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Bodylanguage and Relationships

Here u discover the charm of decoding the others body language and use the communication skills to influence others or protect urself by detecting their deception.. Lets go in this exciting journey..

# Very good BodyLanguage Site (Click Here)

# Masters Of BodyLanguage By Dr.Gabriel and Nili Raam

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Ph.D. Of Persuasion

This is a pdf  book about how to read the others body language and learns u all the ways to persuade others and how to seduce the other sex in another section..really impressive (CLICK THE PICTURE TO BUY)

Ps :  the book's author - spent his life time 2 represent u wt is in this book and he deserve to be paid 4 it .


   [To buy this book click the Picture in the Left]


Never Be Lied o Again



Get The Truth Out Of AnyOne!-Never Be Lied To Again-It is an detailed compiled file by John J. Webster gives u direct shoot to all the deception signs and all the ways to discover deception or get the truth about anything..i won't tell u more..(Click The Picture To Download The File)


How To Influence People And Win Friends



(HOW TO Win Friends AND Influence People) by The Great  Dale Carnegie, its just as it says. I read this book years ago with his other book (How to Stop Worrying & Start Living ) His books are still  have been selling till now for decades enjoy every chapter of this book  :)




This file deals with the bodylanguage signs used in the relationship between "HE"&"SHE" and all the ways of seduction and tricks used through this relation even naturally or for the purpose of deception-so use this book either to improve urself or protect urself from deception.. (CLICK THE LOGO TO DOWNLOAD)

# Related site, very comprehensive(pick up guide)

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  Quote"" Life is a song we play each day. Every mistake we make puts the song out of tune but keep on playing, 1 day every note will sound right & become your melody""

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