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I read this  in an old book years ago, a part of it was about how KGB was choosing their secret service men and how they trained them to be perfect spies inside their training cities.

1) The first step, the  Communism party suggest some youth from the party , they think that they are good enough to serve in the secret service &they are tested (something like writing on paper about themselves & when they are retested & their writing must coincide with the first test, he is accepted at this level) may be further tests are applied, at these tests and afterward they are informed that they are chosen to make a great favor to the party & Russia & they must not mention anything about that to anyone else, it really was a great honor for them to be chosen to serve the country (they deserve the respect )
2) As I remember they enters a spies school, strict well organized, you not allowed to talk to anybody else, you are watched all the time, you wakeup at----o'clock, make exercises from----to----o'clock, take breakfast from----to---o'clock, the first lecture at----o'clock, second at---o'clock, even read the newspaper from----to----o'clock (really organized, it was about general intelligence aspects, communism,...........)
3) At last the experts says if any is not qualified (don't ever mention what happened) & suggest every student to be a spy in certain area of the world due to his face features says &his abilities they saw (this must go to England, this to Germany, this to Asia,..)
4) After everyone knows his area, he say good bye to his past life, live different life of other country inside Russia, they in K.G.B had (may still have) large secret area, divided into places [America divided into states, some Americans from west or south..][England-London]&so on.
5)Each country has a real presentation of real streets present downtown with accurate updating to the really present streets, even with the clothes prices updated.
6)It forms real community & life, every wanna be spy, must has new name & career that suits him & must only talk with the language of the country he will work in & use there currency, live as they live, see there movies, each spy must spend 10 years there(really very long time)they become well qualified spies in all aspects but they spend another 5 years because K.G.B never leave something to the chance, they must be perfect spies no mistakes, it only waste the first 10 years then it'll be a spies factory yield perfect spies every year for every place in the world.
7)There, the wanna be spies live an ordinary live communicate with each others, work ,take money & spend it, all the ordinary life but  they spend time in lectures about various things: Language of the country they will work in and there is people from the native countries helps them to acquire the same accent as the country's native people ,currency, business administration, different military equipment from tanks, planes,...&military organization, the political organization in different countries, military clothes from distances & any other official uniforms (like the policemen, postmen,....),study their history, see their movies ,listen to their songs, celebrate the same festivals, acquire the same traditions.
8)In the secret service side, they learn the basics of the service, then learn every topic in details then, they learn different types of ciphers & codes &ways to use them, the communication equipment , how it works ,make it in its original parts & rebuild the device back, so he can effectively mend it or fix any part of it by himself in minimum time & learn how to strengthen a book with cover so he can conceal things within the cover by himself, how to mend shoes & put  things(microfilm or microphone at this classical time) by himself & how to record conversations ,edit & cut parts of it and rearrange it to make a record of someone saying something he really didn't utter & how to make it as a real one to the examiners & how to obtain photos with concealed cameras and take copies of certain documents with maximum efficiency and minimum time, it require steady hands & full control in stress situations as he will get the chance to be alone with the documents very short time with the possibility of being caught red handed beside so many other skills skills..
9)In the physical part, they learn fighting skills really strengthen it as they take it since they were at the ordinary schools & take a commandos course( walk over narrow mountains withstand sleeplessness hard physical efforts, adapted to different terrain & weathers, they may need it while escaping..) & learn different types of weapons and master shooting them.
10)They learn lockpicking different types of locks & how to put bugs(microphones) and every skill taken as a course everyone must pass it, no dismiss ,the one who is retarded at certain skill must take extra time than his colleges to reach the desired level of skill, after 5 years the spy is ready know everything & skill but he have to continue another 5 years to acquire the skills as a natural process that he don't even think about it, its speed accuracy perfectness, train to work in every possible stress cases without losing his mind or skills, they really deserve respect .
11)After the 10 years, the spy is ready to work, some really forget their first life and names!! that when they are caught they insist on their second personality and he never confess about his colleges or any secrets because of his well training and believing in his country. Also K.G.B always kept a detailed pieces of  information and investigations about persons travel & die &has  no one to ask about them ,even when they die so when the spy return in his personality(he already dead), no one will know or suspect him .
12)Now you can see the perfect spy who can do anything on his own without leadership direct assistance except for money & the decision to start the proposition for someone to be an element in his net.
13)He take few days to adopt himself to the surroundings there but he really don't need to even he lived in for years but they don't leave anything for chance then he starts to start his career there & find someone who already get large amount of mails(may be working in tourism or some company ) so when the leadership sends him there will be no suspicion of the lots or kind of mails came.
14)During work he involve in the new life as a really nice guy, more success, picks the persons good for him to work ,find communication agent ,he trains him so he can communicate with the leadership, the number increase by the time to form a ring or group as a net within the community ,that can justify the huge network of Russian secret service at that time(K.G.B [from 1954] converted to S.V.R at 1991)
15)If there is any danger surround the spy(he know by himself) or the leadership said so, he must escape with pre-prepared plan whatever the surveillance around him & he can start activity in other country, here we must say that if any person may cause threat to the group safety must be killed without any thinking(the spy responsible to his group safety & must kill this guy without any evidence or suspicion ,we talk about well organized intelligence activity that the perfect crime can be committed),this guy may be a person refused to co-operate or someone discover something by chance, but I can freely say that anyone can be controlled, if he don't care for himself will care for others, if he doesn't care about money or women or doesn't have any slips, he can be controlled free with his believes or his own ideas by good designed approach.
16)So as we can see K.G.B was very difficult to penetrate, the western get most of the pieces of information about Russia from the fled members and persons, this is a template that we must respect and try to achieve.
17)Many countries have such a cities to train their agents .
Note :I read this information (I wrote) in this page from a book I don't have right now ,I read it about 3 years ago,  I wrote this from memory so excuse me for any inaccuracy, the book was written at the  60th. 

Words Must Be Said : At last we must bend our heads to this perfect intelligence training and practice, even we r not Russians we must respect the perfect work even if it is not ours, they gives us life example of perfection that nobody else have achieved, not on the level of one operation but as an complementary organization..thanx :)                                                                                                                                               

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