Check Get what the websites know about you when you surf them beside your IP

# Try this free KAZAA LITE, its amazing, enhanced kazaa software with no consuming advertising and pop ups..try it..its about 3 mb [u also can download it from ur ordinary kazaa then use it!!]

# Try this best browser I have ever had, its free, multi-pages in the same browser and many cool tools.

# A very good article about tweaking ur WIN XP and freeing more Memory resources..EXCLUSIVE

# Have a virus, don't have antivirus, go here 4 Panda Active Scan 4 viruses online



  Quote"" The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one""

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